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    Upsetting party

    by , 07-22-2012 at 12:44 AM (616 Views)
    Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

    Me and my friend A are at some in someones backyard. I'm smoking a cigar but big pieces of ash keep breaking off and somehow getting stuck in my mouth. Gross.

    I give the cigar to A who smokes it in one massive inhale. He somehow smokes the entire thing in one massive inhale and immediately starts throwing up. He's not looking too good, he becomes kinda pale and people start fucking with him. While I'm not looking he gets taken away and I walk around the back yard looking for him with an overcoming feeling of dread.

    I find him at the volleyball net, the people who were fucking with him have him hog tied. They pick him up and they throw him over the net to try to play using him as the ball but he just lands on his side. I'm enraged upon seeing this and scream "WHO DID THIS?! OR ALL YOU ALL TOO FUCKING PUSSY TO GODDAMN ADMIT IT?!" I then realize how stupid this sounded, but hey, I was in the moment.

    Everyone sits there in silence. Alex is now sitting in the corner and looks fine. He leaves the party. One of the volleyball guys says "Well, i know -I- dont want to admit it." That's all I remember.

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Well I know I don't want to admit it!