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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Montulu in Nowhere

    by , 07-19-2011 at 06:26 PM (796 Views)

    I am Montulu, the Great Destroyer of Nothing. I am a giant monster inside my Temple of Nothing on the Green Moon. I grow a beacon out of my head, a beautiful green and gold light. “I AM THE GREAT MONTULU, DESTROYER OF NOTHING. I SUMMON THEE!”
    I shoot a dark energy beam to earth to draw dreamers to me.
    I see many. I morph into Juargawn, my cat beast self, and am a little angelic and demonic. Atras waves his arms and runs to me. “Hey man. I think I did it? Did I? Is this real? Is this a dream?”
    “What do you think?”
    “Well everything looks real,” he says doing a nose pinch RC.
    “No... wait- I am dreaming. What are you doing in my dream? Is this a shared dream? Is this your dream? Are we in Mexico? Are you an alien? Why do all the people look like animals and aliens and superheroes? Why does that guy look like a talking plant? I am so confused! What is going on? This is amazing! Am a dreaming?” he says looking at his hands. He skin begins to change to a sky blue. “Oh my god!” he disappears.
    Windhover appears standing next to me. We are leaning on staffs looking out at all the people. She is wearing a thick white robe with light green on the inside. She has a white wooden staff with leaves growing out of it. She seems tall and very ancient, like an elf queen that has lived for thousands of years, and has very slow emotional changes.
    “How long do you think it will take, until we realize we are always dreaming, Nomad?”
    “Lifetimes, probably, but at that point, we’ll finally have evolved into full awareness of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and we can exist in all five simultaneously in complete harmony.”
    “Hm.. that makes sense.”
    She suddenly morphs into a tall woman that looks half Asian and half white wearing a business suit. She sits down at a desk and starts drawing. I create some holograms which dance across the desk. “What is that?” I ask.
    “Oh, it’s my visual DJ. I keep this in my dreams to help me remember things I want to draw.”
    “What’s this?” she asks, referring to the holograms.
    “That’s me, that’s MoSh, that’s Raven, that’s you, that’s Xaphor.... look...”
    She looks at the holograms and claps her hands.
    “How silly and amusing!”
    “Oh, pardon me, I said that in Korean, and yet... I perceive you understood me?”
    “That is how things work in dreams. I am allied with an entity that translates all languages. I take the Babelfish from my ear, and it morphs into a fairy. She divides herself in two, one green, and one red. The red one flies to Windhover, and flies around her head.
    “Hello, Fairy! I am waking up. Bye Nomad!”
    I bow to her as she fades.
    Raven flies down on a broom. “Hey Nomad? What are you doing? I was at Hogwarts. My students, some of them have greatly accelerated and are teaching me things. They have learned how to dimensional travel.”
    “That is amazing.”
    “Oh, I went to Denn, kicked some orc ass, then I told them, hey, be cool, why don’t we have some brownies and red wine with the humans and such. I infected them with a love virus. It was awesome.”
    We high five and laugh.
    “So is this shared dream project thing... oh, look at all the dreamers!”
    There are many people below running around like ants. Some are building things, some are battling.
    “Hey, you!” I shout. “All of you!” They look up at me. “You are all dreaming!”
    Most of them do RC’s, and a lot of them wake up. A few of them run up the pyramid. I see Loaf standing in the corner looking up at the sky in silence.
    Atras runs up the pyramid, and speaks to me out of breath.
    “Oh my God, Nomad, I did the go back to bed thing. I re-entered. Did I remember the dream though?”
    “I don’t know. Did you write it down?”
    “No? I don’t know.” Atras smacks his head.
    ‘Why don’t you relax and enjoy the dream?”
    Atras sits down and looks at the dreamscape. Flying cars and flying saucers flit about over the jungle canopy as the sun sets on the City of Nowhere.
    “It is pretty amazing,” Atras says.
    I smile and walk to Loaf. “I like this world. The other wold sucks. It’s a piece of shit.”
    “I know how you feel,” I say.
    Raven stands next to us, and we silently share healing energy as the sun goes down, and the earth rises.

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