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    So damn close! :D

    by , 08-19-2013 at 05:14 PM (613 Views)
    Strange school (19th Aug. 2013) [I probably dreamed about this because today was my first day of school after summer holidays]

    I am leaving home to go to the nearby forest. There seems to be a shortcut to my school so I enter and find my school - but that definitely was not the school of my waking life, however I see many familiar students and teachers. Some of them ask me for direction and so I point them in the right way (how the hell do I know the way? I have never seen this school before).
    After strolling along this strange array of buildings which are supposed to be my school, I soon check my timetable and see that I have to find my biology room because the classes start soon. The room number is 36. I ask a teacher who tells me to leave the area of the school, cross the street and enter the next backyard. This seems really weird however I don't want to be late for class so I follow her instructions. I go there and knock on the gate. My biology teacher (the one that I have in waking life) opens the gate, tells me to enter and go the other ~30ish students.
    I start seeing many people that I met on my Exchange Year in New Zealand and I am really glad that they all came here. So I start talking to them and hug them and we are just having smalltalk. After a while I wonder how it is possible that all those people from New Zealand are now in Germany and why I am sitting with them in a sandy and dusty backyard where other guys are playing soccer. And how the hell is this supposed to be my biology room? I instantly notice that I MUST be dreaming....

    And what happens now? I instantly wake up because I think I have missed my alarm clock and am now late for school. I check my phone and I still have 30 minutes untill the alarm goes off.... really gutting.
    Anyway, this was a really nice dream and I enjoyed meeting those old friends again that I haven't met in ages.

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    1. benni's Avatar
      Thanks Joanna Even though I was totally gutted this morning I think that it's some good progress concerning my (self)-awareness! I just have to keep going I'm certain that the next lucid dream will be one which I can control again like the last ones.
      Ohh yea I have those dreams quite frequently as well... It's really strange how our brains just create those totally diverse envoironments and lets us know what they are, how they are constructed and how to handle everything happening there - that's really interesting.