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    Series of Sexual Encounters

    by , 05-08-2011 at 06:02 PM (920 Views)
    The first thing I remember is being in my parent's old room & there were two people in their bed, which I can't identify, but I knew them somehow. There was this older guy (early 30's?) in the bathroom that was gonna take us somewhere that we all didn't want to go to, so I seduced him (for some reason my old psychology teacher comes to mind)... We were about to have sex but I realized that I needed to shave so I told him to hold on a second & I went to go into the other bathroom, & when I passed the bed with the two people in it, I said, "Don't worry, I'm gonna fuck him." The other bathroom looked exactly like my parent's bathroom that I just left. I shaved myself lying on the floor with a pink razor. When I was almost done, there was a knock at the door, which I expected to be the DC that I was going to have sex with, but it was someone else, maybe my brother or one of the DCs from the bed? I don't know. Anyway, he said that we had to leave. So I ran back to the other bathroom, pink razor in hand, & begged him to fuck me, that I was sorry, & that I was ready now. But he insisted that we go.

    Then, somewhere along the line, I was in a different bathroom setting, with my "boyfriend" (he's a friend of mine, but in my dream we were together) & there were two other people, a male & a female who were also a couple. We switched our partners. I remember being okay with it, but then I saw through the wall behind the toilet, which the other girl was sitting on, & I remember seeing my partner go down on her & I got pissed. I wanted to call the whole thing off, but I decided to make him jealous by fucking my new partner's brains out, which he smiled & agreed to. I remember feeling afraid that he would think that I'm gross because I was heavier than his girlfriend.

    Another part involved me, a girl, & a guy in the girl's bedroom. He was fingering her & I was licking her. It was getting pretty heavy, but then we heard her dads truck & we all scrambled to get dressed as she acted innocent & called out, "Hi daddy!" & waved out the window. Anyway, we all sat down in the next room, just in time (in plastic little kids' chairs). But then I realized that I left my cellphone on her bed. At first I decided that I would just leave it there because it would be more suspicious if I ran & got it & her dad saw me, but I ended up getting it back before he came inside the house anyway.

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