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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Silent Loaf

    by , 07-05-2011 at 08:26 PM (2246 Views)
    I am walking up a hill near the Mountain in New Eden on the Green Moon. Loaf is sitting there in silence.
    I stand next to him, and inhale the view. It's breathtaking.

    We communicate telepathically, in images, in silence. We turn, and smile at each other. We are both vampires. I am a dark energy vampire, and he is a red energy vampire. We leap off the cliff, and fly over the jungle canopy to the Land of Nod in which is my Vampire Castle. Sylvia is there, and so is Angel. Angel tells me to stop invading her dreams. I tell her she is on the Moon, we are not in her Inner World. She just says, "Whatever," and disappears. I guess she woke up.

    "Who was that?" asks Sylvia, a violet and black vampire.
    "She was my lover at one time."
    "She seems nice. We were talking earlier."
    "She is a lot nicer in dreams. But, she gets confused."

    "Oh. And who is this young man?"

    "Vampire Loaf."

    Loaf looks around, and nods to Sylvia.

    Then, we go hunting, feasting on the souls of the damned, allowing them to cross over as we drain their last bit of essence from this plane.

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