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    Memorable Dreams

    1. February 25, 2011

      by , 02-28-2011 at 06:37 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Into the depth:
      I was in what appeared to be a dungeon, reminded of me Diablo II for anyone who has played that game. It was crazy dark, dark enough that you can't see where you're going. I can't recall the start but I was with someone and I picked up a torch as we made our way through some of the earlier levels. I make it to a safe area(surface?) and was informed that my mother has descended into the dungeon. I decide to follow her and place the torch so that its sticking out of my backpack. The idea was that monsters are attracted to the darkness and this would help me to protect my back as well as light my way. I believe that I was also using a flashlight but not positive. As I was descending deeper into the dungeon, I was noting the black with a slight greenish tint stairs which looked like they were glossy.

      We had to descend very deep to finally find my mother. She was near a very large gate, similar to those old castle gates, albeit this was a bit stretched. It has 2 large rings on it which were black and the whole gate was made of what appeared to be dark wood with a gloss. My mother beckoned us to not open the gates because she was just there and escaped, but it was too late, since, my partner automatically opened them. It was pretty dark in there, but, you can see some pillars with some things moving. Two monsters, one being a really large ogre with a hideous face appeared.

      I ran further down, my mother followed but alas it seemed like my partner meet his end after he was trapped in the left corner of the gate. I tried to do some magic, possibly to push them back and it worked slightly but they were still following us. I tried some bizzare move to use 2 pins to stop them, as in clip them to the stairs, but, that didn't work. You think? XD I decided to face them and move in landing 5 punches but his body was pretty hard. I didn't feel any pain but it was like hitting a wall. He must've pushed me because I fell back noting that "He is hard to punch" to my mother as I woke up.

      Thoughts: Had this in either my 4th or 5th REM cycle

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    2. August 23, 2010

      by , 02-25-2011 at 06:00 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I'm at home and there is something about my mom ripping people's info as in she has some info on them(I think it was me actually). We needed to shred them, because I didn't want to get in trouble so I took the black book and knew I had to tell them I took it, so, maybe by write an email?

      I'm somehow at the DC. I'm in a building, in a large hall at the entrance of the DC. There are large replicas of some structures, possibly some animals as well, all different colors and there is some info panels near them explaining what they are. I wasn't able to read the text/read it but can't recall. The doors are transparent and I decide to walk through. Some people follow me into the DC. There are only two computer desks dark oak-colored, one in each of the top two corners of the room and a lot of tables in the middle like in a restaurant. The computer on the left had two chairs, some guy asked me about my name, believe his name was Mohammed.

      I start telling him when some group of girls walked in and started staring at me. I start to get confused because the room is very different from what I recall. I leave again but return twice only to find more people there the second time. They are all dressed in formal cloth and the second time, there were more of them and they were playing with
      a tennis ball. I was afraid that they were gonna break something and almost did. I believe I picked up the stray tennis ball as well. I take my coat and bag and look outside the window.

      I see a university sign right outside on the lawn below with a sidewalk facing to the west. How come the DC is in the university now? At this point, it dawned on me that I might be dreaming and I become lucid. Looking at my hands, one had cards in it, the other was invisible. I tried to make my invisibile hand visible and somewhat succeeded. I wanted to make it glow, so, I focused on it and it turned very white. It was transparent so the while glow gave it a nice outline, it looked amazing. I had a J card in my other hand and wanted it to change to Q, so, again, I focused on it, it did. I decided to change location and thought about having the building just disappear. I closed my eyes and woke up!

      Thoughts: Had this LD when I took a quick nap for maybe like 5-10 mins way back in August. Finally was able to type it up, pretty interesting that I can still recall a decent portion of it as well

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    3. July 14, 2010

      by , 07-16-2010 at 04:06 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Becoming Canadian:
      I was becoming a canadian citizen. I was in some class and they were teaching us what to say and preparing us for the ceremony. Next thing I know, we are at the ceremony. We were with some kids and then each one of us took a kid's hand and walked by themselves. The hall was big and I think we were going to the stage or at least to the seats.

      There was a lot of people and a song that went like: "This time will be happy", "This time will be of joy".

      Weather Changing and Modifying Elements:
      I was at work and the weather seemed to be changing quite rapidly. It was very bright, likely hot and was pretty calm outside. Next minute, it's pretty dark and getting to be stormy.

