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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Werelion, The Time Witch, and the Meta-Warlock

    by , 05-29-2013 at 08:26 PM (732 Views)
    I float up out of bed. Raven is standing next to me. “You were surrounded by Templars, but I cleared those bastards out of here right before you woke up.”
    What we were going to do?
    “Let’s cast astral shields around this place.” Raven and I usher in astral fire to cleanse the house, then rain, then plants to clean the air. Then, I give Winter an astral squirrel to keep the parasites off of her. Winter stays asleep, but she cuddles with the squirrel, and says, “Gypsy!” (our cat’s name.)
    “Ok, Now to the Dream Plane, and Winter’s Inner World.”
    Raven opens a portal to Winter’s Inner World. We are in her deepest hell. Tiny rock islands in a sea of blood vomiting lava with demons screeching …. “love.” What the fuck? But, all the demons are her. “These demons are DC’s not real dream demons. She has not been invaded.”
    “But, this is going to require integration.”
    I nod, and summon a thundering rainstorm. The islands stop burning, and the sea changes to freshwater. The demonesses fall from the sky to a small point of rock jutting out of the water. I catch the demon-Winter. She morphs into an ancient vampire. Her skin is pale as the moon, and her large sad eyes an icy blue. Her hair is so light, it’s translucent. She whispers to me, “I thirst, my love. I’m dying.”
    I put her mouth to me neck, and I am somehow now also my Vampire Self, Soulkyst, the tall gentleman vampire, of lavender skin. She bites and drinks, and I feel no pain, only her pain, her torment, her sadness. Rivers of tears pour out of my eyes until the freshwater turns salt. I feel an intense beam of calm healing energy from Raven. She is singing, and it sounds so angelic. I feel so undeserving of this angelic energy. Born a demon, and a demon before I was born. I am 9, Son of Satan, lover of Lucifer, and a Dark Knight I will remain. I realize I feel an ungrounded guilt, a guilt of existing, a guilt of being born on The Dark Side.
    I have a flashback of all my Sith Masters from time beyond time, their souls, in a row, teaching me the dark arts of The Force. I faint.
    I wake up in The Healing Glen of the King of the North, whom I perceive as The Frost Giant. Raven, Winter, Mosh, Tigress, Pablo and I are waking up, sitting up in the tall grass. There are lovely bees and butterflies, iridescent beetles, and cute golden finches flitting about. It feels like… summer.
    “What? It’s never been summer here… always… Spring!” I shout.
    “Well, the time works different here, son,” The Frost Giant replies. We are being sung over by Michael, Metatron, the Lord of Music, and other healing entities. I fall asleep and wake up in a small resort on a mountain in Hawaii… this is Whalesong! I came before, in a dream, and then I went in real life, and here I am in this place in a dream again! And I heard a whale singing here, waking me up… I fall over laughing. My laughing is so infectious I wake people up laughing, and they wake up laughing. Winter wakes up and stretches. I give her a glass of water and a cup of coffee.
    “This is a dream, isn’t it?”
    Winter and I walk downstairs, and see Raven on the lanai outside looking at the view. Altair is holding her. I cough, and they turn around. “Why are you coughing, Nomad? I know you’re here, silly.”
    “Hmm? It’s because I’m smoking a joint.”
    Winter laughs and turns into a were snow leopard and takes the joint and smokes it. “I want to go on an adventure with you guys. You’re cool!” she giggles.
    Raven smiles at her and says, “Okay. You can automatically fight on the Dream Plane, Winter.”
    “Cool!” Winter makes white ninja gear appear on herself, and wields sai’s, spinning them around and doing spin kicks simultaneously.
    “Nice moves!” Raven applauds.
    We greet Altair with the secret Assassin greeting, and he telepathically speaks to us:
    My descendant, Ezio is being haunted. This is a physical plane quest. If you die, you will be returned to your universe, but understand the consequences for your actions are serious and you may have strong limitations if you incarnate in the physical plane of Ezio’s universe. There is a false Altair, a demon-Templar posing as me, who we must assassinate in time past first.
    Altair opens a portal ,and we step through.
    Carpal tunnel acting up. More later. Peace.
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Wow... that clears a lot of things up... like the images I've been getting of Ezio trying to kill Altair, it's no doubt the fake Altair. It's good to know since if forced to choose between Ezio and Altair I would choose Altair... and I don't want to attack a real Ezio to help defend a fake Altair!
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    2. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Awesome! I've missed reading you and Raven's adventures. I had a dream a few nights ago about being fed on by a vampire chick as well. Mine was more of a pleasure trip though, haha. Still smoke'n that good dream bud I see !
      WakingNomad likes this.