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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. February 25, 2011

      by , 02-28-2011 at 06:37 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Into the depth:
      I was in what appeared to be a dungeon, reminded of me Diablo II for anyone who has played that game. It was crazy dark, dark enough that you can't see where you're going. I can't recall the start but I was with someone and I picked up a torch as we made our way through some of the earlier levels. I make it to a safe area(surface?) and was informed that my mother has descended into the dungeon. I decide to follow her and place the torch so that its sticking out of my backpack. The idea was that monsters are attracted to the darkness and this would help me to protect my back as well as light my way. I believe that I was also using a flashlight but not positive. As I was descending deeper into the dungeon, I was noting the black with a slight greenish tint stairs which looked like they were glossy.

      We had to descend very deep to finally find my mother. She was near a very large gate, similar to those old castle gates, albeit this was a bit stretched. It has 2 large rings on it which were black and the whole gate was made of what appeared to be dark wood with a gloss. My mother beckoned us to not open the gates because she was just there and escaped, but it was too late, since, my partner automatically opened them. It was pretty dark in there, but, you can see some pillars with some things moving. Two monsters, one being a really large ogre with a hideous face appeared.

      I ran further down, my mother followed but alas it seemed like my partner meet his end after he was trapped in the left corner of the gate. I tried to do some magic, possibly to push them back and it worked slightly but they were still following us. I tried some bizzare move to use 2 pins to stop them, as in clip them to the stairs, but, that didn't work. You think? XD I decided to face them and move in landing 5 punches but his body was pretty hard. I didn't feel any pain but it was like hitting a wall. He must've pushed me because I fell back noting that "He is hard to punch" to my mother as I woke up.

      Thoughts: Had this in either my 4th or 5th REM cycle

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      Tags: dark, dungeon, mom, ogre
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. February 24, 2011

      by , 02-27-2011 at 05:52 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Close encounter:
      I am at the bus station. I'm trying to cross from one side to the next walking between the two white lines. As I near the other side, I see a group of people walking towards me and one person stands out. As I recall, she was wearing green, wearing glasses and had blond hair but otherwise her face was unrevealed. She looked similar to a friend of mine and I decided that it must be her, so, better to look the other way. When we meet, I realized that she was different, her hair while still blond was rather bizzare looking and other face characteristics were as well.

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      Tags: bus, friend
    3. July 25, 2010

      by , 07-26-2010 at 11:57 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I don't recall much other than possibly getting into a fight with my brother.

      Thoughts: Being busy IRL seems to have taken my recall away, but, soon it should be back as good as new. There won't be an entry tonight since there is no sleep
      Tags: fight
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. July 24, 2010

      by , 07-26-2010 at 03:16 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I was baking at my store. I just took out a large amount of rings only to discover that there is some already made.

      Thoughts: Didn't have much time to try to recall the rest
      Tags: baking
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    5. July 22, 2010

      by , 07-26-2010 at 03:12 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Odd House:

      I was in a house in a dark room. The room was somewhat like a maze, but, a very small one and very easy as well. There seems to be an elephant after me and I'm trying to hide from it. I find a small place in the maze where I can hide but still see the elephant. I had a pillow with me which I used to hit him. If I recall correctly, I kept him looking towards my direction and sneaked out the other side and out into the lit corridor. I ran into a room which had some stuff from my parents. It had two of everything, one being something similar to a small telescope far as I recall.

      Thoughts: Probably the result of watching two action movies that day, but, c'mon an elephant chasing me?

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    6. July 20, 2010

      by , 07-26-2010 at 03:11 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I just recall being in a car with my mom.

      Thoughts: Seems that I'm in somewhat of a dry spell recently, hopefully it'll pass in a couple of days

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      Tags: car, mom
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. July 19, 2010

      by , 07-22-2010 at 04:52 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Mad Driving:
      I was on the highway driving a car with a passenger. I turned right and was able to with no problem. I tried to turn right again but I almost hit a car.

      Work Punctuality:
      I was asleep on the sofa. It was almost five in the afternoon and I had work at that time. I was relaxed though, my sister promised to take my shift. I woke up after five only find that she didn't and was pissed off. I ran around the house trying to prepare myself for work. Time approached 5:40, at which point I was wondering how come I wasn't called yet.

