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    The Nomad Chronicles

    LOLTemplars: Pyramid Dream

    by , 08-09-2011 at 05:19 PM (611 Views)
    I am at the Temple of Nothing. I am big dwarf with white skin and dark red hair wearing iron armor. I survey the scene from the landing pad. There are portals all around. Hundreds of dreamers are pouring into the city. Some of Moon Orcs fuck with them as they tumble in, asking them for license and registration, or attacking or hugging them when they arrive.

    Suddenly, a small army of remote viewers arrive riding on hoverscooters. They tell me not to move, then shoot lasers at me. Shields up! I fly off the temple, slicing through the fabric of time and space with my great axe, and leap into it pulling the remote viewers with me into a White Void. There we battle. I feel like Neo, invincible. Then, I realize they are all just puppets of...? They disappear.

    I am back at the pyramid (The Temple of Nothing.) I feel strange. I cough up dark energy. My symbiote leaps off my back rolling around, a shapeless blob, eating it up. Raven hands me a glass of pomegranate juice. MoSh is standing next to me. He looks like a Druid with glasses. He says some ancient incantation, and sacred geometry flies out of his palms, and creates and energy matrix around the City.

    missing time

    Atras rides up on winged indigo wolf. "You like my dragon?" he asks me.
    "Well... it looks more like a..." The beast transforms to a little dragon, and grins at me. "Oh! A shapeshifting steed!" He flies off.

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