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    The Nomad Chronicles

    October TOTM Bonus freakin Nightmare

    by , 10-13-2015 at 07:34 PM (392 Views)
    I am lying in bed. There are ants on me. Hmm. Weird. I brush them off. My bedroom setting disappears. I am now lying on a mound of earth, about 8 feet long and four feet wide at the base, and about three feet high. Ants crawl over me, trailing some sticky thread like spiders.
    I am amused by this, and just watch the scene play out. I am in a sunny jungle somewhere that feels like southeast Asia. Then, the ants start making a kind of creepy hissing and chirping noises. They crawl into my ear. I try to stand up. I can't. The ones in my ear tell me I am going to die soon. I am bound. They will slowly eat me alive for revenge. Revenge against the humans.
    "We eat! We eat! We eat!"

    The fucking ants tear into my flesh with their powerful tiny mandibles. Fuck them. this is my dream. I try to move, and teleport past their bonds, but I am bound like a fly in a spider's death-cocoon. I morph into a pile of dust and sand, and the wind blows me out of their evil trap, and the rest of me pours out on to the ground.

    The ants are enraged because I am no longer edible.

    "I am just trying to see the world from your perspective," I tell them. Suddenly, I am tiny or they are big. I don't know. There is an ant with arms and a sword in front of me. I also have a sword. This giant ant wants to kill me. He is about 12 feet away, and charges me. I throw my sword, and it lodges right in his head. Suddenly there are thousands of ants crawling up my legs stinging me. I scream in pain, and wake up.

    I am in bed. I look at my hands. They are swirly and ghost like. "I am glad I was able to wake myself up!" I say.

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