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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    July 18, 2010

    by , 07-20-2010 at 02:00 AM (671 Views)
    Dust Magnet:
    My computer screen had a lot of dust build up. I wondered why that was the case and started scratching them off one by one and there was a ton to scratch off.

    Random Kids:
    I was in some neighbourhood with my family(mom and brother). We just stepped out of the car when two kids approached us. It seems that my mom knew them and they greeted us with "Salam" then some random stuff I can't remember. I was feeling totally confused and was about to talk, paused and then said "I'm totally lost, do I know you?"

    Thoughts: Nice to have recalled two dreams even though they were pretty small. Recall occurred during the day though. I might be able to recall better now as I am making progress in my meditation. Hoping for a lucid i the next couple of days

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