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    1. A Boat Made of Sand

      by , 05-04-2013 at 08:06 PM
      From 5/2/2013

      Dreamed I was with a friend going on a trip on a huge boat made of sand. My friend could drive this boat everywhere in the city (water was not a requirement!) and he felt that he could also park his boat anywhere. We made it to the beach and all of us were in a happy mood. We sang songs with the radio all the way to the beach. We parked our boat to get some lunch, but when the waitress brought us our lunch, the lunch was made of sand also. As we ate our lunch made of sand, the place where we had parked was causing a problem and the owners of the parking lot (or restaurant) wanted us to move our sand boat...so we left .

      Question to self: You know a boat can not sail on water made of out of sand, so this could have been your dream sign !

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