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    The Carnival, the Disney Parade, and the Parking Lot

    by , 10-09-2013 at 02:40 PM (469 Views)
    10-09-2013 -- [Lots of connections to other dreams in this one, long and detailed, but perhaps not as interesting as some others.] I find myself in a sort of a carnival ride area that is a live action sort of version of a cross between Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Tropico. The rides that I am interacting with can hold 6 people on one, and 8 on the other, and I can see the Tropico people-shaped 'slots' that they occupy (including the empty slots where there isn't a single rider to fill in).

    The ride 'areas' are sort of circular / dome-like, and make me think of the round playground plots at Boisseranc Park, and it kind of feels like the earlier bits might be taking place there. I seem to be both trying to ride these carnival rides, and trying to ensure others ride them. But soon I find myself talking to BC, and the locale seems to be kind of shifting to somewhere in Kissimmee, and there are strong hints of a recent dream (about a week-and-a-half to two weeks ago) that I don't think I ever actually got written down or entered, where I ran into Chris V. who was helping me with something, and ended up going on a sort of river-like log ride without me because there were not enough seats.

    Anyway, we are wandering around this area near downtown Kissimmee which is very close to where I'd interacted with Chris V., and we are discussing a meal that I really like that seems to be a cross between Ohana and something along the lines of Melting Pot, which I have also dreamed about in other dreams, frequently. To try and get either points or perhaps win money to allow me to pay for a meal, BC leads me to a very small 'ride' or game that only 'seats' one person, and is kind of along the lines of a sort of carnival game.

    I find myself facing this very small booth with a kind of a panel (about the size of a math text book) that you push aside to reveal the insides of the booth. There is a sort of thin cardboard 'sheet' hanging here, like the thin cardboard backing on a note pad or something. It is kind of dangling there, surrounded by sensors, and you have to try and pull off the cardboard, and hopefully the 'tickets' attached to it will be drawn out, too. But if you trigger the sensor, the tickets will detach and remain in the machine, and the cardboard may even slip free of your hands, and be pulled entirely back into the machine, in which case you will have to wait for it to reset before you can try again.

    The sensors include a motion sensor, and a 'sensor' which is kind of like the tension on a roll-up blind ... tug it the right way, and it will pull out. Tug it the wrong way and it will suddenly roll up and back in. And I really seem to suck at this, because about half the time I end up with just the piece of cardboard (in which case I have to try and feed it back in, like a bill in a bill slot, waiting for it to catch and be sucked back in) and the other half it just rolls back up. In either case, I need to wait several seconds for it to kind of reset before I can try again. I am winning no tickets, and it is getting more and more annoying.

    Eventually things are kind of changing, and I find myself standing next to a big ship, with Steve K. (a friend from school) urging me to follow him onto it. The ship is an odd sort of a cross between a cruise ship and the Mark Twain. It only has three decks, and it isn't all that wide, but it is quite long.

    Steve is dressed in a Disney costume that is mostly red and white with a hint of blue. It looks much like the costume I wore at Carnation Plaza Gardens, with just a hint of Frontierland to it. He is moving very fast, up and down stairways and across the decks, and I can't keep up with him. Soon he is out of sight, but as I run past servers and can-can girls, they are indicating he just ran past, so I know I am still on the right trail. Part of why I indicate this is a long ship is because it seems to stretch from downtown Kissimmee to Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

    I step off the ship and find myself exiting through a Disney employee gate which is somehow in the middle of the Tomorrowland Concourse. (This is what it is called in the dream, I think it is also called this in real life, but it has been long enough that I am no longer sure.) It's the area where the tile murals used to be that were eventually moved to the Contemporary Hotel's Grand Canyon Concourse when they replaced Adventures Thru Inner Space with Star Tours. I step through to find myself staring across at a three or four tile square impact crater that seems to come directly from Roller Coaster Tycoon.

    It is supposed to be the entrance to a ride or perhaps a show, but it doesn't seem nearly as impressive as it is supposed to be, and it may have been closed down permanently, which makes it really not as impressive as it otherwise might be. Since it isn't anything that special, I just find myself walking out of Tomorrowland, heading for the hub.

