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    first lucid dream

    by , 08-20-2013 at 08:15 PM (546 Views)
    10th of November 2012, first entry in my first dream journal from last year, first lucid dream

    I decided to add this dream because it was by far my biggest achievement before quitting and then restarting my practices 3 months ago

    The dream started in the auditorium of my school where I was writing math exams. Usually we write exams in our class room, but the whole school was writing those exams so everyone was sitting in this huge room with their calculators.
    So I take the exercise sheet and try to start. However I'm interrupted by a teacher who seems quite angry. He just comes closer, mumbles something and complains about me. All of sudden he just rips off one edge of my maths sheets. I tell him to leave me alone so he does that. After looking at my exercise sheets again, all of the exercises have changed all of sudden. To be honest I didn't notice anything and I didn't even care because I just wanted to get started.
    After a while however I just randomly got up and left the room. I go to the school entrance where I find my best friend whom I got to know on my Exchange Year in New Zealand. Her name is Anna. So I walk up to her and start talking: "Anna? Why the hell are you in my school? How did you get to Germany?" She looks delighted and confused at the same time. I conclude: "Wait, hold on. I'm dreaming. OMG Anna, I'm dreaming! I can do anything now, see?" *I hug her which feels incredibly real and vivid*

    After that I tried to decide what to do. I didn't know any stabilisation techniques at this point so I thought about taking her with me and flying to a nice place, but before I was able to come up with any idea, I hear my mum dropping a plate in the kitchen (she always gets up early) so I start to feel my sleeping body and my focus shifts which instantly wakes me up.
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    1. MissC's Avatar
      ah! that sucks! amazing you got to see your friend, though!
    2. benni's Avatar
      ah! that sucks! amazing you got to see your friend, though!

      Yeah true, but I guess that many don't have a high degree of dream control in their first lucid dream... but well, practice, practice, practice. I was able to stabilisie my dreams much more easily in the following lucid dreams and I got to meet some more of my friends haha