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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Quest of the Golden Monkey

    by , 04-20-2013 at 10:17 AM (500 Views)
    Dream Journal

    I am flying my spaceship, Future’s Hope from Urth to the Green Moon, when I get a distress call from Jack Sparrow on the holocomm. His image pops up, “Mr. Nomad, Ms. Raven dear, Moon people, whoever, help!”
    Raven: Did you get that message?
    Me: Yes.
    Raven flies her spaceship close to mine, and I piggyback mine on to hers then join her on the flight deck.
    Raven opens a portal, and we fly to a planet very similar to Urth. We fly to the parallel Urth’s Carribbean, and we see Jack tied to a mast of an East India Company ship. He is being taunted and questioned.
    “Where is the fucking golden monkey, you worthless pirate?”
    “I”ll never tell… unless you feed me some rum!”
    “What’s this?” The merchant pulls a map out of Jack’s pocket.
    “Please don’t read that note in front of the class. It’s meant for the pretty pirate girl with the black hair.”
    Just then Raven whacks the merchant with her sheathed sword. For some reason, she’s a pirate with black hair. The merchant collapses to the ground, and a battle ensues. We fight to a lifeboat, and Jack cuts the ropes, then we fall into the sea. We row away as the merchants shoot at us with their muskets. Raven strikes then with lightning, and laughs. Jack is extremely amused by this. We row into a fog.
    “We have to get back to my ship, the Windy Whale.”
    “Don’t you mean the Black Pearl?”
    “Hmm.. No, the Windy Whale. But, Black Pearl does have a nice ring to it. Is that your ship?”
    “No my ship’s name is Future’s Hope.”
    “Well, how incredibly boring. But, this isn’t!”
    He grabs Raven and kisses her, and keeps kissing her. I create a small fog spell to thicken the fog between us as I row.
    I bump into a large wooden thing. “Ah, this must be it, the Windy Whale!”
    Jack blows the fog away somehow. A cute blue ship is revealed. We teleport to the ship’s deck. Jack says we must make for a certain buried treasure right here on this- He feels for something, a map. He had it on the East India Company’s ship, but it’s gone now. “I know where it is, I have the map memorized in my head.” Jack commands his crew to make for the buried treasure.
    Jack tells us he is looking for a certain magical device, called the Golden Monkey of Atlantis. It’s buried in a shipwreck off the coast of Bimini. We sail into shallow waters. It’s a clear sunny day. Jack says to drop anchor, here we are. We jump off the boat, and dive down. We find a treasure chest in a shipwreck, and hoist it on to the Windy Whale. Jack opens the treasure chest and finds a load of gold coins, but no Golden Monkey. He shouts, “They stole it, those creepy merchants!”
    He tells us the Golden Monkey is an idol which gives the possessor an unknown power. But, he knows it’s something more, more than what the merchants know. Jack takes a swig of rum, and so do I. It makes me fall asleep, and I wake up on the Moon.

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    1. floatinghead's Avatar

      I asked my dream guide to take me to the moon last night and instead I had a dream about pirates!