    It is night time, and kind of dark, and as I approach the hub, and am trying to cross over to Coke Corner on Main Street, I find my way blocked by a parade. It is supposed to be a very grand night time parade, something like the Electrical Parade, but again, it isn't living up to it's reputation, and looks like something smaller and less impressive, like a new version of the basic 30 Years of Magic parade.

    I am kind of hovering along, and I know I can fly, so I am considering just flying high into the air and crossing over the parade, but I know I often have problems while flying, and am afraid I will crash into something, and end up getting in trouble, so I convince myself it won't be long, and I will just wait for the parade to end. It isn't very special, and the crowds watching are rather thin as well. Eventually four people walk by carrying the rope that marks the end of the parade, and people start flooding across the street behind them, but as I try to do the same, a couple more people in costumes, old fashioned three wheel bikes, and a couple of small floats come rolling along. It seems they fell behind, and somehow the parade end did not wait for them, and they are now mad at me for being in their way.

    I make it across to Coke Corner, just to find it is later than I thought, and Coke Corner is closed, the piano is locked up, and there is nobody here to play. In fact, almost the entire park is closed already, except the half of Main Street that is closest to the exit. There, the shops are still open. So I end up walking past a closed restaurant, kind of disappointed because I am still hungry, then I end up crossing back over to the other side of the street, as I get near the tobacco shop, magic shop, and the corner shop, which is selling plates and ceramics and the like.

    I find a supervisor suddenly berating me and bothering me, saying I am not allowed to just tear down the decorations and steal them, and I have no idea what he is talking about, but then I glance at my hands and find I am holding one of the pole pennants, the kind they had for special events like State Fair or Circus Fantasy. It is really cheap, and made of cardboard, and I didn't even know I had it. It literally fell off the pole and into my hands, and I was kind of fiddling with it and twirling it around without even realizing I was holding it.

    I explain this to the supervisor, and hand it over to him, but he doesn't believe me, and explains they are going to be keeping an eye on me. Unfortunately I can't seem to stop fiddling with things, and without meaning to, keep just grabbing things as I walk along and playing with them, getting more and more people upset with me.

    Soon I have crossed to the other side of the square again as I walk past City Hall, and then under the train tracks, heading for the exit gate. I am making my way through, and now find myself fiddling with something that looks almost like a blue cookie, and try to apologize and hand it to the security guard as I pass through the gate, but he doesn't seem to want it, so I guess whatever it is, it isn't another part of the decorations that I have accidentally stolen.

    As I exit the park into the parking lot, I head toward Harbor House, rather than toward the Disneyland Hotel. I find myself staring at a water park (closed) that is right in front of the train station, which I have also seen in a few other dreams, but since it is after midnight, I don't have any chance of visiting it.

    I know that I did not actually drive to Disneyland (I took the boat to get here, remember?) but somehow I still think I will find a car of mine that I can drive home in, somewhere in the Bambi parking section. Of course, since I didn't drive it here, I have no idea where in the Bambi section it might be. I want to cross over into the parking lot itself, but there is a tram in the way, and a cast member is trying to tell me I can't get in the way of the tram.

    But I am already floating, and snap something along the lines of bi***, please! I can fly right over that tram! I'm not trying to cuss, it's just kind of a figure of speech. Problem is, the parking lot has been filled with all kinds of stalls and shops and services as Disney tries desperately to suck every possible dollar from their customers, and it makes it more and more difficult to move through the parking lot and actually find one's car.

    There is a hint of some kind of a brief scene with some 'wholesome' Disney tweener star who has gone off the deep end (ala Mandy Moore or Miley Cyrus) and is now rather slutty and Disney wants to distance themselves from her, but then I find myself wandering through a candy store in the parking lot. I am looking for Swiss Petite Fruit, but as usual, these days, nobody carries them, which disappoints me. I am still hunting for my car as I wake up.

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