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    The Golden Skyscraper

    by , 05-30-2013 at 09:55 PM (612 Views)
    Date: May 30, 2013
    Method: MILD & WBTB (attempted DILD)
    Sleep Time: bedtime @ 1:00am WBTB @ 6:00am for 5-10 minutes, then back to sleep Awake @ 10:00am

    Dream #1
    I was planning on putting on a play for my mother with some people (?). We were moving several props to the center so people would be able to see them from a distance. These props included items that belongs in a kitchen and a living room (I guess like furniture). No matter were we moved these props, there seemed to be a problem and we never could get this issue quite right. After some time of moving things around, my mother had passed away in this dream (by the way...my mother is alive) and my father and grandmother had built the most beautiful skyscraper in her memory. It was so tall, the tip of the building was covered by the clouds. The skyscraper was made of pure gold with reflective mirrors all over it. The gold shined brighter than the sun itself. As the building glistened in the sun, it almost look transparent. It's beauty was absolutely awesome!

    Dream #2
    I needed a ride and I didn't know where I was. It was very dark and I was crying and I was scared. I went into a store and asked the owners if they new the bus route and they asked me where I was going. I couldn't tell them exactly where I was going, I just cried and told them I wanted to go home. The owner felt sorry for me and said that he will give me a ride home. I was still crying because even though I had a ride home, I couldn't tell the person which way to go. I remember passing a building in my dream that said "San Bernadino Hospital."

    A huge metal barrel I was rolling around and groceries were inside of it.
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    1. Sibyline's Avatar
      That skyscraper sounds fantastic. I too build fantastic structures in non-lucids. I wonder what it will be like if I ever remember to do it consciously in a lucid.

      The second one was very sad. I think it's so strange how some dreams can be so emotional, and then in others, I'm completely neutral, even if really horrible things are happening.

      Good recall - keep up the good work.
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    2. bemistaken's Avatar
      I know right? (regarding 2nd dream)...I am always dreaming I'm lost and can't find my way home. I believe this is directly related to my childhood (past around as a child from family member to family member) My mother didn't raise me so I lived with whoever was available at the time...I wonder if that is why I always dream of my mother??? WOW, this is getting too psychological! Moving on!