      Thoughts: Second dream seems to be a mixture of real life and work thoughts, happened during a nap.

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      Tags: car, driving, late, work
    8. July 18, 2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 02:00 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Dust Magnet:
      My computer screen had a lot of dust build up. I wondered why that was the case and started scratching them off one by one and there was a ton to scratch off.

      Random Kids:
      I was in some neighbourhood with my family(mom and brother). We just stepped out of the car when two kids approached us. It seems that my mom knew them and they greeted us with "Salam" then some random stuff I can't remember. I was feeling totally confused and was about to talk, paused and then said "I'm totally lost, do I know you?"

      Thoughts: Nice to have recalled two dreams even though they were pretty small. Recall occurred during the day though. I might be able to recall better now as I am making progress in my meditation. Hoping for a lucid i the next couple of days

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    9. July 16, 2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 01:59 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Messed up Beak:
      I was looking at my yellow canary who was sitting in his cage. I noticed that his peak was like rulers as in two small straight pieces. I was thinking "I couldn't wait until his peak was normal again" because it looked really odd.

      Thoughts: Such an obvious sign and I missed it, lol. On the bright side, I can still recall very small parts of my dreams. Most be due to my recent act of taking up meditation

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      Tags: canary, peak
    10. July 15, 2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 01:58 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I infiltrated some base with my sister. We had some shortcomings and fixed them. We also had a list of things to accomplish.

      Thoughts: Unfortunately, I couldn't recall any more details of the base, the shortcomings and the things that we had to do

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      Tags: mission, sister
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. July 14, 2010

      by , 07-16-2010 at 04:06 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Becoming Canadian:
      I was becoming a canadian citizen. I was in some class and they were teaching us what to say and preparing us for the ceremony. Next thing I know, we are at the ceremony. We were with some kids and then each one of us took a kid's hand and walked by themselves. The hall was big and I think we were going to the stage or at least to the seats.

      There was a lot of people and a song that went like: "This time will be happy", "This time will be of joy".

      Weather Changing and Modifying Elements:
      I was at work and the weather seemed to be changing quite rapidly. It was very bright, likely hot and was pretty calm outside. Next minute, it's pretty dark and getting to be stormy.

      Looking outside the large windows from the counter, I notice what appears to be kids in a far away building screaming, happy that there is a storm coming. I see a couple outside the store and they are running to the sidewalk. I think "Good thing they are near the store". The dream skips and I am sitting with some workers who I don't recognize from RL. They seem to be eating cupcakes and are sitting near the door of the room. I inquire about the cupcakes and they say that they were given to them and that I shouldn't take one of the pink-iced cupcakes from the stack across the room.

      Dream skips again and I recall being in my bedroom. I might have just woken up and I notice the dark, stormy weather outside from my window. I am already lucid and I decide to exit my room and go to see myself in the washroom. I walk out of my bedroom and into the washroom. I face the mirror and turn on the lights. I see a quick glimpse of myself before the lights go off. Once again, I turn them back on and they go off again. I turn them on for a third time and this time, they stay on. I looked pretty normal in my reflection aside from my really messy hair. I didn't get a good look at what I was wearing or how the washroom looked, although from what I recall, it looked pretty similar to RL. I didn't want to spend all my time infront of the mirror, so, I continued my way down the stairs. Some lady came up the stairs and I dealt with her. I continued my descent down the stairs to our dark living room. I was still on the stairs when I heard my little brother yell out as if someone was bugging him. It looked like he was sleeping on the mattress in the living room and was having some kind of a dream about someone bugging him. My sister suddenly appears and is running down the stairs. I remember wanting to make her lucid as a recent goal of mine and tell her she is, but, she just dismisses it and run towards my brother. As soon as she is within the range of the mattress, she jumps onto the mattress as he sleeps on it. Of course, he yells for her to get off. I ignored them and wasn't too fond of the dark atmosphere and environment. I thought that if I step out, I might have to fight some monster, so, I imagined a green meadow that stretched for miles with the bright yellow sun shining overhead.