      Looking outside the large windows from the counter, I notice what appears to be kids in a far away building screaming, happy that there is a storm coming. I see a couple outside the store and they are running to the sidewalk. I think "Good thing they are near the store". The dream skips and I am sitting with some workers who I don't recognize from RL. They seem to be eating cupcakes and are sitting near the door of the room. I inquire about the cupcakes and they say that they were given to them and that I shouldn't take one of the pink-iced cupcakes from the stack across the room.

      Dream skips again and I recall being in my bedroom. I might have just woken up and I notice the dark, stormy weather outside from my window. I am already lucid and I decide to exit my room and go to see myself in the washroom. I walk out of my bedroom and into the washroom. I face the mirror and turn on the lights. I see a quick glimpse of myself before the lights go off. Once again, I turn them back on and they go off again. I turn them on for a third time and this time, they stay on. I looked pretty normal in my reflection aside from my really messy hair. I didn't get a good look at what I was wearing or how the washroom looked, although from what I recall, it looked pretty similar to RL. I didn't want to spend all my time infront of the mirror, so, I continued my way down the stairs. Some lady came up the stairs and I dealt with her. I continued my descent down the stairs to our dark living room. I was still on the stairs when I heard my little brother yell out as if someone was bugging him. It looked like he was sleeping on the mattress in the living room and was having some kind of a dream about someone bugging him. My sister suddenly appears and is running down the stairs. I remember wanting to make her lucid as a recent goal of mine and tell her she is, but, she just dismisses it and run towards my brother. As soon as she is within the range of the mattress, she jumps onto the mattress as he sleeps on it. Of course, he yells for her to get off. I ignored them and wasn't too fond of the dark atmosphere and environment. I thought that if I step out, I might have to fight some monster, so, I imagined a green meadow that stretched for miles with the bright yellow sun shining overhead.

      I proceeded to open the door and decided to step outside. I didn't have shoes on and was worried about stepping into some glass on the sidewalk, but, I dismissed this concern because this was a dream, so, I just had to create some kind of barrier beneath my feet to prevent such accidents. I imagined a silver sheet underneath both feet and when I felt pretty confident of my success, I stepped outside. The neighbourhood looked pretty similar to mine in RL and I was able to walk easily on the sidewalk, not feeling any terrain from what I recall, rather the sidewalks felt pretty smooth. It was lovely weather outside as well. I saw a really small rusted airplane in one of my neighbour's yards which would fit one person inside. I walked over to it to look at it and it reminded me of the airplanes one flies in the BF1942 game. I couldn't make out what was written on it, it was a blur and I didn't think about increasing clarity. It didn't have a tail, just some small wings and I couldn't see the head of it.

      A guy came by on some contraption on the sidewalk and a truck just entered my neighbourhood and was about to drive past me. I ended up freezing the guy by pointing my finger at him and I decided to drop a cage on the truck. I think I originally wanted to drop a cage on him as well. Whether the cage actually dropped on the truck, I would never know since I directed my attention towards the plane, but, on the other hand, the guy was frozen in time and was only moving his eyes. I was standing behind the plane's two exhaust pipes which looked similar to a rockets' and decided to repair it to use it to fly. I pointed my finger at it thinking about it getting repaired and both exhaust pipes turned brown to signal that the repair is in progress. I wanted it done and didn't want to wait any longer, so, I decided that by the time I finish my count starting at 5 and going down to 0, it would be repaired. When the counting was done, the pipes turned back to the black color they once were and it looked to be in working condition. I wanted to pilot it and was planning to get in. I might have even gotten in because next thing I know, I am awake in bed with my eyes closed and I was thinking about piloting it.

      Thoughts: Finally, I have had another lucid. I couldn't recall how I became lucid, but, possibly awareness and my meditation last night might have helped. It wasn't my shortest or longest either. Would be nice to get another one tonight or within this week with greater lucidity First dream wasn't too bad, wish I got the rest of the song though. It does seem to be quite catchy as well

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    4. July 13, 2010

      by , 07-15-2010 at 11:29 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Mystery Threat:
      My sister was going to take some summer course and she filled out the form. I decided to join her on the second day, there was also something else that I decided to do as well that I can't recall. I'm not sure where we went or what happened after but I find myself on a planet that seems to have been ravaged by war. It was very dark, cloudy, stormy and it seems that there were a lot of buildings that have been wrecked and abandoned. I was in the street with a bunch of people that I didn't know, but, can't recall seeing them, just knowing that they were there standing behind me. We were all looking west towards a building. This building had a metal tunnel that was expanding towards another building. The tunnel was supposed to connect the two buildings together and it seems that it was the only way out of this war ravaged city. I do recall, but, can't remember when it happened, clinging to the tunnel to try to get to the first building, but, had to hide from two drones that were circling the tunnel.

