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    Black Cat Carcass

    by , 05-08-2011 at 05:38 PM (672 Views)
    Dreamed on May 07, 2011
    For some reason, I had this dead black cat (I seem to remember something about obtaining it in a grocery store?) & there was an evil spirit trying to inhabit it. So, I kept the carcass in my room until I figured out what to do with it. I remember seeing it on my nightstand rotting. I had to keep banishing the evil spirit from the cat's body but it wouldn't give up. After a while, I had my brother go downstairs to distract my mom so that we could get out of the house without her seeing the dead cat. Our plan was to go bury it. So, while he was doing that, I wrapped up the body in an AC/DC shirt & then went downstairs. When I got to the landing, there was this little boy waiting for me & my brother was gone. It was Halloween, so my mother told me to give him some candy, which I did even though I knew the real reason the boy was here--the evil spirit was inside of him & he temporarily inhabited the boy's body to get to the cat. I remember tickling him, acting like everything was okay. After I gave him the candy, he tried to run up the stairs to the cat (he didn't know I had the body with me) but I caught him & put him outside the front door. I then proceeded to go for a "walk", but I actually rode my bike to a graveyard, with my boyfriend (the little boy was gone when I left). When we got to the graveyard, the whole scene was really spooky & it was kind of dark out. There were open graves everywhere, & I remember seeing these big, fake eyeballs on the ground as well. When we went inside the gate, I realized that there were cat carcasses everywhere. I felt disgusted & scared & started to cry--I think I was barefoot at this point--so I just set the cat down instead of burying it as planned. My boyfriend & I got out of there as soon as possible & all of a sudden, we're at the top of my staircase & it starts to snow. The snowflakes looked like little yogurt clusters. My boyfriend said that he had a bad feeling about going downstairs & that he didn't want to, but my reasoning was that we were gonna have to face it sooner or later. He then decided to leave & ran down the stairs & then disappeared when he reached the bottom. He left me there to face whatever it was alone. So, I go downstairs & there's a creepy, sinister, ghostly, aristocratic man sitting in the recliner waiting for me. He orders me to get dog treats for him to feed to my chihuahua, Candy. I think I feared that he would hurt her. Anyway, I got the treats for him, which were in a tiny bag, so consequently, the treats were tiny as well. He acted like the treats were really important for some reason. Then I showed him that Candy could do tricks, & he seemed in total disbelief that she could beg. He wasted the whole bag in a matter of minutes, throwing handfuls of the treats at her. When he ran out, he demanded for more & I explained that we didn't have any more & would have to buy some at the store. I didn't really realize this while I was dreaming, but at some point, he turned into a woman. She had this piercing, scary beauty about her & she made me feel more uncomfortable than the man did. She made me sit on her lap & she showed me how she killed herself by touching my temporal lobes with her hands. The vision that came to me when she did this was her staring back at me in a crouched position with big, beautiful, frightening eyes & I asked her, "How can you be so beautiful & frightening at the same time?" She replied, "It depends on how far you're willing to be corrupted." She then stabbed herself in the eyes with what I think were golden-colored flats, which were, apparently, my shoes.

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