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    14/01/2014 - 3rd LD in 2014 - The dream door, NYC and other strange occurences

    by , 01-14-2014 at 05:49 PM (718 Views)
    Actually my plans for my next LD were to go to NYC through a dream door, meet Karlie Kloss (a famous VS model whom I have met within my dreams quite frequently - almost like a dream buddy), go to a cafe, have a nice talk, eat some cake and explore the feelings and sesations within my LDs a little bit more... Not all of it worked out but at least most. So here we go...

    It all started as a normal dream. I was on vacation with my family in a poor town in Estonia (I have never been there before - going to 'mildly strange' places all over the world is one of my Dreamsigns), but that didn't arouse any of my suspicion. We walked through this little village. The roads were quite narrow, cars parked everywhere and it was really dim because the houses on both sides of the road were quite high, the sky was cloudy and it was a late winter afternoon. We came to some sort of plaza with a little playground on it. I climbed up the slide and looked around to get a view of what's going on all around the plaza. There were two young guys apporoaching us, swearing in a language I have never heard before so my parents and I decided to leave. At one corner of the plaza there was a bakery. The whole sidewalk and the streets were covered with squishy and old bread crumbs and leaves from all the trees surrounding the plaza. My mum went inside and got us some sort of filled pastries. Right next to the bakery not even 3 meters away there was a candy shop and I really wanted to go inside. The area next to the entry was really small and full of shelves with candies - some of them known and some of them totally unknown to me ('Must be some Estonian candies' I thought). I went further inside and found a hugeeee shelf full with different cans that contained soda drinks from all over the world. This was really cool and I told my mum that I have to buy a few to taste them. The owner of the shop came to us after I told my mum about the cans and talked to us in English - he welcomed us and told us a bit about the village however (luckily) my focus of awareness shifted... to my feet! It was winter and I was quite sure that I was wearing some solid winter shoes to keep my feet from freezing but NO! I was wearing my slippers! And as if that wasn't strange enough I discovered that the right slipper was on my left foot and vice versa! I became very suspicious and tried to change it, but it didn't work. I immidiately considered that this must be a dream, but it was sooo vivid and realistic, but I kept at it and finally realised that being unable to change my shoes MUST be the most obvious sign of a dream that my subconscious mind can give me! I became lucid and instantly remembered to accomplish the goals I have set! I rubbed my hands and closely examined the dark- and light-grey stripes on the PVC floor of the shop in order to increase my lucidity - this worked amazingly well after having some major stabilisation problems in my last two LDs! I walked through the shop and found a window to leave. I opened it, looked outside and thought "OMG, it's quite high! What if I'm awake and die after jumping out!" so I tried to breathe through my plugged nose which worked. This gave me the certainty of dreaming and again increased my lucidity ever so slightly. So I jumped out, walked off and wondered "OK, I could fly to New York City, but I could also try and use a dream door (I have never done that before)" so I considered this option and soon afterwards found a wooden door behind a tree close to my home (I wasn't even in Estonia anymore after jumping through the window!). I went right up to the door with the clear intention of being able to directly enter NYC - I opened the door AAAAND... suprise: I saw the tall skyscrapers, cars zooming by and many people walking all over the place! I actually was in NYC now! I strolled along the streets a little while untill I came to a huge plaza covered in concrete with some trees here and there. At one corner was (who would have expected that after reading my plan?!) a cafe! I went there and who was waiting there for me? Yes, Karlie Kloss! JACKPOT. I greeted her and she was wearing a nice pink top and casual blue jeans - stunning as always . There was a waitress in front of the cafe who looked exactly like one of the teachers at my school. She greeted us and I told her "Hey, Karlie and I will have some cake here!" (I also told her that this is a dream and that she is nothing more than a figment of my imagination. I like saying that to random DCs! She didn't really reply to that. She just looked a little dumbfounded and greeted other customers.) I just wanted to enter the cafe with Karlie however it seems that my subconscious mind took over a little because all of a sudden Taylor Swift came around the corner and greeted me as if knowing me well. She was wearing a black top, Raybans and had her hair cut reasonably short. She took my hand and started kissing me - I was a little shocked to be honest (It was nice and all, but I didn't expect this! I have experienced similar things before - every time I started to lose focus on the fact that I am in a dream, random things and people popped up, annoying my business) - anyway. I thought "whatever! You're in NYC and Taylor Swift just kissed you... Go for it." We made out for a while right on the plaza... which was somehow really crazy. After a little while I focused on the cafe again. Karlie was gone and a guy was sitting in front of the cafe playing on his guitar. I went up to him, talked to him a little and noticed that I started to lose clarity. I rubbed my hands and closely looked at the guy's guitar, but I woke up right afterwards...

    All in all, quite a successful LD with some fairly strange occurences later on that really didn't bother me at all. Especially using the dream door was quite astonishing! I'm sure this will be my new ultimate way of getting anywhere I please to go!
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    1. ParadoxOwl's Avatar
      Wow very nice dream you had there, especially the teleporter door technique.
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    2. benni's Avatar
      Thanks! Yes, the door is great! I was thnking of going to places by just closing my eyes and spinning or so, but the door seems much cooler