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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    July 8, 2010

    by , 07-10-2010 at 06:41 PM (621 Views)
    Dimension Transportation:
    It had something to do with dimensions. Possibly how one can cross before and enter new dimensions. It was all about the energy. It seems that birds can enter new dimensions at a higher energy. The dimension in particular had a pulsing orange color and had a yellow bird, likely a canary at its forefront.

    Mysterious Place:
    I was in some small room, it was a bit dark but there was enough light to see some of the equipment around. A couple of meters ahead and to my right, was a wooden door. It was open a bit and had no handle. On the wall next to it, was a wooden clock. It was all made of wood and had an octagonal shape. Everytime this clock ticked, the door would close a tiny amount eventually fully closing and likely locking me in the room. I had a feeling that I was in some sort of maze or some game and I had to reach the door before it fully closed. I made a leap to the door as the clock ticked a couple more time and forced my way through the door making it to the other side. I can only recall seeing a restroom at the wall facing the door which I decided to visit. I thought about taking a shower and I have just closed the door when I hear a scream and my mom comes in. I ask "What's wrong?" and she replies "that the bird has caught her white towel with his beak and dropped it on the floor"

    Office Food?
    I was sitting in some office building. The floor had greyish carpets and there was large windows behind me. I was sitting on a chair facing a computer terminal and had some co-workers sitting at the terminals to my left. I think the ceiling was white and there was a wall behind my terminal. The place was organized, such as every group of terminals had a wall blocking their view to the front, similar to a cubicle style, but, rectangular in nature. A friend's girlfriend comes over to me and asks me about chili paper(?). She wanted me to re-print it for her. I take her to a room down the hall and ask her for more details. Something about her not getting along with her teacher and the possibility of winning an award. I went back to my chair and gave it some thought. A co-worker who overheard some of the conversation asked me what she wanted and I told her the story. I think she said that I shouldn't. I was still considering printing it, since, I was considering the price.

    Pharmacy Visit:
    Something about a pharmacist and I think a guy wanting some medicine.

    Thoughts: Hurray for REM rebounds Probably my best night for dream recall. I'm starting to wonder if the first and second dream are actually linked together or not since it's the same bird, kinda of like a story. The first two dreams seem to be interesting, since, I've only ever had one dream that involved the term dimension and I liked the atmosphere of the second(the dark room). I thought the bird being evil with the towel was pretty funny as well As for the third, not much to say, other than being really odd and seems to be mixing different ideas together

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