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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Which Moon? THE GREEN MOON

    by , 03-08-2011 at 05:00 PM (1390 Views)
    Planet Moon is under massive attack by Dark Templars riding android horses with glowing red eyes.

    Moon Orcs and Moon Dragons fight back.

    The people of Hollow Moon pour out. The look like burning shadows. fucking terrifying. It seems as if they have a fire energy core in a dark energy skin. They slash the Templars.

    I become consumed with dark energy. I cackle maniacally and morph into a werewolf. My symbiote giggles incessantly. I form a storm inside my belly, and shooting dark energy tentacles at all the Templars, then channel lightning down my tentacles. The Templars get electrocuted, and I spin them, tossing them into different dimensions.

    The King of Hollow Moon says we must leave for we attracted the invaders.

    I refuse.

    He says we can move our entire dreamscape Planet Moon off the old Moon with just a thought.

    I move Planet Moon off of the old Moon, right next to it.

    The King grunts in approval, then shakes my hand, and nods.

    I stare at the two moons: One Green, one Grey.

    I stare in silence for what feels like hours or even days.

    I watch all the life on both Moons.

    Then, I see the entire universe is teeming with life, but we can only perceive an tiny percentage. I see creatures like plankton swimming through space.

    I ask Xaphor if many people may now be able to perceive the Green Moon.

    He whispers: many.

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    1. mowglycdb's Avatar
      cool, did I already say I like Xaphor?, I wouldn't mind meeting with him again
    2. saltyseedog's Avatar
      I had a dream last night that I was looking at the sky at night and The moon was about three quarters full. I saw a light appear on the dark side of the moon and fly off the surface and pick up speed as it flew.
      Then The moons started to disappear slowly, from the top down. then it was gone. I was tripping out (I was non lucid).
      Then I saw the moon reappear in another part of the sky. I ran inside to show my mom.
      Then I woke up and felt mind blown for some reason. my spirit guide told me the symbolism had something to do with the moon. Now I thought the physical moon at the time. But holy crap I guess it was this.

      Also we shared a dream last night. We were in the rainforest on the pandora world.