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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Pyramid: shared dream attempt

    by , 07-17-2011 at 01:05 AM (570 Views)
    I leap out of bed. I have a tiny sun blazing out of my third eye. I have great bull horns, and am surround by a circle of angeldemons. “What’s up, arch-thing?” one of them snickers.
    “To the MUTHAFUKKIN GREEN MOON!” I shout.
    The angel demons beat their swords on their shields, and fly through my house into the sky. There is a black winged Moon bus covered in spikes surrounded by a host of black Moon dragons with crescent moons on their foreheads. Koomo, the Bat King, my bat-brother is driving the bus. He gives me thumbs up, and grins at me deviously. I mount the lead dragon, and roar like a demonic lion. The dragon roars with me like the sound of a thousand thunders. Then, all the dragons and angeldemons roar, and we sound like a collision of planets. The fabric of time and space wobbles like dubstep, and armor forms over all of us.
    “Uh... didn’t you say-” one of the angeldemon whispers.
    “I know, but I just remembered-” I say, making a portal.
    We end up at the Egpytian pyramids. Sarnox rides up to me. “Hey, Nomad, look! AndresLD and Madmonkey are here. Queen Zukin, and Nephanim. The others are at Itsa Chicken.”
    I pretend like I did it on purpose, and call the dreamers there to me. “GET THE FUCK ON THE BUS! TO CHICKEN ITSA!”
    We portal to Chichen-Itza, and there are hundreds of dreamers there. I see a long line getting on the bus. I tell them to all get on at the same time, and HOLD ON! I attune the Dark Rainbow Road to focus on our very spot, and we ride it to the Green Moon, then descend to the Temple of Nothing.
    There is a huge concert going on. My late cousin, DJ Sabertooth and DJ TKO are facing off in an epic DJ battle of ages. The black sound pyramid speakers are pulsing like dinosaur hearts to the beat of the bass.
    We land in the middle of the dancers, and everyone cheers. I dismount and I float up to the top of the pyramid. I turn to the dreamers.

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    1. Dthoughts's Avatar
      I wanna get on that bus lol. Anyway, nomad. What time do u sleep normally? did u just woke up from this dream when u posted it?