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    Isochronic Induced Lucid Dream!

    by , 06-24-2011 at 10:03 PM (711 Views)
    I woke up at 3am to pick up a friend and drive her to the airport. I got home around 5 am. It seemed the perfect time for a LD. I only needed to sleep just a bit more... I recently discovered isochronic tones. I played one to induce Theta waves (which is REM.) I started to get really sleepy really fast. The sun began to rise, and was shining in my window. I covered my face with my cowboy hat, and passed out.

    I am walking down a country road somewhere in Hawai'i, I think. It looks like The Big Island (whose name is Hawai'i.) It's nighttime, warm... there is a small stone wall to my left going along the dirt road. It's a bit of a scrubland. Why am I here? Oh, I am going to my girlfriend's house. Wait? What is my girlfriend's name? Wait. How can I not remember her name? Or even what she looks like... uh...

    I stop, not wanting to go any closer to her house. If I see her name on my phone, I will instantly remember, of course. I pull my phone out of my pocket and flip it open. It looks like silver pyrite. WTF?

    Oh, I am dreaming! I feel a surge of energy. Calm down. Ok, let's just relax, look around. Stay in the dream. I forget about the girlfriend.

    I inhale the nothing air.

    I walk slowly to the rock wall, and touch it, feeling the texture. Even in the dim light, the detail is amazing. I can see the different surfaces, subtle variations of color, and bubble holes in the rock.

    missing time

    I want to fly! A surge again- NO. I am going to stay in the dream.

    In the dream... I am still lucid! Okay... What should I do? I see a large black backpack lying on the side of the road. I slowly walk to it, open it, and pull things out. I feel things in there, but, when I pull them out, they disappear.

    Well, that's annoying. Stupid dream. Aha! I am still lucid! Another surge- wait, calm down.

    What's that light? So bright?

    I accidentally open my physical eyes as my hat tips off my head, and I wake up. The 20 minute song still has 3 minutes. I was asleep for 17 minutes.

    This dream was amazing, because of the intense clarity. I am learning to stay alseep when in theta (REM), and not go into beta (awake). I realize most of my lucid dreams are in Delta, well, the epic ones.

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    1. mowglycdb's Avatar
      Yes I had a lucid while I fell asleep listening to a isochronic tune ( Lucid Dreaming), it sounds like traveling on a train.