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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Return to the Temple of Chaos

    by , 11-29-2012 at 10:01 PM (699 Views)
    I floated up out of bed, and morphed into weretiger form.

    I sprouted wings, then formed my staff into one with a black raven and a white angel form at the top holding in their wings, The Moonstone with a tiny chaostar swirling in its core. A dark green silk robe with gold lining covered in magickal symbols woven with silver thread formed over my black fur with silver stripes. I turned and formed a mirror portal. I looked at my furry tiger face, and guffawed, 'HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH!" I grinned at my mad reflection, and roared, "I AM JUARGAWN!"
    My lady, Winter, appeared next to me, a were-snow leopard, wearing Arctic ninja gear and skis on her back. She curled around me and licked my face. "Hmm... where are we going tonight, my darling?" she purred, and looked at our reflection.
    "Oh my Goddess! We're kitty kats! You're a... night tiger, and I'm a snow leopard! Am I a ninja or something? I am confused."
    "Hail Eris."
    "Is this is a dream?"
    "I don't know, why don't you play with your swords?"
    "Hmm? Play with my swords?" said Winter, spinning her swords madly. "How am I doing this?"
    "Magic. You can do anything in a dream. How else are we werecats, silly?"
    "Cool!" She sheaths her swords and kisses me. "So, what's this?"
    "It's a portal."
    "What's on the other side?"
    "The Moon."
    /do you want to go/
    /of course i do, Nyne/
    /are we speaking telepathically/
    /how did you do that/
    /i call it a mental tickle/
    "First, we need a spaceship to protect us from astral parasites as we fly through wormholes. It works on the basis of the sacred 9, or the 3 6 9 torus."
    I call my silvery liquid spaceship, Future's Hope, and she appears through the portal. We are teleported to a hill, where she is perched. We climb aboard, and I funnel my portal energy into the ship, and she creates a portal with her nose, and we fly through to the Moon. We dock in the Biodome, New Eden, on the Green Moon.
    There is a huge party in New Eden. There are five kinds of music stages all over the Biodome. I forget what the party's about, I am so overwhelmed by the flying magical fireworks, and the vivid intensity. I sit down and meditate. I focus on aligning and spinning my chakras, and especially my pineal gland. I ask Gawn to enlarge my pineal gland, and increase the DMT released at night to me in my physical plane body as I sleep. I see the face of Gawn, the Devil, my father-in-law, grinning at me in a vision, and he is laughing, amused, mocking, confused, angry, sorrow, mad, joyous.
    Suddenly, Gawn, the Dream Warrior Master and I are in a great Black Void. There is nothing I can sense except he and I. He charges at me, multiplying as he rushes into a hundred, thousand, ten thousand great goat-hoofed Pans, twenty thousand HanuPans, racing toward me, a storm of gods screaming into my mind, until my soul shakes: GO-O-O-O LUCID!
    I laugh and teleport behind him.
    He touches me, and teleports us to a luscious jungle in what looks like South America. We are standing on a mountain.
    "All this can be yours, Simba-Jesus, if you simply bow down to me."
    "I will never bow to you, Father-In-Law! I will never bow to The Devil."
    "I am the Devil, and the Devil is Gawn," sings Gawn, dancing on the cliff and laughing.
    "Hail Satan!" I laugh. We sit on the edge of the cliff.
    "Thanks for the madness, sir. I need more in my dream life."
    "Exactly. You've feared the madness of the dream, even though Xaphor told you to embrace the madness of the dream, you did not. You're learning sacred fool. Maybe one day you'll be a magician, if you can figure out how to get one from zero. Will 'tis be the greatest Leap of your Lyfe."
    Gawn fades away.
    I am lying on a bed somewhere... in a cottage. I sit up. Winter is watching me. Raven walks in the room. "You fainted, Nomad. So, I brought you here, to my Inner World." I smile and stand up. I feel dizzy. Winter touches my elbow. I sit down.
    "Raven, how can I feel dizzy in a dream?"
    "I don't know, friend. Maybe we are physically incarnate?"
    I look at my hands. Tiger hands. I pinch my nose. Can't breathe.
    Hmm... I look at the cute wooden bed. I see tiny marks of wear and tear, and even weathering. Everything looks so... real. I am overwhelmed, and I fall back on the bed.
    I go to some strange Energy Realm, where everything is simple colors, glowing colors, but everything is simultaneously hyper-evolved... I see Raven and Winter with me. I tell them I want to go to the Temple of Chaos. We are suddenly on a remote island with high sea cliffs in the middle of the Mediterranean.
    Spiraling steps lead us to a strange white temple, which seems to be pulsing. I run up the steps, overcome by a mad lust for the void. In the temple, a great Chaostar swirls and pulses as it floats above a pedestal. Eris appears next to me, and whispers in my ear, "Seek me not in the Temple of Chaos, lover, seek me Everywhere, for I am All. So, actually, you can totally seek me in the Temple of Chaos." Then, she kissed me on the cheek, and I felt the universe implode. I was back in Raven's Inner World. I sat up. What a cute little cottage! I stretch and stand up. Raven and Winter smile at me. I walk outside and look around. There is a lovely garden growing all kinds of things, half of them chocolate. I pick a chocolate cake fruit. It tastes amazing. I feel more aware of my dream life. We are on a plateau on on a gently rising mountain, and the sun is rising over a tropical and evergreen landscape. Wow.
    "Your Inner World, is beautiful, Raven," I whisper. "Thanks for letting me rest here."
    "You're welcome," she said, and hugged me.
    We were back on the Moon, and I was sitting on a pile of cushions in a tent with a large hooka in the middle.
    "What did I just smoke, man?" I turned to the man to my left, "Hunter S. Thompson?"
    "Just call me, The Doc. And you smoked DMT. In a muthafukkin' dream, dog." mahalo
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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      I like the snow leopard. as I read this I was the snow leopard for a milli second.
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      I was just about to post the below on the other dream site and the one word comment above dropped into my phone so I take that sync as permission to put that post here, and thrre.

      here it is:

      WN latest dream.

      Return to the Temple of Chaos - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      the guy who shouted "You have to keep your fucking mouth shut. Calling the fucking police." moved out yesterday Thursday 29-Nov-12.

      This morning Waking Nomad posts the dream above with the snow leopard. As I read the dream I reverie for a split-second and I am in the body of the snow leopard.

      so C

      I think your dream was "U" bringing my deep inner world, new, archetypal dream-body to me.


      I don't think I will ever learn to keep my fucking mouth shut about this sort of thing, sorty.
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      this is crazy bro, we should dream meet up again. It's the dawn of the second day less than 48 hours left