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    Sitting on a Subway

    by , 01-23-2014 at 11:46 AM (396 Views)
    I am sitting on a city bus in Honolulu. How lame. How boring. I am sitting on a subway in New York City. How did this happen? I must be dreaming, especially because there is a reptilian man with scaly brown skin and another with scaly green skin sitting on the subway here. They stare out the windows at the concrete tunnel.
    Hmm... I think I may be at some kind of weird space station. I sit and do nothing. This place looks so... real. I look at the cushion I sit on, and there are worn cracks at the corners.
    I do a nose-pinch RC. fail. damn. look at hands. six fingers on each hand, but they stay that way... I get off the subway, and run to the bathroom.
    I look in the mirror. I have a kind of long snout, and lots of fur on my face. what the hell? I plug my nostrils. I can't breathe. I look down at my feet. Hooves.
    I walk outside the bathroom, then go up some stairs to a park above. There are strange creatures and humans playing together, and it seems like everyone is smoking weed.
    Another hairy horse-face person offers me a large joint. I inhale, and it feels so real. I am so confused. I ask him if this world is real, and he laughs and and asks if I want some water as I cough. I nod, and he hands me a bucket, well, a very large cup made for our big ass horse heads.
    I suddenly have an urge to climb a tree. I run on all fours to a tree and climb it somehow. There are other horse-head people smoking weed, eating and laughing in the tree. I notice there are some monkey-ish looking people on the ground, smoking and doing somersaults. How odd. I laugh, and the dream faes.
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    1. sparkley's Avatar
      LOL, I can't ever imagine seeing those things. Lol running on four legs and smoking lol wth
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I know right? What the fuck? HAHAHAHA