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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Most epic rock adventure

    by , 07-10-2011 at 10:53 PM (2718 Views)
    I rise up, floating out of bed, a great archdemon. There is a layer of something like indestructible plastic wrap over me in many layers. I go supernova, and blast that shit to nothing come. I shoot out two light claws from my arms, about a third the lenghth of the earth, and I swing through nothing in two scoops to the Cichen-Itza Pyramid. I pull the golden necklace from Lonewolf off my neck, and slam a piece of of it into the Pyramid, and it becomes a great gold beacon. I place a silver parabolic mirror behind the tiny sun, and point the beam of light to the Temple of Nothing on the Green Moon.

    I ride the light beam to the Temple, and pull the black Smoking Mirror from my chest, and twist it in two. One piece I enlarge and point the beam of The Black Sun to the Chichen Itza Pyramid. I accelerate the light coming from earth. And this is how we travel faster than light. Now a rainbow dark energy bridge is linking Urth to the Green Moon.

    I summon giant speakers to float down from the sky. I call upon Q10 for dreamscaping aid. We grow two large black obsidian pyramids next to the Temple of Nothing for giant subwoofers.
    They rise from the soil with a moonquake, as dirt and rocks pour off them. Bassheads appear out of the ground and bow to the subwoofers. Kick. Ass.

    I pull cords out from the speakers, and inject them into my chest. I grow a microphone out from my arm, and shout to the dreamers of Urth, “Wake up Sleepwalkers!”
    I sing:

    (As I write this, the video has 333 views!!! Dubstep always goes with 333. wtf?)

    Three months is a long time if you don't like it where you are.
    Three months is forever when the sun don't shine
    You might be alive, but you just breathe to ass the time
    You're so lucky, so lucky to have it all

    I see them rub their eyes and float out of their beds...
    I see some stop themselves in their dreams, and look for me...
    I see someone look at a watch. The time on their watch says, “55:555“

    Someday you're going to realize,
    you've been sleepwalking through it all,

    The dreamers begin floating up the dark rainbow road. I stand atop the The Temple of Nothing, next to the Dark Beacon, a great devil catgod. I see some of them run down the road of light, away from me. “You are dreaming!" I shout at them.

    sleepwalking, get back home

    I see a few sleepwalkers actually go back to bed, and continue on in their dreams.

    sleepwalking through it all,
    get back home

    I see Atras floating up from Urth. He is lying on his back and grinning. He fades away, but not before I launch a tracking device on to his dream body... Who was I supposed to...

    “Hyu,” says Xaphor standing next to me.
    “Huh? Xaphor?”

    Xaphor, my dream guide, is now a red gargoyle in a grey and black robe. He has bright yellow eyes, and grins at me with perfect pointed teeth. “Sarnox has some things to tend to on his Homeworld. For now, I will be your High Priest, brother.”
    “Rock and Roll!” I say as I morph into a great sky blue gargoyle. The sun rises. Xaphor and I stand next to each other, and focus on Hyu. I throat sing his name from my gut... Heeeeyuuuu...

    I see him... His dream body is battling something attacking his sleeping astral body. WTF? I go to help him, but Xaphor stays me. Hyu stabilizes his dream, and merges his astral and dream bodies. I see some type of fairy creature healing him. He opens a portal with his mind that connects directly to the light and dark bridge. He flies up the dark bridge, morphing into a great black dragon. He flies faster and faster, until he begins to glow the as the dark matter around him burns. He opens his wings to brake, and screech-roars. I sense his wings are a little burnt, so I slam my staff into my pyramid and summon a rainstorm. He laughs and licks the rain from his face. I cause a stream to flow out of the pyramid. Hyu practically falls over himself clumsily diving into it. He plunges his big dragon head into the water, and drinks.

    “Oh my god! I was so thirsty!” he says. He plunges his head back in, and comes up with a fish in his mouth. “Oh, and hungry!” he says as he swallows it. He floats up to the top.

