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    Fragments: Flying on Magic, Visiting with Sirius, and a Dragon in Mammoth

    by , 12-22-2012 at 06:24 PM (473 Views)
    [Trying to get them out of the way, a lot of less detailed fragments from the month of December, all put into one post. And I thought there were more of them, but there only turn out to be three.]

    12-13-2012 -- I'm out in a desert area, a long way from home. When I am ready to go home, I just kind of lean back, as if sitting on nothing, then just kind of drift along invisible on-ramps to invisible highways as I fly along non-existent roadways at high speed. No spells or anything, I just kind of tell my magic what I want it to do, and it does it.

    I come to a major city, and find a friend of mine, and tell him about it, but no matter what, he just refuses to believe me, so I finally have to just leave him there as I zip off on my invisible whatever it is.

    I end up visiting with Kevin B and his family for a little bit, then go on to a slightly spooky hotel. I am running around going up and down elevators and the like to find myself in a dingy back room somewhere. the place is frightening, as are the people, but I'm just here to pick up a dog, so I ought to be able to avoid any trouble.

    I head into the back room, where Tucker is running around on the floor, but when I try to pick him up, he backs away and growls at me. I can sense there is something wrong, and speak up about it, but the unfriendly lady working here tells me there is nothing wrong, and to take my darn dog.

    I reach for him again, and he's still growling and fussing as another lady walks in the door with another Bijon in her arms. She was given the wrong dog, and assured all was good. But she wants her dog back. Tucker jumps out of her arms and runs over to me, while I glare at the lady who tried to force the wrong dog on me.


    Somewhere around the 8th or 9th of December -- Earlier parts all faded away, but I am walking down the street somewhere, and I've been visiting with Sirius, and have just sent him walking down the street with somebody (perhaps Fleur?), planning to catch up with them a few minutes later.

    There is a large half-giant female who suddenly turns into a full giant, with a name of Fredrica, perhaps? I think it might be Hagrid's mother. Somehow we're trying to keep things safe and sane.

    That is, until I find myself walking into a classroom setting with Dumbledore in the front of the room, and we are playing all kinds of horrible tricks and pranks on him, before doing even worse to him because of all he's let happen to Harry.


    12-11-2012 -- There's just a little hint of a scene here, standing outside a gas station somewhere, preparing to do a mystery shop, then suddenly the scene changes.

    I am suddenly in a cavern deep in the heart of Mammoth Cave, in a deep portion of the cave that few people have ever reached. I am in an area with a river or a lake, but I think it may be a river or lake of acid.

    Suddenly there is a huge red dragon in the air above me. Somehow I am swinging the dragon, half in chains by swinging the chains, and half just mentally holding it and swinging it around. I am using it to brush red push pins off the walls of the cavern, but somehow I also bump it against the ceiling, which is bringing some rocks down on top of me.

    Soon I am doing enough damage that it shakes large areas of the cave, and the river suddenly triples in size with much more 'water' pouring through, leading to worries that I may have flooded myself, until a portion of the floor collapses, and the water all just flows away into an even lower section of the cave. Short, but neat.

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