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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Nightmares and Fairy Tales

    by , 07-05-2011 at 05:24 AM (673 Views)
    (This entry is named after one of my favorite comic series.)

    I arise from my bed, a great horned demon. I am surrounded my demons waiting to attack me. I exhale, then inhale them into me. I chew them up, and spit them out, laughing.

    "To the MOO- wait... nightmares? Some silly boys wants some silly nightmares?" I morph into Fear Form, a disgustingly terrifying bloated beast monster with hypodermic needles sticking out from all over my body. I roar, and baby spiders pour out of my mouth, and swarm over my body.

    missing time

    I am at Stonehenge, on the sacrificial stone. All the dreamers are around me, sleeping in coffins. I grab the fabric of time and space, and ripple it, flipping the dreamers into Outer Space. They awake groggily. I morph into a Shadow Demon with glowing red eyes.

    Three are frozen with fright. Two of them laugh, and one wakes up from shock. Another two are still asleep.

    The frightened ones suddenly absorb some kind of strange colored metallic armor from nowhere, and giant swords. We have an epic battle in space, and I forget about the nightmares.

    missing time

    I am with Raven at the Balancing Pools. We step in. I somehow have an excess of both dark and light energy. Apparently it was spinning around me inside, churning, which led to ill calm.

    missing time

    MOSH! Oh my God, your Inner World is magnificently strange. He opens a door to the back of the house... We are on a mountain in a tropical rainforest. There are rainbows, and colorful birds... The beauty is so overwhelming, all I can do is stare. Strange spacecraft fly by...

    Is this the Land of Aud? Are we on the Green Moon?


    This, Man of Shred, is your Hidden Potential, I find myself saying to him.

    Raven steps out from the house and stands next to me. The three of us stand in silence, just taking it all in.

    MoSh opens a portal, and pulls Sam out. She is in obvious distress. We do healing on her. She calms down, and looks MoSh in the eyes. I hear him whisper, "Be hear with me, now."

    I feel overwhelmed with empathic emotion, and I turn to hide my tears.

    Raven says it's time to return to the Healing Glen. I nod. We return and do mutual healing on each other. The Frost Giant appears, and blows healing herbs on us, then gives us all pomegranate juice.

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    1. Solarflare's Avatar
      I do believe i woke up from shock, if you did it on me as well, as i woke up, and then pissed my pants immediately
    2. Atras's Avatar
      Wow beautiful picture.
    3. Man of Shred's Avatar
      That's exactly what I use to tell Sam...
    4. Hyu's Avatar
      I visited Stonehenge in a dream last night.
      I was a dragon and roared and spit fire because I felt somebody might be able to hear me.
      Nobody turned up though.
    5. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Wow, Man of Shred. That's what Angel used to tell me in waking life, and I would say the same to her in dreams.

      Hyu, that is really cool!