    “Ah, Hello brother!” he says to me. “N...Nomad? Nomad? Nomad, for some reason, I want to call you something else... I just...”
    He makes a sound like a rumble, a growl, and a purr.
    “Well, that’s your dragon name! Do you speak Dragon?”
    “No... Do I?”
    Of course you do! says Xaphor.
    I see my name in my mind as a translucent three dimensional pointy bulbous shape floating in outer space next to a 2D square. What the hell?
    “Welcome to Dragon!” Hyu laughs.
    Xaphor thinks this is incredibly funny. He keeps elbowing me, but I don’t get it. He rolls his eyes and chuffs. I see Yuya step out from behind Hyu. “Couldn’t see her in my big wings, eh?”
    “No, I was invisible, silly!” Yuya says and bats Hyu on the nose. She looks like a wintry elf queen. She is wearing a pale pale blue robe lined with white fur. She reminds me of Selene in some ways, but in some ways is nothing like her. “Greetings, King of The Green Moon, God of Nothing, O Wanderer of Worlds,” she says to me curtseying.
    “Greetings, O Goddess of Teraluna, Water Warrior, and PlaneWalker, Greetings, O Dragon Lord of the EarthMoon, Teraluna, my brother.”
    “Um, why are we being so formal?” Hyu grins.
    “I don’t know!” I say, and tackle him.
    We stand up, and we dust ourselves off.
    “Why did you do that, Nomad?”
    “So you will remember this dream.”
    “Good idea. Any other ideas?” I give Hyu pomegranate juice to drink. “Thanks!”
    Selene steps out from behind the beacon. She walks slowly to Yuya and they embrace. Selene cries, and says, “I missed you.” I feel awkward because I am confused. “Why are you confused, Nomad? Yuya is my same sister... We hatched from the same god egg.” Before I can ask he what she means, we are inundated with hundreds or thousands of dreamers from Urth. It's blowing my mind.

    I play Solace One by Foreign Beggars Featuring Black Sun Empirein exultation straight from my soul.

    Solace one
    force field
    open sun
    Mother Ship
    fuel engage
    til all is One

    The dreamers tumble out in front of the pyramid. Everyone dances.

    I’m like a fault in the system
    something like a glitch or a virus
    not to be seen as a victim
    more like a ghost or a pirate
    I move through the network daily
    conduct myself in silence
    I’ve been on this mission since early
    I don’t even need to get violent!

    “Welcome,” I shout, “to the Temple of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere, in the Land of Nod, on the MUTHAFUKKIN GREEN MOON! INFECT THE HIVE MIND WITH THE ULTIMATE COOLNESS!"

    The dreamers roar, and Atras tumbles out of a portal next to me. He sits on the corner, as if he has been there for a few hours and not moved.
    “Hey Nomad, is it working?”
    “I don’t know, blue elf man thing. You tell me.”
    “Well, what if they don’t remember their dreams?” he says looking down at the dreamers dancing below. “What if I don’t?”
    “Then, you will forget.”
    “Oh stop it Nomad,” he says sadly.
    “You are dreaming.”
    “Yes, but-”
    “NO BUT’S. YOU ARE DREAMING GODDAMMIT!” I roar into his face, and his hair blows back. He screams in terror, and his face turns white.
    Of course I find him yelling out a command to himself incredibly funny, so I fall over laughing. I tumble down the steps of the temple. I hear someone yell, “Heads up! We have a godfall!” People run out of the way, and I roll around on the ground laughing. “LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!” I scream to myself. “Hmm... weird, blue... pale, oh, right, I forgot I am a big ass gargoyle.”
    “Yes, you are a big ass gargoyle,” says Xaphor alighting next to me.
    “Oh, shit, did I say that out loud?”
    “Yes, like you always do,” Xaphor laughs.
    “Where is Atras?”
    “He is shouting commands to himself on the temple.”
    “SPIN. Magic! SPIN! Look at your hands! Fly! Relax. Stay in the dream!” I hear Atras coaching himself. I start laughing all over again as he starts doing everything he says simultaneously. “Eat something. Go to sleep. Wake up. I remember my dreams!” Atras eats nothing, then lies down, and stands up as he says this.
    “What the fuck?” I laugh my ass off. I roll around on the ground saying holy shit for five minutes, crying with laughter.
    Atras appears next to me, speaking rapidly. “So, Nomad, who was that other person, the other partner, uh... the guy... we were here... the field...”
    “Man, I don’t remember. MrIrony... no patchouli... luck... DUDE THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IT’S SO AWESOME! ROCK AND ROLL!”
    I summon Metallica, and they play “Enter Sandman,” and of course, it rocks.

