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    The Doctor and the Invasion

    by , 10-19-2012 at 08:17 PM (1234 Views)
    1-25-2012 -- There is some sort of alien invasion going on, and everybody is running around crazily because of it. Meanwhile, there is a little flying alien robot dog that is my friend, that is kind of popping in for a few seconds at a time. I call it over and pet it for a few minutes while I am talking with Bonnie C about what is going on.

    Some supposed good guys from the government are arriving to help set up a resistance. Small groups are being ordered into a room, and when they come out again, they are dressed as snowmen who look progressively more and more angry. (They bare some resemblance to the snowmen smilies I used to use on my forum, especially the yellow ones.)

    I am asked to go in, but I don't think I want to. I don't see how dressing up as a snowman is going to make a difference in how well we can defend ourselves. They don't really care what I think, and are ordering me in, and telling me that as punishment for my arguing, I will be made into one of the first, least angry snowmen.

    As we're arguing, the 10th Doctor comes bustling in, ready to assist us. He is wearing normal clothes, but has a sort of bungie-like rope wrapped around himself, and seeing me trying to resist them, he hands me an end of the rope and asks me to tie it around the axle of my car, and to wrap it securely until it blows up. I head out the door, and a thin blonde guy follows me.

    The blonde guy turns out to be an enemy, rather than an ally, and is trying to stop me as I struggle to tie to end of the cord around one of my wheels. The cord is becoming more and more taut, making it difficult to tie it off, but I seem to be getting it on there pretty securely. Yet nothing seems to be happening.

    By this time, a second guy has shown up, also trying to stop me, and I decide to release the brake on the car. Suddenly it is being pulled toward a river, and plunges in, bubbles rising from it. I remember the Doctor saying something about it blowing up, and I am afraid I may have ruined everything by letting it be pulled into the river, so I head back inside to try and warn the Doctor.

    I am wandering through the facility, and I just can't find him at first. I am pushing through a line in the cafeteria, not trying to eat, but just looking for the Doctor. There is a slim bad guy with a small mustache (he actually looks like a very young Lethbridge Stewart) who is telling me off because of it.

    I ignore him, and finally manage to find the Doctor and explain what happened. He tells me the river was a part of the plan, and that everything is going fine, then wanders off. I try to follow him, but he's too quick for me, so I find myself looking for him again. Soon I find he has a rather stuck up male companion who thinks he knows everything, and is trying to squeeze his way into a quarter-sized plush model of a TARDIS. I figure the Doctor has to come back for it eventually, so start to carry it around.

    Meanwhile, the Doctor is talking to an alien news reporter who he is complimenting, but he seems to be changing from the Doctor into David Tennant, Actor!
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    1. SuperSonicFan's Avatar
      Dang that one must of been confusing. All those guys and you can't tell who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. Did you end up finding out waht the point of the snowman costumes was btw? Hehe
    2. Batch's Avatar
      I think the snowmen were inspired by a combination of the armies of snowmen that were appearing around Runescape last year and the snowmen smilie sets I greatly expanded a few years ago. Was some fun stuff, I have to admit!
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    3. Jacob528491's Avatar
      This is awesome! I've always wanted to have a Doctor Who related dream, since it is my favorite show. You're so lucky!!!
    4. Batch's Avatar
      I've usually have two or three a year ... at least three or four are posted in here, and I see you already saw the one with the 10th Doctor. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, computer games ... they're all fun to dream about!