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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Lucid Urth Dream Character Creation: Xyphor the Red Dragonkin

    by , 10-18-2015 at 10:52 AM (732 Views)
    I am wandering through my old high school, and wondering why I am there. Why do I have a wallet chain and baggy pants? Hmm… I need a cigarette. I light up a cigarette, and see my wife, WinterFae storm out of the cafeteria. She sits down on a short wall and crosses her arms and legs angrily, frowning. “Hey, sweetheart, let’s get out of here.”
    She looks up at me. “Huh?” She looks at my cigarette uncomfortably. I open a portal, and take her hand, pulling her through. We are on an airplane, I am the pilot and she is a passenger. She comes into the cockpit and says she hates airplane dreams. “Ok.”
    I teleport the plane to the ground, and we debark into the airport, then I open a mirror portal to my apartment in Lucid City. I am werecat, and WinterFae is a little Fairie. I turn on my computer terminal, and tell Big Joey, my AI, that I want to try out different races.
    I morph into a Dragonkin, a Human, an Android, a Dark Elf, A Vampyre, and an Orc. I decide on Dragonkin, a red fire-breather. Then, I name myself Xyphor, and try out different classes, fighting illusions in The Arena. I decide I like the Psion the best, as I feel it’s a good balance to my race’s breath attacks.
    Big Joey teleports WinterFae and I back to the apartment. “I like the Psion. A Dragonkin in a tuxedo is funny.”
    I look in the mirror. “I am rather dapper,” I say. I notice the apartment is bigger, and there is a large couch befitting my great size. I sit down, and see on the end table a case of cigars. I open it with my TK, and float a cigar up in front of my face, then blow on it to light it up. Then, I take it in my hand and smoke it. The couch faces the garden side of the apartment which is all glass. I step out through the sliding doors. Huge gardens spread out in front of me growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and beans.
    Big Joey appears on my HUD. “I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Wannabe Baker man. You want grains? Ride or fly out to the country, Harvest some wheat, and bring it back.”
    “Yeah? Then, I will.”
    I fly up into the sky, and I see a horse stable at the edge of the gardens. I fly down to it. I think it will be funny to ride when I can fly, so I find the stablehand and tell him I want a horse to ride out to the wild wheat fields. He grins and brings over a mega-Clydesdale stallion by the name of Diablo, about 20 feet tall. This will be interesting. I fly up and mount him.
    He takes off like lightning, charging for the wilds. We ride through forests with giant trees, and come to a field of wildflowers. I see wheat growing amongst them. I dismount, and pick some wheat seeds by hand. I put them in a bag, and ride Diablo back to the gardens. I find an empty plot, and plant the wheat on five acres. I plow the ground with Diablo as I plant. He seems annoyed.
    I look up at the sky, and focus on my cloudbusting technique. I make a cloud dissipate. I try again with a bigger cloud. The cloud rains on the wheat. The wheat begins to sprout as the sun sets, and the moon rises. I sit and watch my wheat grow. The moon sets, and the sun rises. I sit there for weeks, fascinated. The time has come to harvest the wheat, and I find a scythe on my back patio, and walk out to the wheat field. I harvest the wheat, and stack it, then toss it in the air to separate out the chaff. I pour the wheat kernels into a large mortar, and I grind it into flour with a pestle under a canopy in the garden.
    I see some coconuts and olives on the ground. I plant them, and see no clouds in the sky. How annoying.
    I pour the flour into barrels, then close them and load them up in a giant horse cart. Diablo does not like pulling the cart, but he does it anyway. We take it to the Lucid City Bakery, and I begin stocking flour bins with the flour. “Haven’t seen you around before. Thanks for the flour, stranger.”
    I stand up, and am looking in the face of another red dragonkin. He reaches out to me in the dragonkin greeting, and I take his hand, then we communicate telepathically. He tells me he is from another dimension, a creature similar to Xyphor. Here, he is the Head Baker, his name is Xarntryn. I look around, and see that most of the bakers area red dragonkin, and the rest are an odd mix of races.”Most of the non-firebreathers are black or red mages, for the fire spells aid in the baking.” He suddenly guffaws loudly. I can’t help but laugh with him. I now remember how ridiculous and freeing a dragon or dragonkin’s laughter is. I see a black mage human make a fire spell on some dough, and accidentally sets it on fire. I grin at him, and he blushes. I laugh out loud, and he laughs at himself, and then tosses the black bread in the compost.
    “The beasts love our burnt bread, and it’s good for the soil!”
    I grab some dough and start making it into dough balls, and the dream flashes between this one and me working in a pizza shop in Hawaii. I try to focus on the Lucid City Bakery, but I somehow get stuck in that stupid pizza shop.
    I walk outside the shop. Everything looks real. I panic because I think I am stuck back there, and wake
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