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    The Aliens and the Sunglasses

    by , 10-17-2012 at 10:50 PM (1111 Views)
    [OK, so I've made a decision here. At least occasionally, on days when I haven't had any really great dreams, I'll post an older dream on here from my personal dream journal. Most of these will be my more major Harry Potter dreams, but this one had no Harry Potter that I remember, just mostly sci-fi stuff. Just so there is something more interesting in my dream journal for the day.]

    4-23-2012 -- I am out doing courier work (not sure where) when I find Jeff Goodwin has just joined the company, and I am asked to give him a hand with one delivery. We're traveling a little bit on this one, something like 150 or 200 miles, and it seems to be a fairly smooth journey.

    We get where we are going, and deliver one package to a construction site that is along the lines of an OPC plant, then Jeff explains they gave him another package to deliver right down the block at a school. He goes to deliver that, while I wait for him before we can go back.

    As I am waiting, an attractive young lady comes along on a golf cart and is accusing me of being where I don't belong. I explain the delivery and waiting for Jeff, and she tells me to get on the golf cart, indicating that I can either take a seat, or drive it. I lift her up, take the driver's seat, and sit her in my lap. This doesn't seem to bother her. Then I wrap my arms around her, holding her close, but nothing really improper, and she warns me "Now you're starting to push it." and we drive off a short distance, back to the construction site, which has now changed.

    She looks vaguely like Olga from the show 7 Days, and she is here investigating something, trying to figure out what kind of deliveries they are getting here. It seems nothing matches the labels. There are boxes marked food that seem to contain several live cats (which are being referred to as dogs) and stuff like that. The cats are cute, and there are lots of little girls that want to play with them.

    She grabs the box I just delivered, which is marked bandages, and is filled with, yes, bandages. First box she has found that is properly marked. As we are checking on things, stuff shifts to where we are actually in some sort of alien camp, trying to learn what we can, but having to avoid drawing notice to ourselves. Seems like kind of a cross between 'They Live,' 'V,' and the Tripod books.

    We're wearing sunglasses that are supposed to control what we see, and how we react to things, but one of our people has tampered with them so they only half-work. They affect what we are seeing enough that we can keep from reacting unexpectedly, but they keep us from being controlled. Most of the aliens are mostly human-size, but do not act like humans ... except for a few.

    There is a very huge alien that acts a little different, and a short human who acts much the same way, and we discover they are the result of a cross-breeding experiment where the more human offspring are short and the alien ones are roughly Hagrid-sized. But both offspring are too easy going and laid back to be of any use to the aliens. They are free, and tolerated, but will never be a part of the alien civilization.

    We're in a small box-like area doing our research, and I still have been keeping an eye out for Jeff's return, but I realize I haven't been paying enough attention, and don't know if he is still at the school or not. A couple of the aliens come by, and the Olga character doesn't see them and talks about something she shouldn't, which has them examining us more closely. One person reacts badly, and they pick him up and find his glasses have been tampered with, and fix them. He is now under their control.

    They start picking up a couple of others, and eventually reach for me. I try to dodge, and they tell me to stand still. I don't, but that tells them I am not under their control, and they manage to grab me and pick me up by the hair. To me, the aliens look identical, and they are commenting on how we can't tell them apart while looking at them directly. They take my glasses, and somehow as I glance at them, one is obviously male while the other is female, and I never noticed it before. I comment on it.

    With the glasses removed, I have lost all volition. I just don't care what is going on, and am just hanging by my hair. One of them tells me that for fooling them with the fake glasses, he is going to kill me, and he carries me over to a display that is roped off that has a kind of strange, small, square furnace in it, and starts swinging me by my hair, preparing to toss me in it. I finally start to care, and grab him by the hand and fight my way free.

    As I struggle with him, my hand lands on the mask he is holding, and I tear it off his face. It turns out on his face under the mask he has a ton of spots, and all the aliens are horribly racist, and hate those with more or less spots then themselves. This is why they wear the masks, to allow them to function. I start to call out about how spotty he is, and the other aliens grab him and start to tear him apart. They forget all about me.

    So I run back to the small box-like encampment, and start gathering my people together. It is hard to interest a couple who have already had their glasses fixed, and there is no sign of Jeff. The Olga character has disappeared, and I am trying to find her. There is another young woman, nude, and fairly attractive, who is moaning about how horrible she looks, and I am trying to convince her she looks lovely, her mind is just being messed with by the glasses.

    I am looking for a way out, and in an intuitive leap, I think that the strange sort of eye-looking organic things I have seen in a couple of hatches in the floor might be a sort of exit. I can't seem to find any of them now, but I spot a closed hatch on the ground and get the others to help me open it. The space underneath looks organic, with a kind of an alien-green skin surrounding what almost looks like a bright yellow eye area. I gather my nerves and drop myself into the hatch, and the 'eye' opens like a sort of iris, and I fall through into some sort of slime.

    I hold my breath and move through a sort of slime-filled underworld, where I can see a few others moving around, before I fall through entirely, and find myself back in the exterior area where I made my original delivery, then I wake up.
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Epic dream with such a solid story line! I love it!!
    2. Batch's Avatar
      It was a fun one! Aliens, mind control, a nude lady ... what more could one want?