      Sensing the presence of others, I looked ahead to see a large group of people. They were all wearing black with black bandanas covering their mouth and only revealing their eyes. They had axes in their hands which had black handles and a silver axe hand. It seems that we knew who they were and have had confortations in the past. We launched at each other with great speed. A couple of axes were thrown my way and I dodged them hoping that they missed my companions behind me. Another was thrown which I ended up blocking with my right hand and I was able to pick up another axe which I planned to use against an oncoming enemy.

      Dream skips and we are all in a warehouse which is in the shape of an inverted C. They occupied the top half and we, the bottom half. It seems that I have made a bomb to use against them, it was in the shape of a balloon with rods sticking out of it. I threw it at them. They bounced it and got it stuck near the ceiling in the middle of the warehouse. We got it down and one of our members almost backstabbed us by making some odd sign first signalling the backstabbing but she threw it anyways. She ended up joining me and a friend of mine after jumping behind a wooden sheet to hide from the explosion. They threw it back to us yet again. A friend called R, caught it and began saying the time left. We were surprised that he was still holding onto it and beckoned him to throw it back. He did and they didn't have much of a chance to throw it back at us since, it hit their hands and bounced up in the air right above them. At this point, the time ran out and it was about to explode. I looked from behind the wooden sheet to see the impact. When it exploded, I don't recall seeing an explosion, mostly just the sound and then there was an eye, similar to the eye of a hurricane.

      Air started circling around this eye which was just a small circle very fast and it started to suck them up and out of the building. They vowed revenge and that someone will get me. After they were all sucked out and everything calmed down, something similar to a scoreboard showed up in my vision detailing the amount of people left using people icons. It had an orange background with people icons using different colors to stand out.

      Thoughts: Very nice, long, intense dream. Would have been nice to know more details about the first fight and the background

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    5. July 9, 2010

      by , 07-10-2010 at 06:43 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Starcraft 2 + SupCom Mix:
      I was playing what I thought was Starcraft 2, although, nothing was pointing to that. It seemed a lot like SupCom. I was able to zoom in and out and the terrain in the game was a red color similar to the starting maps in SupCom. I was taking control of two races, zerg and protoss. I am not sure what race the computer was. I had two lines of defense, first was the zerg line and almost behind it was the protoss one. I was thinking along the lines of "they won't be able to break through easily". Due to my dismay, they did. As they attacked, they were overpowering my defenses and breaking through easily using their numbers. I noticed this and decided to send what appeared to be a tank. I was planning to use its special abilites which would be some lighting attack or possibly fire and would do splash damage which would work wonders in destroying some of their units. I got close and activated it but forgot, if you want to call it that, that I have to wait a certain amount of time so that it can be used. As the time neared halfway, it was within the enemy's range and was getting bombarded pretty badly. It's health bar quickly dropped from green to yellow halfway through to red before it possibly exploded. I had more of this unit, so, it wasn't a special one but I didn't use them for some reason. I was almost completely wiped me out. The only remnants left was a couple of zerlings near one of their structures and likely some more units a couple of places over the map. How they managed to miss them, I have no clue.

      Helping out:
      All I can recall is asking my mom if she needed any help in the kitchen.

      Thoughts: That game dream was pretty nice. It would have been nicer if I was in control of it though. Imagine directing 100s or 1000s of units to attack a specific location. That would be something that can't be done in any of those games due to a control limit that is put in place. Would be nice to have more of these dreams with some control of course
    6. July 8, 2010

      by , 07-10-2010 at 06:41 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Dimension Transportation:
      It had something to do with dimensions. Possibly how one can cross before and enter new dimensions. It was all about the energy. It seems that birds can enter new dimensions at a higher energy. The dimension in particular had a pulsing orange color and had a yellow bird, likely a canary at its forefront.

