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    Fairy Gardens and the Planetoid

    by , 11-16-2013 at 08:10 AM (435 Views)
    11-03-2013 -- I am doing an ever-changing route of BankAtlantic style mystery shops up and down the East coast that are slowing morphing into a discussion of what packages I will and won't deliver to a somewhat rural area out near Haines City / Davenport that I have dreamed about before. (The area where there is some kind of medical laboratory, and a weird FedEx office that will receive and hold packages, but not deliver them.) I am debating about how I do not have to do deliveries to that area at all hours of the day or night, but frequently agree to because I like the run. As we continue arguing, the area we are standing is slowly turning into the church on the corner of Dale and Crescent.

    Soon I am running around the place kind of mowing the grass with a large sort of weed wacker, first along Crescent, then along Dale, then along the back of the church, beside the driveway / parking lot. Soon I find I am moving back toward Dale again, and somehow the land is getting more and more hilly, with a narrow path running down into a sort of valley near the base. I see a maintenance guy who is in the process of locking a gate that will block off part of my access, and I explain about the lawn work I am doing, and how I used to be in the cadets, and he agrees to wait for a bit before locking up the gate.

    Soon I am cutting down weeds in a sort of culvert which is very green, and very much like the drainage ditch as it passes through the Dad Miller Golf Course, where there seem to be people living and staying, and I find I am angering some sort of mob boss, though I am not sure if it is the Italian Mafia or the Chinese Triad. Except that somehow I just somehow saved his life, so now he quite likes me, but he still refuses to shake my hand because his people might take it the wrong way. Jerk!

    I continue to mow the grassy areas, but they are turning more and more into gardens, first a very small dusting of flowers, then getting into more of a fancy Japanese garden feeling, then even more busy and vivid, and starting to look like massively colorful fairy-like gardens, where I soon find I am shaving the tops off of very fancy decorated cakes that are starting to grow too tall. But I am starting to worry that I may get in trouble for trimming these, and even fear I may not be allowed in these gardens at all. Then I run into somebody else who tells me I am doing fine, and that I am welcome here. At this point the multiple gardens on multiple levels keep growing so much that they are all starting to merge together, that the tiny spaces between them are becoming like tight cave passages.

    I ask for help in learning what I am doing, and the guy is more than happy to teach me. He leads me to a sort of a ring of wires that are encircling the gardens (which are turning into a big sort of circular planetoid that vaguely resembles the Death Star ... if it were covered in plants). [I have dreamed about this three or four times before, web slinging as Spider-Man, swinging around on vines, fighting circus animals, in past dreams, but it seems this is the first one I have gotten entered on the computer, at least so far.] The wires are all bunched together around the planetoid, looking kind of like the rings around Saturn. He tells me we have to separate the wire for the particular garden we want to work on, and that will allow us to travel the wire to reach that garden portion.

    I look at the wires, and there are probably about 200 of them, all different colors and patterns on the wire jackets, and they seem to be numbered from 1 to 148, with a few As and Bs scattered among the various numbers. Some are grouped together even tighter, like wires 31-40 which are all bundled together with ties and tapes, making it easier to find them, but harder to separate them. But if you manage to grab your particular wire and separate it from the rest, it will then drift ever more distant from the rest, and then you can kind of glide / fly along the wire to it's particular garden, where there will now be enough space to easily move around and work on the garden. Very metaphysical, like you somehow access extra dimensions to allow you more room to work in.

    The guy gives me a couple of specific wires to separate and ride to, to kind of test my learning, and I am soon trying to pull apart and separate the wires to gain access. I think one of the ones he tested me with was either 48B or 68B, one of a group of 10 or 15 orange wires all taped up together. A lot of fun!

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