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    The Nomad Chronicles


    by , 05-27-2013 at 08:44 PM (401 Views)
    I am eating breakfast, a bowlful of rhymes. WTF? so many words in my mouth, wanting to be heard. Raven appears out of a portal, She says its time to fight the Meta-Warlock, the one who calls himself The Soul King.

    Raven flashes a sacred orb in front of me, and I see into the past:

    In the Times Before Times, all of Earth shed no blood. The Meta-Warlock, an alien-human hybrid rose to power, and opened an interdimensional portal to a Hell world. He ushered in the Frequency of Bloodshed, and came The Rise of the Vampire. Creatures infected with this frequency began killing and eating other animals. Humans killed no humans.


    "We will fight the Meta-Warlock and his minions, this ancient astral demigod-wraith. He will never die, but neither will we. Or we'll just respawn in a few seconds."

    my carpal tunnels hurt. peace

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