      Mysterious Place:
      I was in some small room, it was a bit dark but there was enough light to see some of the equipment around. A couple of meters ahead and to my right, was a wooden door. It was open a bit and had no handle. On the wall next to it, was a wooden clock. It was all made of wood and had an octagonal shape. Everytime this clock ticked, the door would close a tiny amount eventually fully closing and likely locking me in the room. I had a feeling that I was in some sort of maze or some game and I had to reach the door before it fully closed. I made a leap to the door as the clock ticked a couple more time and forced my way through the door making it to the other side. I can only recall seeing a restroom at the wall facing the door which I decided to visit. I thought about taking a shower and I have just closed the door when I hear a scream and my mom comes in. I ask "What's wrong?" and she replies "that the bird has caught her white towel with his beak and dropped it on the floor"

      Office Food?
      I was sitting in some office building. The floor had greyish carpets and there was large windows behind me. I was sitting on a chair facing a computer terminal and had some co-workers sitting at the terminals to my left. I think the ceiling was white and there was a wall behind my terminal. The place was organized, such as every group of terminals had a wall blocking their view to the front, similar to a cubicle style, but, rectangular in nature. A friend's girlfriend comes over to me and asks me about chili paper(?). She wanted me to re-print it for her. I take her to a room down the hall and ask her for more details. Something about her not getting along with her teacher and the possibility of winning an award. I went back to my chair and gave it some thought. A co-worker who overheard some of the conversation asked me what she wanted and I told her the story. I think she said that I shouldn't. I was still considering printing it, since, I was considering the price.

      Pharmacy Visit:
      Something about a pharmacist and I think a guy wanting some medicine.

      Thoughts: Hurray for REM rebounds Probably my best night for dream recall. I'm starting to wonder if the first and second dream are actually linked together or not since it's the same bird, kinda of like a story. The first two dreams seem to be interesting, since, I've only ever had one dream that involved the term dimension and I liked the atmosphere of the second(the dark room). I thought the bird being evil with the towel was pretty funny as well As for the third, not much to say, other than being really odd and seems to be mixing different ideas together
    7. July 2, 2010

      by , 07-03-2010 at 04:13 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Interesting Encounters at Work:
      I was working at TH. It seems that my shift just finished and I was ready to sign out and get my coat to leave. My wife's boss, K is also there. For some reason, I have a bad feeling and I notice that she is looking for something. She had some vertical trays which had some files in them spread out across the bench near the sheet. I decided to help her out and asked her what she is looking for. She looked at me with those eyes and asked why I'm still here. I guess I took it as a message of "I don't need the help", because, the dream skips and I'm walking through the store to the front door. It looked pretty similar to my actual work from what I recall. After exiting the store, I plan to make a run for my bus since I see it coming around a curve. The parking lot and location of the store is totally different. The atmosphere was pretty dark. After taking a right turn from the traffic light, one must go straight to reach a curve. After passing through the curve, one has the option of turning left to either find a parking spot or turning left and continuing straight to reach the drive-thru. They could also continue straight from the curve and take a right turn which would bring them to a bus stop but nothing more. I saw the bus near the curve behind two cars and sprinted around the store. I bent down under the white poles that are in place to prevent cars from coming into the drive-thru without ordering and continued running until I reached the other side and turned left to reach the stop. It would have been much easier to just walk to my right after exiting the store to get to the stop. I ended up getting to the stop just as the bus was able to get there. Along the way near the bus stop, I saw some cans of diet coke in a small box, similar to the one the 24 pack come in and I picked it up and brought it along. As I entered the bus, the driver was supposed to charge me $10 but when he used my card, he ended up charging $100 and swiping it through. I was pretty furious and felt that he did it on purpose because he added the last 0 just as he was about to swipe, since, he already had it at $10. I pointed out his mistake and he printed a receipt that showed that I paid only $0.72 which took me by surprise and I felt as if a trick was being played here.

      I think I dreamt about a car that I was in and was told that I could pass the middle white line.

      Thoughts: Well, I thought the first dream was pretty good. Was nice and long with a great atmosphere. As for the second one, it was just a fragment There was also a third which I couldn't remember anything about, but, I knew that it was long as well. Pretty nice to have a long dream in comparison to my previous couple of nights
    8. June 29, 2010

      by , 07-03-2010 at 04:11 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I was a chef at a restaurant. I think I was dressed all white and dicing vegetables on a white board. I was told by a friend who also works there that a spider at our other location has been suspended for 250 infractions. There was also a TV which might have had something on this. It seems that he was warned about getting close to the food but didn't listen.

