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    by , 12-20-2014 at 06:42 PM (432 Views)
    Hi Lucy,

    It has been a busy week for me! Last week I was so busy with grading finals, inputing grades, graduation, etc. (I'm a teacher) that I could barely get any practice in. I still have good news because I have been keeping up with my dream journaling. Last night all I can remember was dreaming about sex. A type of sex dream so intense that I woke up 'throbbing, thumping and pumping.' I also woke up pissed because I was reaching for my husband and he was not there. Of all the Saturday mornings my husband had to work, this was the one!

    By the way, this wasn't any old type of sex dream and I'm not talking about a scene of 'gentle' love-making...I'm talking about raw, primal, nasty, sloppy, acrobatic, stop what you are doing and stare SEX! It was the type of sex that started on the bed...then falling on the floor...forced up against a wall (upside down by the way)...then finally ended in a closet buried in clothes. Oh yeah . Welp, I have to go now...I have to have sex

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