    And of course, the Dreamhacker Moon Orcs love this, being Russian. A swarm of Moon Orcs riding giant Beetles flies into the crowd, and mosh, well, more like attack the other dreamers. Many of them form armor, and summon weapons. Some are terrified and wake up. Damn. I see Drzzt in the middle, swirling about with two blue blades, calm and cool, not really fighting... more like practicing. “Dude this is EPIC!” he shouts to me.
    “I hear someone say, battle!” Hukif appears, a great beastly knight in spiky armor. He slowly shoots out black fists into the crowd, and impales them softly like shishka bobs, which he then eats, and says, “Power! I just ate your power!” he laughs.
    I call Raven, and she steps out of a portal. “Hi Nomad.”
    “Are you okay?”
    “I want to go to sleep. I don’t care about a party.”
    Come inside, I say, and usher her in. The noise outside is gone. There is a basin of water upon which light streams down from above. I walk Raven to a bedroom that I made for her. It has a king size bed with a mosquito net over it. Jungle light streams in from a glassless window. There is a bowl of dream fruit, and a small boquet of moon flowers in a vase. “The Moon is in bloom, Raven.”
    “This is nice, Nate,” she says my birth name for some reason. “Why did you do this?”
    “For healing. So you can have a place to rest on this side of the Moon when you come here. I know the people outside want to see you. But, you seem tired, so rest first.”
    “No one wants to see me.”
    I hear the crowd outside chanting “Raven! Raven!” Apparently they saw her, and want her to come out and say hi to them. Raven seems to not be able to hear them. I give Raven a big hug, and she cries for a long time. We don’t say anything. She kisses my cheek, then says she needs to sleep for awhile. She lies down on the bed, and falls asleep. I summon a glass of water and pomegranate juice on the nightstand, then walk out of the room.
    I step out on to the landing pad, and address the crowd.
    “The Moon Queen is resting, but-”
    “That was a nice nap,” says Raven stepping out of the pyramid. “Where is MoSh?”
    We contact him telepathically, and he says he is talking to Asuka, don’t bother him, he’s fine.
    “Well that was kind of rude,” says Raven.
    “I think he’s just really trying to focus on Asuka,”
    “Oh, I see.” We see MoSh staring at Asuka, holding her hands, saying nothing.
    He says to her, “I am real.”
    “So are you,” she says back.
    I laugh, then address the crowd.
    “This Dreamwalker is amazing. She taught me to dream battle skills in a dream. Without her, I would never believe that shared dreaming is even real!”
    “Nomad, I don’t want to talk to the crowd.”
    “Oh, what do you want to do?”
    Raven turns into Queen of Night, and says, “I want to ROCK!”

    Raven strums a chord on a guitar, and the crowd freaks out.
    “WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!” Tigress is behind me, smashing the drums. MoSh appears out of a portal shredding on electric guitar. Raven plays keyboard, guitar, and bass all at the same time by multiplying herself. She also sings. I sing with her, “WE WILL ROCK YOU!”
    DJ TKO descends from the sky, a huge elephantman in a cheesy gorilla costume. We play a dubstep version of Enter Sandman.

