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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I, Headhunter

    by , 01-23-2014 at 12:44 PM (1061 Views)
    I am a young man in Cebu in the far past. I look in a silver mirror hanging in my hut. I have dark skin and a broad face with straight black hair. I am from a tribe of headhunters in what you people call the Visayas. I must kill, I will kill, for then I will become a man, and receive my first tattoo.
    But, I killed him, I already did, a just death did I slay him with, aye, I killed him with Death itself.
    I look at the tattoo on my right hand. Nine arrows for the nine Templars I slew. Yes, I brought back my heads to the altar of Death, and burned them with fire to my gods. The Templars! I spit upon their graves! They come to our lands to steal our gold and women. I come with centipedes, and poisonous snakes in their beds at night. I taint their meat with toxic sap, tasteless yet the gift of very Death herself.
    I am what the Moors call a Savage. Yes, just as did my people when we invaded, and conquered the Night Ones. I don't give a shit what the Moors, the Spanish or anyone else calls me. I slay at will. I am a headhunter.
    I look in the mirror. I have centipede track tattoos on my face. On my neck, I have two snakes. On my torso, I have the branches of the poison tree tattooed on me. On my forearms, I have blessings and curses written backwards.
    I hear a sound outside my grass hut. I smell... Templar. They have a certain kind of yeasty body odor from drinking lots of beer, and eating lots of cheese. The combination makes them very distinct. Idiots. The Templar is standing with his back to my hut. I unsheath my dagger, and stab him in his left kidney right through the wall.
    I hear him gasp in pain, and a blood spot forms in the grass wall. I kick him through the wall, then walk around through the door. I look around. No other Tem- I get attacked from behind, a Templar bear hugs me, and pulls me back. I leap backward with his momentum, and he falls flat on his back, and hits his head against the inside of his helmet, knocking himself out. Idiot. I draw his sword, and cut off his head. I pick up his head, and show it to the other Templar with my dagger in him.
    "You're next," I say. "I may show you mercy if you tell me who sent you."
    "Say no more." I cut off his head. I hold both of their heads in the air and shout, "Do any more of you civilized barbarians want to challenge me? I will fight you to the Death!"
    I throw both heads into the air, and one I shoot with a crossbow, the other I throw a knife into before they hit the ground.
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Civilized? Since when can a Templar be considered civilized? xD And my friend drinks beer and eats cheese, but she's no Templar. I like cheese... beer? Not so much... Yuck. xD
    2. GenFalcon's Avatar
      Aww man.....Thats another badass dream! Head hunters! HUU RAGH!