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    The Nomad Chronicles

    the mad prophet of Gawn: part two

    by , 02-09-2012 at 10:54 PM (419 Views)
    I rocket through the wormhole, and I ignore the bizarre sci-fi cyber war going on. I am on a mission! I land on the moon.
    Raven is planting flowers in the biodome. I see many others milling about. most people are also planting flowers.

    Raven says," we are infusing the flowers with sacred geometry. We are altering the energy of this place to make it increasingly harmonious. Bees and flowers and blossoms everywhere. Wasp's and bats and flies and moths and butterflies and wind and people pollinating. Yes we have wind now nomad!"

    Raven teleports to me, and gives me a hug.

    " what is with the magician getup?"

    I'm going to train with Gawn in magic. I am trying to level up.

    Raven laughs. Have fun. I am having fun planting magical flowers!

    Okay I will come say hi when my training is over. I summon my staff. It is a long gnarled wooden staff, of a very dark hardwood, almost black.

    Heart of darkness
    full of rage
    at the center of storm
    the chaos mage

    My clothes my hair my eyes become red and black. My beard and mustache grow long. I chuckle with mad mirth, as I walk to the Temple of Gawn.the Temple looks like a cathedral of dark and light. I enter, there are people praying in white marble pews. I stride forward to the mirror that the statue of Gawn is holding. I raise my arms, and read small tornado lightning storm around me.

    Gawn! Gawn! Gawn!
    You are the only god that can save us,
    I summon thee, make me your magus!

    Gawn appears. He looks like the devil!
    Oh, save your self silly!

    he grabs me, and takes me to the dream warrior planet.

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    1. Robo's Avatar
      I just realized Gawn sounds just like the word, gone, Crazy.