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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    February 25, 2011

    by , 02-28-2011 at 06:37 PM (1172 Views)
    Into the depth:
    I was in what appeared to be a dungeon, reminded of me Diablo II for anyone who has played that game. It was crazy dark, dark enough that you can't see where you're going. I can't recall the start but I was with someone and I picked up a torch as we made our way through some of the earlier levels. I make it to a safe area(surface?) and was informed that my mother has descended into the dungeon. I decide to follow her and place the torch so that its sticking out of my backpack. The idea was that monsters are attracted to the darkness and this would help me to protect my back as well as light my way. I believe that I was also using a flashlight but not positive. As I was descending deeper into the dungeon, I was noting the black with a slight greenish tint stairs which looked like they were glossy.

    We had to descend very deep to finally find my mother. She was near a very large gate, similar to those old castle gates, albeit this was a bit stretched. It has 2 large rings on it which were black and the whole gate was made of what appeared to be dark wood with a gloss. My mother beckoned us to not open the gates because she was just there and escaped, but it was too late, since, my partner automatically opened them. It was pretty dark in there, but, you can see some pillars with some things moving. Two monsters, one being a really large ogre with a hideous face appeared.

    I ran further down, my mother followed but alas it seemed like my partner meet his end after he was trapped in the left corner of the gate. I tried to do some magic, possibly to push them back and it worked slightly but they were still following us. I tried some bizzare move to use 2 pins to stop them, as in clip them to the stairs, but, that didn't work. You think? XD I decided to face them and move in landing 5 punches but his body was pretty hard. I didn't feel any pain but it was like hitting a wall. He must've pushed me because I fell back noting that "He is hard to punch" to my mother as I woke up.

    Thoughts: Had this in either my 4th or 5th REM cycle

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    Tags: dark, dungeon, mom, ogre
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    1. RebelSeven's Avatar
      lol good work with the pins But your a good person to go back for your mother like that
    2. BigFan's Avatar
      I know, a pin for some ogre half the size of a house. Ya, like that's gonna work XD Interesting that I was able to reason with the torch but maybe just a fluke Not even sure where I got the pin from, all I remember is running further down the stairs then just pulling 2 of them(from my coat?). I love my mother, family and would do anything for them, so, I'm glad that my subconscious agrees. Thanks for reading