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    The Amazing 10 Cent Bookstore Sale

    by , 11-16-2013 at 07:36 AM (427 Views)
    10-27-2013 -- Earlier bits, but I can't remember them. First thing I can actually remember, I am in Longs Drugstore at the Buena Park Mall, but as I am glancing around it is slowly morphing into a book store, probably somewhere else. It is near closing time, and I am there at just the right time to learn they are about to start a very special sale. For 10 minutes, everything in the store (everything!) will be on sale for 10 cents. I rush over to the kids section, about 1/3rd of the way into the store, and am amazed to find about 20 hardcover Three Investigators mysteries. Even more amazing, several of them are new titles I have never seen before, even though they have been assigned old numbers. I start grabbing them and stacking them up, but by the time I am ready to move on, all but one or two of them have vanished, and one of the store employees is trying to take a couple of them away from me, which really ticks me off.

    I move toward the back of the store, where I am expecting to find the comic strip collections (stuff like Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Dilbert) but as I am walking, both the building and the sale are stretching and expanding. Now the sale is going on for 10 hours, and the bookstore reminds me of a college campus, with at least three or four separate buildings, and I am walking on an outdoor path to the next building, where I hope to find some of the comic strip collections. I spot the humor section, but as I approach it, it vanishes. Instead, I walk across to another building where they seem to have books on sports and biographies and non-fiction, and a sports figure (or maybe a politician) is going to give a speech, and is trying to draw people in for that.

    At some point, I find myself walking with Martin Crane (Frasier), who is probably my grand dad [I shudder, wondering who my dad would be], and who is kind of pushing me around and really annoying me. There is a reporter who is trying to interview him for some reason, and he is giving them all kinds of hassles, and telling them to go interview a hardware store, and making a lot of fuss. He's been annoying me enough, that I give the reporter some dirt that will irritate him and maybe get him to say something, and just ask for a copy of the tape, because I want to see him get annoyed.

    Soon I find myself wandering around a building that seems to be undergoing repairs, and half the windows are boarded up, but in that area, I find some great stuff. Some of the Lois McMaster Bujold Vorkorsigan books, the superhero books I was always looking for as a kid (encyclopedias on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and/or the Flash, though in the dream I also saw one on Spider-Man) seasons of Babylon 5 and other television shows on DVD, all for ten cents, but again, every time I go to grab something, it seems to fade away, so that even after all this great shopping, I only have 1 or 2 items!

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