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    Murder by the Dragon Gang

    by , 06-27-2019 at 12:19 AM (63 Views)
    Someone says the tide is too high at Ahipara. I'm thinking if it's not covering the road it's not that high. I want to go and have a look.

    I'm on the beach, running away from the waves, trying to reach safety. As the water reaches me I lift my feet so I'm in a sitting position and ride the wave until I can run again. I do this repeatedly with each surge of waves until I reach a hill I can scramble up.

    I'm safe and watching the waves down below with my dad. He says there's been a murder. I look around and he points and says there are thirty Dragon Gang members. I see them in the distance, emerging from a bush area near the beach.

    I'm in a room with a girl, a guy friend, and a Dragon Gang member. Other Dragon Gang members enter the room and drag my guy friend away to murder him.

    Now there's just me, the girl and the original Dragon Gang member in the room. He makes me pull strange faces and find dimples on the side of each eye and along my jaw. I have the ones by my eyes but can't find them along my jaw line. He tires of waiting and says I have lots along my jaw. I'm scared. He says he has a sore foot and I say I have a sore foot too.

    He wants to take me for a ride with another gang member. We go outside and I sense he's going to drive me somewhere to murder me. I run for it and get into my old white van. The two Dragon Gang members get into a black sports car.

    I am far ahead but worried they will catch up because they have a sports car. Suddenly, instead of being behind me, I see them coming toward me on the other side of the road. I know they'll turn around and chase me. I am desperate now. I decide to drive off a high bridge, through a wooden railing and into deep, murky water.

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