      I proceeded to open the door and decided to step outside. I didn't have shoes on and was worried about stepping into some glass on the sidewalk, but, I dismissed this concern because this was a dream, so, I just had to create some kind of barrier beneath my feet to prevent such accidents. I imagined a silver sheet underneath both feet and when I felt pretty confident of my success, I stepped outside. The neighbourhood looked pretty similar to mine in RL and I was able to walk easily on the sidewalk, not feeling any terrain from what I recall, rather the sidewalks felt pretty smooth. It was lovely weather outside as well. I saw a really small rusted airplane in one of my neighbour's yards which would fit one person inside. I walked over to it to look at it and it reminded me of the airplanes one flies in the BF1942 game. I couldn't make out what was written on it, it was a blur and I didn't think about increasing clarity. It didn't have a tail, just some small wings and I couldn't see the head of it.

      A guy came by on some contraption on the sidewalk and a truck just entered my neighbourhood and was about to drive past me. I ended up freezing the guy by pointing my finger at him and I decided to drop a cage on the truck. I think I originally wanted to drop a cage on him as well. Whether the cage actually dropped on the truck, I would never know since I directed my attention towards the plane, but, on the other hand, the guy was frozen in time and was only moving his eyes. I was standing behind the plane's two exhaust pipes which looked similar to a rockets' and decided to repair it to use it to fly. I pointed my finger at it thinking about it getting repaired and both exhaust pipes turned brown to signal that the repair is in progress. I wanted it done and didn't want to wait any longer, so, I decided that by the time I finish my count starting at 5 and going down to 0, it would be repaired. When the counting was done, the pipes turned back to the black color they once were and it looked to be in working condition. I wanted to pilot it and was planning to get in. I might have even gotten in because next thing I know, I am awake in bed with my eyes closed and I was thinking about piloting it.

      Thoughts: Finally, I have had another lucid. I couldn't recall how I became lucid, but, possibly awareness and my meditation last night might have helped. It wasn't my shortest or longest either. Would be nice to get another one tonight or within this week with greater lucidity First dream wasn't too bad, wish I got the rest of the song though. It does seem to be quite catchy as well

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      non-lucid , memorable , lucid
    12. July 13, 2010

      by , 07-15-2010 at 11:29 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Mystery Threat:
      My sister was going to take some summer course and she filled out the form. I decided to join her on the second day, there was also something else that I decided to do as well that I can't recall. I'm not sure where we went or what happened after but I find myself on a planet that seems to have been ravaged by war. It was very dark, cloudy, stormy and it seems that there were a lot of buildings that have been wrecked and abandoned. I was in the street with a bunch of people that I didn't know, but, can't recall seeing them, just knowing that they were there standing behind me. We were all looking west towards a building. This building had a metal tunnel that was expanding towards another building. The tunnel was supposed to connect the two buildings together and it seems that it was the only way out of this war ravaged city. I do recall, but, can't remember when it happened, clinging to the tunnel to try to get to the first building, but, had to hide from two drones that were circling the tunnel.

      Sensing the presence of others, I looked ahead to see a large group of people. They were all wearing black with black bandanas covering their mouth and only revealing their eyes. They had axes in their hands which had black handles and a silver axe hand. It seems that we knew who they were and have had confortations in the past. We launched at each other with great speed. A couple of axes were thrown my way and I dodged them hoping that they missed my companions behind me. Another was thrown which I ended up blocking with my right hand and I was able to pick up another axe which I planned to use against an oncoming enemy.

      Dream skips and we are all in a warehouse which is in the shape of an inverted C. They occupied the top half and we, the bottom half. It seems that I have made a bomb to use against them, it was in the shape of a balloon with rods sticking out of it. I threw it at them. They bounced it and got it stuck near the ceiling in the middle of the warehouse. We got it down and one of our members almost backstabbed us by making some odd sign first signalling the backstabbing but she threw it anyways. She ended up joining me and a friend of mine after jumping behind a wooden sheet to hide from the explosion. They threw it back to us yet again. A friend called R, caught it and began saying the time left. We were surprised that he was still holding onto it and beckoned him to throw it back. He did and they didn't have much of a chance to throw it back at us since, it hit their hands and bounced up in the air right above them. At this point, the time ran out and it was about to explode. I looked from behind the wooden sheet to see the impact. When it exploded, I don't recall seeing an explosion, mostly just the sound and then there was an eye, similar to the eye of a hurricane.

      Air started circling around this eye which was just a small circle very fast and it started to suck them up and out of the building. They vowed revenge and that someone will get me. After they were all sucked out and everything calmed down, something similar to a scoreboard showed up in my vision detailing the amount of people left using people icons. It had an orange background with people icons using different colors to stand out.

