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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Templars vs. Moon Orks

    by , 04-18-2013 at 07:11 PM (768 Views)

    Dream Journal
    WakingNomad AKA Keola Pirata

    I leap out of bed with a roar, a black werelion with a necklace of skulls around my neck, wielding an adamantium spear. Templars in the sky riding Pegasi are raining down flaming spears at us. I cast a force field of protection over Winter Fae and I. I fly like a rocket into the center of the Pegasi squadron. “YE THINK YE BE ANGELS, DO YE, MY TEMPLAR BROTHERS? THEN, I WILL SHOW YOU THE FACE OF A DEIMON!” I scream, and demonize. Demon eyes grow and pop open in my forehead. A small black hole appears in my chest. A portal opens, and a bear-boar with six legs, eight eyes, and a snake tail leaps out. I mount my steed, and my spear comes to life. The spear’s head sprouts eyes and a mouth and screams: BLOOOOOOD! Writhing in the air like a sea snake swimming in the depths. Two more small portals open, and a pair of tiny dragons land on my shoulders.
    The Templars fly together, and say, “Form of: BAPHOMET” and all together become one giant goat headed woman breasted goat legged disgusting god. Then they say: MASK OF: MICHAEL, and wear a costume to disguise themselves as the archangel , Michael.
    “I must admit, fighting Michael the archangel him would be quite the challenge, but not so a foe as you parasites are no match for REX CURSON!”
    I roar and clap my hands together, and there is a peal of thunder, then the Baphomet egregore is struck by lightning. The metal in the armor begins to melt and catch fire. The Templars scream in agony. “Zasaz Zasaz Nasatana Zasaz!”
    “Hail Satan, Lord of Fire
    May your flames rise ever higher!
    Hail Pan, God of Nature,
    Bless the Beast, Imbue the Creature!
    Hail Gawn, Lord of Dreams,
    Nothing is, as it seems!”
    A portal opens, and Raven flies out, riding a giant raven. Cool! She’s wearing all black, but in her assassin gear.
    She throws bolts of dark energy from a staff she has. She tells me the staff is called the Darkstaff, and its sentient like my symbiote. She told me Washu gave it to her.
    Interesting. We can probably take these Templars ourselves, but I blow the Conch of Pan because it just feels so good. The blast reverberates through my demon skull, and I grin as portals open from everywhere in the universe, and Gawn, the Dream Warrior Master appears with an army of elite Dream Warriors Corps. They are so varied and strange looking. I wonder what their physical bodies look like. I see centaurs, and octopus like things, and people that look like rocks, and others like blobs. We simultaneously attack the Baphomet egregore. Bolts of energy, bullets, rockets, arrows, and spears fly at the Baphomet. The egregore breaks apart, and becomes a group of Templars riding Pegasi again. “For Michael!” They shout and charge us. Gawn charges the nearest one shouting, “I AM SURE YOU DO NOT SERVE MICHAEL!”
    Then he lightly shoulder bumps the Pegasus, and horse and rider go flying back into a portal. He blows the other ones, and they start flying back, back into portals he casts behind them. The battle is suddenly over.
    “Why don’t you kill them?” I ask Gawn.
    “They’d just respawn, and we’d have to fight them five seconds later.”
    “So, you send them into other dimensions alive, instead.”
    “Yes, and it disheartens them when they end up in dimensions with no other Templars, so they become weak because of their big egos.”
    “Funny. So where did you send them.”
    “Hippie communes, mostly. Another one I sent to be a lighthouse keeper. So, you want to come check out the Dream Warrior Planet, now?”
    “Yes, Father, but our aid is requested on the Moon. The Templars are attacking the Dreamhackers Moon Base.”
    “Those crazy Russian orks. Good Fighters.”
    “Right. But, I suspect the Moon orks are being infiltrated by Templar orks.”
    “So, you want to infiltrate the infiltrators, while I cause a big ruckus on the outside?”
    Raven smiles at the idea. “Yes, Father.” Raven opens a portal to the Moon Orks Castle on the Moon. We are standing on a hill watching a huge battle of Templars on pegasi with swords and lances versus orcs on giant beetles with axes and speas. It’s so epic, we forget our mission for a second. Raven taps my head. “Hey, Nomad, the mission!” Pardon me, I forgot the mission for a second. We morph into Templar Orcs, then put on Moon Ork disguises. We look at each other and giggle. We teleport right outside the castle, then run through a battle near a castle archway. We hear the voice of the Moon Ork King crying for help down below. We run down flights of stairs to a dungeon, and we see the Moon Ork King being tortured by Dark Templar Orks. “Ha! You see, we have him!”
    “NO YOU DON’T!” shouts a voice like a thousand bears from above. The Moon Ork King runs down the stairs with a giant axe. The ork being tortured transforms into a Templar ork, his true self. Raven and take off our Moon Ork costumes, and reveal our Templar ork shapes. We take the left and right guard of the Templar Orks running at the Moon Ork King. Right as the Moon Ork King takes his first axe swing, we turn on the Templars, and thrust two sword length hidden blades into them, killing eight or nine. “Traitors!” They shout. We turn into our Assassin forms. “Assassins! We laugh, as we teleport behind them, and assassinate any Templars that the Moon Ork King’s axe misses. Cheering is heard. The remaining Templars make portals and boogie on out.
    We throw a huge party with the Moon Orks on the Moon outside their castle. There are trees growing in grey rock. Interesting. I take a sip of wine, and everything fades to black.
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      That was fun! soo jealous. haven't had anything like that in years.
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