      Thoughts: Pretty funny dream, suspended spider
    9. June 26, 2010

      by , 06-28-2010 at 01:57 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      University, Aquarium and Coolers:
      I was needed at the university to fix something. It seemed that only I could do it and time was pretty short. I was getting a drive there in a small black car from a lady who is a customer at my work IRL. She stopped the car near my house and waited for me. I saw her from the window and she saw me. I think we exchanged hi's and how are you's before I went to dress. I started to get dressed and so did my family, since, they were interested in coming with us. For some odd reason, we completely ignored the car instead deciding to take the bus. I ended up missing 2 different buses and time was almost out. After missing the last bus and walking back home, I spotted the same lady ahead of me walking in the direction of the house with my sister. It seemed that they were going to the university together and they have found someone else to fix whatever it was that needed fixing(this was somehow conveyed to me).
      The dream skips and I recall seeing an aquarium. It was a little bit bigger than average with black rims towards the top. It had yellowish-brown colored rocks at the bottom and there were rocks stacked up making two columns. Both of these columns were surrounded by bubbles which were continously rising to the top.
      Dream skips again and I'm in my bedroom at home. I looked out the window to my left and saw my neighbour, her son and another neighbour's daughter. They had a large blue cooler which was as big as a small swimming pool. It contained what looked like a mixture of water(ice melting) along with some juices and drinks that might have accidently spilled in it. The girl tried to take a large juice bottle which had several colors on its label(green, yellow, etc....) and was partially filled(very little left). My neighbour took the bottle back by force and put it back into the cooler. The girl took it out again claiming that it's hers. My neighbour once again took it by force from her saying that it's her son's bottle. I think she tried to take it a third time.

      Thoughts: Finally, a nice, long and somewhat interesting dream. Definitely one of the better ones when compared to my recent dreams. I'm starting to wonder whether they were separate dreams or not but since they seemed to be linked together when I wrote them down, I might as well leave them be.
    10. June 13, 2010

      by , 06-15-2010 at 02:57 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Piloting a Helicopter:
      I was in some city at night, possibly New York since that's what I thought it was. There was a large skyscraper which stood out since there were no other really large buildings nearby. It was silver covered all over with windows. The middle of this building was caved in, so, that the two remaining sides were standing out. The city especially the streets surrounding this building were very foggy which made it difficult to see around. I found myself flying a helicopter above a building which I assumed was the hotel that I was staying in with some of my family members. There were a lot of cars on the roof and my family members were also with me. We planned to evacuate the helicopter, even though there didn't seem to be any problems at all. My sister decided to jump first and ran towards the open door. I told her to get a parachute first but she showed me that she has one and jumped out. She opened her parachute halfway or so and landed in what looks like a tire yard surrounded by a fence, but, she's ok. My mother goes next and after she jumped, she opened the parachute a bit too late and ended up landing in a small patch of water near the tire yard. I only knew this because I saw the splash. My little brother was next. I don't think he had his parachute on and I couldn't help him out. As I recall, both my mother and sister were on the roof top pointing for us to land the helicopter. I tried to land it on the roof of the building and came close where in some cases, it was touching, but, for whatever reason, I couldn't maintain it. Pretty soon, I seemed to be losing control since it started moving towards the edge of the building(tried to keep it over the building). It went over the edge and I can't recall the rest.

      Airport Stealing:
      I put something like bags away. I think I was at an airport. I decided to go around and steal some stuff. Since there were people waiting to be called for their flights, they were sitting on some chairs with their bags and stuff on the shelves behind them making it the perfect opportunity. I just walked by and started to steal them. In some cases, I decided not to, one case involving 6 or 7 wooden pencils. I can't recall what happens after.

