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    Giant Ape

    by , 06-27-2019 at 12:19 AM (101 Views)
    I'm standing on some grass, trying to pull up my underwear. Antoinette drives past and laughs at me because I'm too fat. She is upset with me for not meeting weekly anymore. She tells me she canceled my meeting with someone else and laughs as she drives away.

    I walk for a long way and come across a boy looking off into the distance, towards my left. He looks peaceful and happy. I look where he's looking expecting a beautiful view but there is only an empty dirt road stretching into the distance, grass, and a tree here and there.

    I look up into some tree tops and see an arm reaching from one tree to another. It's reaching toward an alligator. The arm belongs to a giant ape-like creature. No wonder it's not afraid of the alligator.

    Suddenly the creature starts to sit down on me, crushing me. Then it stands up a bit and I see a coconut falling from its body.

    Next scene, I'm in a bathroom washing off excrement from the ape-like creature.
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