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    Perfect VISION, Perfect Vividity

    by , 03-22-2011 at 09:35 PM (705 Views)
    Okay... So vividity is not a "real" word. It's a dream word, so fuck you! This was the most vivid lucid dream of my entire life. It's because I removed my Blur Lens.

    I am practicing a parkour technique I just created in this dream called gliding. Itís running without bouncing up and down. I am at my house, which in my dreams, is always a different house. Somehow I know itís mine. I am outside in the yard, gliding to the door, a few inches above the ground, taking impossibly long strides. Then, I realize itís physically impossible, and I must be dreaming, even though itís super vivid. Itís 100% clear, just like real life.

    Itís a balmy night here in tropical dream land. I look up at the sky, and levitate about 40 feet off of the ground. I notice a tree I am looking at starts to fade. I often focus intently on things in dreams to make my dream more vivid. I look at the sky. The clouds passing in front of the moon look amazing. Stars are out, bigger and brighter than in waking life. A moth flutters across my field of vision. I am amazed by its perfect flight and detail.

    The tree below is still fading into darkness and blurriness somehow. ďShould I go to the Moon? No. I have to make this dream more vivid first. Just be patient, and enjoy the moment. Itís a beautiful dream.Ē

    I float down about fifteen feet until I can see the Moon behind the tree. The brightness of the moon makes the edges of the leaves and shapes in the tree sharpen. A zephyr blows by and the leaves blow in the wind, so perfectly vivid, itís like magic. Now there is nothing blurry in this dream. It looks exactly like waking life. EXACTLY.

    A swarm of gnats suddenly is flying around my left forearm. I somehow associate this with discomfort from the physical plane bleeding over into this one. I suddenly feel an obnoxiously intense itch on my leg. I know itís my physical body. I canít help it. I wake up, and scratch.

    Lessons Learned and Commentary: I fell asleep in the living room at my sister's place. I woke up at 3 am, and went home. I then read one of my dreams from almost two years ago where I had an amazingly successful WILD. Uncannily, I perfectly described my last lover. (Not Angel, we broke up, but it's cool.)

    I don't remember if I did WILD or not, but I did induce a lucid dream! I have released my fear of getting obsessed with my magnificent dreams, which has allowed perfect clarity in dreams, exactly like waking life. Most "regular" (not Deep Dream State) lucid dreams with me being outside at night. I usually try to fly to the moon, always unsuccessfully. This time, I just decided to be in the moment, and enjoy the beauty around me. You see, I have been working on making my regular LD's just like my Deep Dream State dreams. I am teaching my lucid mind all the things my Delta mind knows. So, it's like I am starting all over again, but I know everything I need to to get to the point where I want to go because I am already there!

    I am excited about this type of lucidity. One mistake I made was I went to bed dirty. That's why I was itchy. I know it's gross, but I keeps it real. I usually shower before bed, but I crashed at my sister's place blah blah blah. Anyway, it makes me realize how important it is to dull any stimulus from your physical body. Be comfortable, clean, wear earplugs, and a blindfold or sleep mask. If your place is noisy play some music, or turn on a fan to mask the noise. These simple things are very important to extend LD time.

    Another thing I learned is that not only do I have a certain sleep cycle where I have more LD's, it's always around a certain time! It's always around 7AM, even if I stay up late or whatever. I am on Spring Break. That means a lot of sleeping in, and a lot of LD's!

    I have accomplished my goal of making my dreams as clear as waking life. My new goal is to stay in a lucid dream as long as I can.

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    1. saltyseedog's Avatar
      Focus on your dream body in waking life and the consciousness of your deep dream state will transfer into waking life which seems the same state of consciousness you normally hold in your "normal" lucid dreams.
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Focus on your dream body in waking life and the consciousness of your deep dream state will transfer into waking life which seems the same state of consciousness you normally hold in your "normal" lucid dreams.

      Interesting idea. Thanks.