      Thoughts: The first dream was definitely interesting. It was pretty dark but the overall ambience was great. I got to pilot a helicopter, too bad I wasn't lucid. However, I think I was starting to fear the outcome of the situation had I crashed it and since I was having a hard time controlling it, that would have happened eventually. If fear is my dreamsign, I would have probably became lucid before it happened which would have been great, so, I guess I came close to lucidity As for the second dream, it was pretty hard to remember much from it even as I tried to remember the details
    11. June 10, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 03:05 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I went to China, possibly with my family, although, I only saw my father and one of my siblings(knew he was there). We ended up staying at some Chinese house which was also a store. We were there to investigate the disappearance of some items. I entered the bathhroom at this house which had a bath tub facing the door and a stool on the right side. What was on the left side, I have no idea. It was pretty big and oval shaped. There was also a restaurant on the left side of the bathroom. There was a large table there with some chairs.

      I just finished talking to someone who was pretty mean to me. I think I climbed some stairs and was now standing on the roof. I was still thinking how mean she was and remembered how she flicked my head with her finger. Then I began to think why I was standing in the middle of a circular metal cage. I stepped out of it and tripped which caused me to lose my balance and move closer to the edge at which point I fell over. I could feel the air and see the ground coming up rapidly. I was pretty afraid of what will happen when I hit the ground. At this point, I felt an odd sensation take over and I was suddenly lucid. It must have been due to fear. I slowed down my fall so that I just touched the ground gently and walked away. My lucidity wasn't as strong as I would have liked. The dream skips and I'm with my family walking through a deserted park around evening time during the autumn season. I was still lucid but I following the flow of the dream. I saw a couple of gray or black skinny trees here and there. Between these trees, there was a small puddle which was filled with water. I sat near the puddle in the lotus position. As soon as I took the position, a mid-sized gray bird with a black patch running from it's head to halfway of it's back appeared and landed on my hands. I could feel his claws on my hands. Excited, I tried to get my sisters attention but a flock of birds, possibly 7 or so flew by and he ended up leaving my hand after they passed. We continued walking through the park and encountered a play structure. It's metallic in color and stood pretty tall. To reach the slide, one would have to climb the large steps, each around 75cm high and the steps are open, as in there is no metal facing your foot when you step on it. I thought it was interesting but continued walking and saw another play structure. Alas, at this point, my alarm started ringing and my vision went dark. I could feel myself waking up and eventually woke up.

      Thoughts: Interesting dreams for sure. Finally, got another lucid. Not the highest quality and I didn't get to accomplish any goals, but, I might have found my dreamsign. It seems that fear is my dreamsign, but, I need more dreams with it to make sure. The park was definitely interesting though. The atmosphere was just amazing, it reminded me of some of those pc games that I used to play, something like the first STALKER game atmosphere. I keep on forgetting to do some RCs, stabilize, increase lucidity, etc.... but that likely has to do with the level of lucidity which I had no control over. Definitely excited for more LDs now
    12. June 5, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 03:00 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I can't recall much of how and what happened. I was near a large pillar, mostly because I saw a small portion of it close to the ground since my eyes were squinted. I was shot and was wounded. The shot penetrated my shirt and was embedded deep into my body near my heart. There was no pain and there was no hole left in my shirt to indicate that I was shot, the only proof is the color of the blood that was left where the bullet went. The amount was small, but, nevertheless it was slightly visible under my shirt. I folded up my shirt to see the wound. I knew I had to act fast. Pretty soon, my heart started beating but it seemed to have changed position. It was now near where my stomach and intestines are and was beating very fast. I could feel myself panic. I started to slightly blow up the region where the bullet was and soon enough, I could see it's end. I put my hands around it and pulled it out. I put my shirt back down. Later on, I was functioning normally and was asked if I went to the hospital. I said no.

      Thoughts: Seems that guy who was trying to kill me in my previous dream almost succeeded
    13. May 20, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:51 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Scene Change(Void to Patio/house):
      I find myself walking up a steep path which is made of large grey oval stones placed near each other. What was interesting was that I don’t recall there being any support under these stones, so, they were pretty much floating in midair. I was following my friends, 5 or 6 in total who like everyone else were fully clothed in black robes, so, all their faces were hidden. We kept walking along this path until we reached a very narrow area. We stopped and then they along with everyone there started facing to the east and sat down. I think it was supposed to be a rock concert that we were attending and the band was playing in that direction. I felt uncomfortable being in this spot since we were pretty high up and I wanted to continue walking.

