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    Video Games and the Teen Soap Conspiracy

    by , 01-24-2013 at 12:37 AM (458 Views)
    01-22-2013 -- I'm somewhere watching television with some young friends. Or perhaps playing video games. It keeps changing back and forth. Or even playing some kind of live board game type of game. One of the video games turned live game involves a small blue ball, half physical, half made of energy, that appears, then grows until it is three or four inches in diameter.

    You have to take the ball and roll it at a target perhaps a meter away. You have to roll it, because the target is very small, too, and if you try and toss it, it is almost impossible to hit. Roll it, and if you roll it soft enough to control the aim, you probably won't register a hit. Roll it harder, and you lose control to be sure it will hit the target. Very challenging. The kids I have been playing with decide to leave, and as they do, their grandmother starts to give them instructions.

    It turns out to be Bonnie M., and since she and I are no longer on good terms, I decide I probably ought to leave, especially since she is wearing a rather see-through mesh bathrobe with only a pair of panties underneath. I start to pack up the game, and a playing piece that seems to be almost a cross between a blue poker chip and a pog accidentally flips into my mouth and I start to gag on it slightly. I manage to spit it out, wipe it off, and pack it away in the box.

    Oddly enough, Bonnie seems to want me to stay around and watch TV with her, like old times. Meanwhile, she has turned into a grade school teacher, and we are sitting in her classroom, which includes her TV, chair, and a class bookshelf. I am scanning the books, and am very pleased to see, along with other titles, Gordon Korman books and Three Investigators titles. There is also a cat that I am petting.

    We start to watch TV, and she is watching a sort of teen soap opera kind of show that involves a smooth blond kid kind of like Paul-Mark Gosselaar, but without the pranking. He is with a bunch of other students that are trying to get him to sample a pranking sort of item that they claim will turn him into an Incredible Hulk-style monster for a few minutes, but he refuses to try it.

    He is kind of a foreign exchange student, is imperfect in the language, and is really driving them crazy because for some reason he would make an incredible football player, but he has absolutely no interest in playing, and they just can't talk him into it. Meanwhile, he has got a sort-of girlfriend who is a cheerleader, but doesn't mind that he refuses to play football. She is played by Hayden Panettiere, of course.

    There is a coach played by Jane Lynch, but she is a strange one, and is lecturing the cheerleader on not wearing a skimpy enough costume, and having the nerve to wear panties, which means the coach can't perve on her when she is making out with her boyfriend. Very odd. All this seems to be taking part at the Buena Park Mall, and time is passing very quickly.

    I am trying to remember as much about the show as I can, because it seems to be turning into real life, and the government now seems to be after us. It is an odd sort of conspiracy, because as long as we don't realize anything is going on, they leave us alone, but as soon as we start to notice there is anything to notice, they are after us. I try to hide by acting normal, and try to go back to Bonnie's classroom.

    I want to take the time to write all of this in my dream journal, but I need a little privacy to do so. I open the door to the classroom to walk in, but it is now filled with students and adults, and a young Flo from the Progressive commercials is just finishing reading a paper on how her ultimate goal in life is to advertise insurance. I suppose she'll be successful at accomplishing it.

    The person in charge has been staring at me, standing in the back of the classroom, and refuses to go on or call up any more students to read their papers until I am gone, so I walk out of the classroom and shut the door behind me. Meanwhile in the quad, the coach is trying to remove the cheerleaders panties while all the students are arguing with Mark-Paul to play football, and I can't seem to write properly. I am trying to write my usually tiny print notes across the top of the page, but I can't seem to help jumping all over the page in my writing. All the time, I seem to be getting advice on job hunting.

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