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    Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them!

    by , 12-09-2014 at 01:51 AM (515 Views)
    Oh Lucy! Why, Why, Why?!

    I have been questioning my surroundings with reality checks, looking at my hands, and counting my fingers over the last six or seven days. Would someone please tell me why did I freak out in my dream when I saw my fingers ???!!! In my dream, I just remember talking to someone and I looked down at my hands. You may ask, "What did she see?" CLAWS! Yes...claws folks. My fingers were red, fat, swollen, disfigured, pointy, creepy claws! In my dream I started freaking out so bad I started running to a fire station. Guess what Lucy, the creepy claws were not finished scaring the hell out of me yet. When I looked down at my hand again (yes, I looked at my hands twice and still didn't get lucid), my pinky finger had what looked like a big blister or boil 'hanging' from the tip of the claw (gross). A fireman laughed as he took my pinky in his hand (yes, this is another hand that I saw which now makes three), and 'popped' the boil/blister. It seems like every time I looked down at my hands, they grew even more creepier. I stood there so freaked out that I literally scared my ass awake ...Sigh. I still love you Lucy.

    Side Note:
    Lucy = Lucidity

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Time to pick a new RC lol!
    2. bemistaken's Avatar
      That is exactly what I was thinking! My hands are too scary to look at, so I think I'm going to go for levitation...that has always worked for me in the past and it never scared the hell out of me!
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ha ha, oh noooo! Well this was almost certainly just a freaky subconscious fluke thing, nothing to worry about. But yeah, may be time to give levitation or the classic nose pinch a look.

      Still, it's a great sign that your chosen reality check / awareness exercise was showing up like that! Too bad your subC had a little bit too much fun with it.