      If one was to continue walking this path, they would encounter a large gap followed by a large number of these rocks that formed a platform. There appeared to be a really huge window split into smaller ones extending from below behind these rocks. I wanted to continue walking, however, my problem was that there were two guys standing on the left and right side of this narrow path rendering the idea almost impossible and too risky. I decided to sit down like everyone else. After a while, I started to slip off the edge since I was really close to it and almost fell 2-3 times. I remember the fear and terror of looking below to what I recall was a black void. I was held back and prevented from falling all those times by someone from behind but was afraid that he wasn’t able to continue helping me since the last time he helped me, I was leaning over quite a bit and wasn't sure I was going to make it.

      The dream skips and I think I am lucid at this point. I think I'm on the ground. I am standing on light green grass between a patio and a house. The house is on my right and patio on my left if I am facing east. The house is white with a door, but, I can’t remember any more details. The patio has what appears to be a small circular pool in its center. It’s surrounded by some white tables and chairs. There were some trees as well and the area formed a square. There were white fences around three edges, not sure about the fourth. I can’t recall much of the details for this part of the dream but I think I was lucid during it because I remember being very frustrated at my lack of control and wanting to wake up.

      Thoughts: Been waiting to have a lucid dream and finally had one. I might not have liked the control part and I only recalled small parts of this dream after waking up and doing some activities, so, I almost missed it. It's quite possible that these two are infact two dreams and not related in anyway. If they are related, it's possible I became lucid after falling from the path and was teleported to that new scene but not sure what happened to cause my lucidity. I did some quick meditation before bed and have been doing RCs daily so it's possible that I'm finally getting back on track

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    14. May 10, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:45 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I was going on a trip with my family to what seems like a camp. We might have taken a bus to get there and passed a lot of houses. One of these houses was white, with 3 windows, one being in the middle on the top floor and the other two were at each side of the door. Upon getting to camp, I remember sleeping in a double punk bed in a very lightly lit room and looking at a window which was covered with a worn out white sheet thinking something along the lines of "this isn't what I had in mind". I think we decided to go home because the dream skips forward and we are standing around with a group of people, most wearing worn out cloth waiting at a bus stop. The route 97 bus which is painted with red and white all over stops at this point. I end up getting on it and it was somewhat full, so, I stood at the entrance. I overheard a lady tell another something about this bus which made me realize that this bus isn't what I should be taking and I quickly got off as the bus was about to move. The route 6 bus came right after this bus. I left the bus and tried to get onto the other bus which left without me with my family on board. I tried to find another bus to follow my family and the dream ended.

      What does it mean?
      This dream started with me in my bedroom at home and I ended up walking outside. I may have went into the washroom and came out soon after. The dream skips and I find myself bending outside the washroom and a paramedic passes by and slightly walks into me but continues walking into the washroom. At this point, I find my sister standing there saying she will tell on me that I walked onto the paramedic on purpose when it was accidential. The dream skips but everything is the same except there are now 2 cash tills stacked above each other and I think I have one of my hands on the top now.

      Thoughts: Both dreams are pretty interesting, however, the second one is more interesting than the first one. I think it might be a precognitive dream. Let me explain: Today at work, I ended up meeting a friend who was from a high school I went to a long time ago. She was a paramedic in training and ended up going into the washroom after I served her. This would explain the cash tills(work) where a paramedic went into the washroom after hitting me by accident(her going into washroom and hitting me(getting served) in dream)
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    15. May 7, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:43 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Just Bouncing Around:
      I found myself in a canyon in what appears to be a desert at night. It is a bit dark but the whole area including the sand seem to be reflecting some of the moon rays giving it a nice dark blue glow. There is a very steep hill that is perpendicular to the ground and extends upwards. I am riding some object, possibly a ball and it is bouncing all over the place. It eventually bounces with me in it very high into the sky out of my field of view since at this point I am a passive observer and I believe that it's reached the atmosphere. My vision zooms in to the hill and I believe that it will land there. A couple of seconds pass and it does land there and bounces to the ground where it might have continued bouncing. My vision then starts to pan out very quickly and I see the whole area which is deserted. I ended up thinking that I'm going to see the earth and outer space soon at which point this thought frightens me and causes me to wake up.

      Thoughts: Very interesting dream. Got this when I was sleep deprived and practicing CAT. Interesting enough, I almost WILDed into a LD since when I woke I was in SP and was hearing a ton of loud noises and see odd colors. I even saw what looked like some dream hands forming before I got nervous and broke out of SP
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