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    He Loves Me.

    by , 07-07-2013 at 03:02 AM (619 Views)
    Date: July 6, 2013
    Bedtime routine: MILD & WBTB (WILD attempt, but kept falling asleep)
    Total sleep time: 6-7 hours


    I was this person's every meaning for existence. He held me close in his arms as if my life depended on his touch, he cradled my head and looked deeply into my eyes as he rocked me to sleep in his arms like a baby. My skin felt every bit of his exhalation on my face as he leaned in close to me to make sure I was resting. My eyes were close as I listened to his heartbeat as my head pressed against his strong, broad chest. Even though my eyes were closed, I still could feel his stare upon my body as he refused to take his eyes off of me. I squinted my eyes as my thoughts were confirmed as I could see him follow my breathing pattern with his gaze. He would watch my breast rise up and down with each breath, slowly moving my long straight hair off of my chest with his hand...his hands shaking slightly but ever so gently. He treated my body like I was fragile as glass as he carefully shifted positions to make sure I was comfortable. Being as quiet as a whisper, he cautiously rubbed my arms (still rocking me) and told me how special I was. Oh, how loved I felt by him! Never wanting that feeling to end, I cried for what seemed a lifetime, for I somehow knew that it had to end because he was not mine to love...he was someone else's husband.

    Note: I woke up totally confused after this dream...but, I never felt so loved and cared for in my real waking life. No doubt.

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    Tags: love
    non-lucid , memorable


    1. darknightedlady's Avatar
      There is something about the intense love felt in dreams...you really captured it with your words...nice dream.
    2. bemistaken's Avatar
      Thanks darknightedlady,

      To be honest, I wasn't quite 'right' for that entire day after I woke up. Dreams can give us the opportunity to feel emotions that we have never felt before...I felt like I had suffered a type of lose, similar to a death that day. I kept thinking, if that is what it feels like when a man loves a woman, what the hell have I been experiencing in real life???

      Thanks for your comments.
      darknightedlady likes this.
    3. Scionox's Avatar
      The feelings and emotions in dreams can be very powerful indeed. Dreams are awesome.
      bemistaken likes this.