      Thoughts: Very nice, long, intense dream. Would have been nice to know more details about the first fight and the background

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. July 12, 2010

      by , 07-13-2010 at 06:21 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Soccer Oddness:
      I was on a soccer field and was playing soccer with my team. We were all wearing red jerseys and I was playing forward. We had many opportunities to score and it seems that I was one of their main men. There was a problem that kept on arising. It seems that I was nursing an itch eye. Everytime the ball comes near me, my eyes became extremely itchy and I would start massaging them which would unfocus my vision. In one case, I was right next to the net only to totally miss the opportunity to score and send the ball to the other side. I was shown some scoreboard later on, basically it was just flashed in my face from nowhere and it was pretty large, so, it contained the different teams, their games and scores. We weren't doing too badly. We tied a lot of games and only lost 2 or so.

      Thoughts: Would have been nice to be lucid but I can only hope at the moment
      Tags: eyes, soccer
    14. July 11, 2010

      by , 07-13-2010 at 06:19 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Visiting a Washroom:
      *Read at your own discretion*

      I was with a group of people that I already knew. It seems that we have either gotten to where we were supposed to be or made a brief stop. The destination at hand was a restroom. The restroom was insanely large and was like a maze. It had over 20+ toilets to use and they each had a large space to move around. I navigated around checking each area and trying to find the cleanest one to use. The people I was with have already finished and most were sitting down on the ground already. I kept looking and it was like I has to use stealth and not alert attention for some reason. I found one that looked clean from a distance and appeared to have some floating boxes with soap and the like in it, however, it turned out that the boxes were swimming in the toilet which made me change my mind. I kept checking and found another one but it seems that the toilets were reserved for certain people in the group. I was shown a list of three columns each with people's names that I couldn't pick up and they had different colors as well, such as red for the first column, yellow for the second and a third color I can't recall. I eventually found one that wasn't as clean as I would have liked. I flushed the toilet and it turned into what appeared to be a giant bathtub. It was now full with water to the brim and had different colors at certain places indicating it still wasn't clean. I might have decided to go ahead when suddenly a large bronze worn-out side door opens to the outside. I see the outside scenery which consisted of a road with trees on the top half and a parking lot with a blue car near the road on the bottom half. I close it quickly and decide to continue when the dream takes an odd shift and a group of girls suddenly enter from some random opening as well. I can't recall much of what happens afterwards.

      Thoughts: This is pretty much the first dream which I can recall that has had the dream scene constantly change even as the dream progressed. Usually, the dream changes kinda like a story, but, this was just too bizzare
    15. July 9, 2010

      by , 07-10-2010 at 06:43 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Starcraft 2 + SupCom Mix:
      I was playing what I thought was Starcraft 2, although, nothing was pointing to that. It seemed a lot like SupCom. I was able to zoom in and out and the terrain in the game was a red color similar to the starting maps in SupCom. I was taking control of two races, zerg and protoss. I am not sure what race the computer was. I had two lines of defense, first was the zerg line and almost behind it was the protoss one. I was thinking along the lines of "they won't be able to break through easily". Due to my dismay, they did. As they attacked, they were overpowering my defenses and breaking through easily using their numbers. I noticed this and decided to send what appeared to be a tank. I was planning to use its special abilites which would be some lighting attack or possibly fire and would do splash damage which would work wonders in destroying some of their units. I got close and activated it but forgot, if you want to call it that, that I have to wait a certain amount of time so that it can be used. As the time neared halfway, it was within the enemy's range and was getting bombarded pretty badly. It's health bar quickly dropped from green to yellow halfway through to red before it possibly exploded. I had more of this unit, so, it wasn't a special one but I didn't use them for some reason. I was almost completely wiped me out. The only remnants left was a couple of zerlings near one of their structures and likely some more units a couple of places over the map. How they managed to miss them, I have no clue.

      Helping out:
      All I can recall is asking my mom if she needed any help in the kitchen.

      Thoughts: That game dream was pretty nice. It would have been nicer if I was in control of it though. Imagine directing 100s or 1000s of units to attack a specific location. That would be something that can't be done in any of those games due to a control limit that is put in place. Would be nice to have more of these dreams with some control of course
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