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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Night of Epic Dreams: Part 1, Battle in The Astral Desert

    by , 04-06-2013 at 10:14 PM (354 Views)
    I leap out of bed with a roar, a savage werelion with a necklace of skulls around my neck, wielding two swords. I am on the astral plane I see no Templars around... no... they are fighting in the sky with Moon Orcs. I laugh and open an astral portal to Raven's house. I morph into a black jaguar in the portal, and creep out into the desert outside Raven's house. I hear some kind of snuffling in the bushes. A scent: the reek of goblin. I stalk the goblin, downwind. He is smelling some bushes mumbling something about, "those mean Templars..." I pounce and the goblin shrieks in terror, and tries to clamber away. "Who do you work for? Who do you serve?"
    "I.. Not I, I only serve the Goblin King!"
    I see a dark mark on his cheek, a brand. The All-Seeing Eye. "What's this?" I demand.
    "The ... The Templars came, came through a portal to our world, and enslaved goblins, yes they did. Killed the Goblin King, and all his kin. The Ghost King sat on the Goblin King's throne, and smashed his crown, made the goblin crown into his own bracelet. Oh, he traps souls, The Ghost King! He dips a cross in goblin blood, vile Templar."
    I sense Templars around, hiding in the brush. I open a portal and cast the goblin into it. I see some of them have goblins on leashes, like dogs. I sneak up on the Templars, and slit all their throats, then cut the goblins free, and cast them into their goblin world.
    Raven has a dome astral defense, orange and pink, like the sunset. I go through and I see there is an evil entity, penetrated somehow by shielding itself in fire. This astral demon is standing over her next to her bed. I blast it with shards of ice, like a thousand daggers. Its fire goes out, and it starts bleeding. It starts to speak. I dump a small waterfall on it, and freeze it in a block of ice. I then summon the Mjolnir, and smash the demon-block into a thousand pieces, and cast the pieces into a thousand portals.
    I look at Raven. She has a few astral parasites, but her astral body is generally healthy and safe. She's sleeping. I cast blue flame on the astral parasites, and they burn away.
    Raven wakes up. "Hey Nomad! Want to go to the Moon?"
    She stands up, and we hug. "Any Templars around?"
    "I assassinated them along the way. They were hiding this time."
    "Epic." Raven opens a portal to the Moon.

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