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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Time Travel

    by , 10-13-2012 at 07:13 PM (356 Views)
    I am sitting meditating... but where am I? So many places at once... focus on one dream, one place, one timeline.

    I am in my mediation room, sitting in BanYanLand in the Biodome on the Green Moon. An image appears in the mirror. Raven is battling orcs by herself in a forest. The scene looks strangely familiar... I leap into the mirror, and land in the forest. I am in the first dream I had with Raven in a battle together. I see my past self, Selene and Raven.
    My past self looks at me curiously and smiles. I help the three in the battle. We slay all the orcs. Raven asks me why I showed up, and who I am. I tell her I am from the future. She laughs. I tell her I came into this dream by accident... or not...?

    I tell her she is dreaming. She says she knows. I tell the same to my past self and Selene. They smile and laugh. Maybe I am here for me, and not for you, I comment.

    "I love this dream. I love all our shared dreams, Raven. So amazing and beautiful."

    I hug the three of them good-bye, and return to my timeline, as I know it.

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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      I'd love to be able to have dreams like those again!
      WakingNomad likes this.
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      You are able. I am working on getting my recall back, and helping you and Mosh as much as I can get back to where we used to be. 2012 is a crazy year.