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    taxicab shithole 2215

    by , 10-14-2012 at 11:44 PM (339 Views)
    I am in the year 2215. yep. earth is still beautiful. humanity is still making cancerous growths we call "cities." I live in one of the tumors, called the Pacific-Plex formerly known as the Hawaiian Islands. fucking shithole. just want to make a few creds...

    I wake up and stretch. My robot is telling me to wake up. "I know shut the hell up."

    "I'd prefer if you didn't-" I grab the robot, and rip its head off. "FUCK YOU ROBOT."

    Why am I in the movie, "Heavy Metal"... or am I?

    missing time

    I am driving a fare through the hilly streets of an old dump paved over. This fare's a GMO-cyborg chimera like most people nowadays.

    missing time


    I am going insane, destroying the whole fucking world. I have a machine gun. I run across the world, detonating a line of nuclear bombs behind me. I fly away from the earth, and shoot a billion nuclear bombs at it. The earth explodes. I laugh maniacally.

    I wake up in bed, sweating. I am still in a dream. WTF?
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