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    The Long Arm of the Graves

    by , 02-19-2013 at 03:40 PM (1099 Views)
    02-19-2013 -- I find myself in the backstage elevator I know from past dreams, riding down to enter the Adventurers Club. When the elevator lets me off, it is at the regular elevator spot, on the Zebra Mezzanine. I step out, and run into a couple of the cast members. I think Graham is doing Fletcher, and is glad to see me. Kristian is doing Hathaway, and is producing that slightly smarmy sort of vibe where I don't think he likes me, but he deals with it by just gently poking fun at me, and it doesn't really bother me. Then Joe (pre-surgery) as Graves walks up to me, greets me kind of warmly (something like "It's nice to see you again, Sir,"), and shakes my hand.

    Then something distracts him mid-shake, and he turns away and leaves me holding his right arm. His real, live, right arm. He walking away, and I'm calling after him, asking "Graves ... Graves ... do you think you might still need this?" But he's disappeared through one of the staff doors, so I'm left carrying his arm.

    I'm walking counter-clockwise around the mezzanine, and downstairs, somebody is calling out for Graves, asking him to give them a hand, and each time they do, his arm raises up in my hand and waves excitedly, but there's not much else it can do without its own body. I glance down, and oddly, the bar is over where the Treasure Room usually is. Eventually Graves arrives there (sans arm) right as I reach the stairwell and start down.

    I am going down the stairs with my right hand on the banister, and my left hand holding Joe's arm, and it is kind of feeling in front of itself like a blind man might. There are people coming up the stairs at the same time, and Graves' arm ends up feeling up the chests of the women, who for some reason find the freshness from a disembodied arm to be hilarious. Meanwhile, it seems Joe can still feel whatever his arm is touching, and he is making comments like "Oh, that's nice," and "I've got to do this more often." Everybody just roars with laughter.

    Things shift, and Graves has his arm back, and I am relaxing in the Main Salon, while many of the performers are just mingling with people and chatting. Then soon they start to seat a show (I think it is a treasure room show), and I end up wandering over to the desk in the stairwell, and sitting down to do a little writing. I know I am dreaming, and I find it to be a very nice dream, and I want to write it down, while I can still remember it really well.

    I'm trying to write it down on an envelope, but there are already several other dreams written on it, so I'm having trouble finding any room, and am having to write bits of it down here, there, and everywhere. Will make it hard to keep track of when it comes time to transfer it to the computer. Meanwhile, I know I am dreaming, but I am enjoying the dream enough that I'm not trying to change anything, but just enjoying it as it is.

    A maid who I don't actually recognize walks by, and makes a couple of comments, and I explain I am writing down this dream, so I won't forget it (and wondering if I will wake up to find it already written down, or if I will have to write it down again in the real world.) I find myself wondering where the other female performers are, because I've seen most of the men, but only the one woman, and I don't know her.

    Then I hear another voice, and I recognize it ... Jennifer. But I turn around, and she isn't in a Club costume. Instead she is in a really short (at both ends) red dress and a black wig. She is explaining to some others that she is in training for a new role, and has a couple of days left to go in that training. She has a very strong Betty Boop vibe going on, but she also has a very obvious, strong (fake) Flintstones five o-clock shadow going on, that makes the role a cross between Betty Boop, Betty Rubble, and oddly enough, Barney Rubble.

    Meanwhile, one of the cast members in the Main Salon is making some sort of comment about how the Club closed down years ago, but urging us all to attend and participate in ConGaloosh, and I'm thinking how I'd love to, if I could afford it, but ....

    Another of those dream shifts, and I find myself at some sort of after-Club party somewhere. I think Jennifer brought me along, and everybody is chatting, and somebody is asking why I am here, and I am still trying to properly explain the thing with Graves' arm, and this being a dream. Jennifer wants to take me aside to talk for a few minutes, but before she gets the chance, somebody else grabs her, and I end up taking a seat on a sofa to wait for her, then I wake up. (And do have to write the dream down again, since doing so in the dream didn't carry through to the real world. Pity. 8-D )

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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      Ah. I was hoping it was written in real life. Sounds like a pretty fun lucid though. A very interesting dream scene. Congratulations on the lucid.