    Fuck yes.
    Raven shreds with MoSh. IT’S FUCKING EPIC OMIGOD!
    Tigress grows six arms and plays 15 drums.
    The music is melting my fucking face. MoSh goes off and plays an epic classical solo with no distortion, and the crowd hushes, and is mesmerized,

    (which I cannot find a video of, at the moment)

    then he goes into rock, then back into:
    A host of Darklings ride in from another dimension, on the BatMoon Bus. It has spikes and wings on it. Fuck yeah. They join the fray.
    Then, we move into Silent Lucidity.
    MoSh’s playing is so amazing... I am moved to tears, and I turn away.
    Raven begins, singing, and then Tigress comes in with drums, and I pick up a violin, and play with Pablo, who appears out of nowhere. We grin at each other.
    Selene appears next to me, and I set down the violin, and take the dream in. She walks to me, and put my arm around her waist.
    Loaf appears on the corner of the pyramid. He stands up, looking at me, smiling.
    “Cool dream, Nomad. I like it.”
    “It’s not my dream. It’s our dream.”
    “I know.”

    Hush now, don't you cry
    Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
    You're lying safe in bed
    It was all a bad dream
    Spinning in your head
    Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
    Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
    So here it is, another chance
    Wide awake you face the day
    Your dream is over... or has it just begun?

    There's a place I like to hide
    A doorway that I run through in the night
    Relax child, you were there
    But only didn't realize it and you were scared
    It's a place where you will learn
    To face your fears, retrace the years
    And ride the whims of your mind
    Commanding in another world
    Suddenly you hear and see
    This magic new dimension

    Everyone sings together.

    I- will be watching over you
    I- am gonna help you see it through
    I- will protect you in the night
    I- am smiling next to you, in Silent Lucidity

    I turn into a my Demon Self, Solgawn, the Lava Minotuar Man, and rumble:

    (Visualize your dream)
    (Record it in the present tense)
    (Put it into a permanent form)
    (If you persist in your efforts)
    (You can achieve dream control)
    (Dream control)
    (How's that then, better?)
    (Hug me)

    If you open your mind for me
    You won't rely on open eyes to see
    The walls you built within
    Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin
    Living twice at once you learn
    You're safe from the pain in the dream domain
    A soul set free to fly
    A round trip journey in your head
    Master of illusion, can you realize
    Your dream's alive, you can be the guide but...

    I come together with Raven, MoSh, Tigress, and Pablo. We grow angel wings, and fiery light comes out of our eyes.

    I- will be watching over you
    I- am gonna help to see it through
    I- will protect you in the night
    I- am smiling next to you...

    We smile at each other, and come together in a pentacle. We glow as the pentacle forms connecting our chakras. Aeona appears in the center. She looks like opal. I feel every emotion at once. We come together, and form a giant ball of colored energy, then we explode in slow motion over the Land of Nod.
    I wake up in the Biodome, then go back to sleep. Selene nudges me. “Nomad, wake up. This is a dream silly.”
    “Oh!” I sit up, and kiss her. “No morning breath on the Dream Plane.” Selene playfully pushes me. I see she is catlike now for some reason. Strange, I’ve never seen her shapeshift, never seen her Beast Self.
    “Nomad, do you think everyone is going to remember their dreams?”
    “I don’t know. But, I will remember you.”
    I look at her beautiful cat face, and kiss her one more time, and the dream fades.
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    1. Atras's Avatar
      Why do I never remember this
    2. Aeolar's Avatar
      I actually remembered fighting a swarm of creatures while music was playing!!! xD
      (It was epic, btw. It was more like the battle music from LotR though.)
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      Your dreams are so intense!
      Unfortunately I don't remember any dreams from last night, but I don't get enough sleep so this doesn't really surprise me. :/
      So cool that you thought of me though!
    4. Cosmo's Avatar
      Quite possibly the most awesome dream I've ever read. Sounded epic dude xD
    5. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Holy shoot.