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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    June 11, 2010

    by , 06-13-2010 at 03:06 AM (415 Views)
    Helpless Situation:
    I think I'm sitting in my living room and I'm eating peanuts. As I eat them, some small bits remain which get hard to eat due to their small size. I spit these out right into my bird's cage. The canary sees them and jumps down from the top wooden branch all the way to ground level passing another wooden branch in the process. He tries to eat the small bits and it was at this point, that I realized what I did. I watch helplessly outside the cage as he is trying to chew them. I'm pretty worried about him choking and really believed that was going to be the outcome of this situation.

    Thoughts: Well, guess that is similar to fear, lol, but, seriously, why would I dream about my bird choking? Intriguing dreams

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