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    Insane Kid's wacky dreams

    Heya! So welcome to my dream journal, filled with wacky experiences that confuse the heck out of me.

    My dreams tend to be unique in that I don't have multiple distinctive dreams, but rather a singular story that spans over all my sleep cycles. The story may twist and transform into other things, but it is almost always one long thread that can usually be followed from beginning to end. Starting with my color-coded entries, I write down my dreams sort of like stories with added commentary, so that they are easier for me to read later on and it also helps in spurring my memories. Also, from that point onward I no longer am explaining personal references, abbreviations, acquaintances, or locations that I may know. This means I may reference things that you may not understand, but I do. That is because I am writing these down for my sake.

    However, even so I still have some wacky adventures. So if you are in the mood for an interesting story, sit back, grab a longer one of my entries and enjoy!

    1. Jungle to Ice Pit

      by , 09-20-2011 at 08:25 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      NOTE: Replaced the names of my siblings with just the first letter of their names/nicknames.

      Jungle to Ice pit (Non-lucid)


      So this dream has many pieces that I recall, but they are scattered throughout. Meaning, I caught many pieces of the dream, but they do not exactly flow smoothly.

      It was N, B, and I exploring in dad's dodge. N and I were in the bed, standing up, as B drove. Our current location was in what seemed like a more open jungle. There were areas with tall trees, and areas where the trees only reached up to around the top of the cab. The land was prety bumpy, and it was slow going, but the nice weather and warm temperature made up for the lack of progress.

      We were looking for the tree, the huge tree that housed 1000's of sentient apes. We had been there before, and I could recall certain areas and shops located on various branches of the tree. In fact, the tree was so huge that I recalled I would often forget I was even on a tree. it had primitive elevators, stores, places to stay, and anything that was expected of a somewhat primitive civilization. Since there was absolutely no human settlements or towns, this was our only hope. However, we were having trouble finding it.

      At one point, we catch a glimpse of it in the distance over the shorter trees, but the thick jungle blocked our passage and so we turn around to find another rout. B speeds up a bit, making the ride rather bumpy and is driving around trying to find which direction the tree was in, but we lost it a while ago and can no longer find it.

      We recall that the apes view of humans has changed, and so we would be unwelcome and likely thrown out once we were spotted. With this in mind, we think of this ice cave underground that leads directly to the tree. If we could get inside without them noticing at first, then perhaps those who remembered us from our last visit could help us out.

      At this point there is now snow on the ground, and N and I are the ones trying to enter the cave. We start scaling down this huge hole, about 100ft in diameter, walled by ice and snow shelves, descending 100's of more feet below. At the base is a tunnel walled with ice that goes underground right to the tree. N and I both land on this snow-ledge, probably around 30-40ft below the top. The edge starts to crack, and suddenly breaks as we both plummet downwards.

      At this point, I know there is no way we will survive the fall, and it is going to be certain death. I decide I will simply enjoy the fall since it is the last thin I will experience. I can feel my speed increasing, the woosh of the air, and the pressure building up around my body. Even though I was plummeting to my death, it was a really cool feeling. I see the ground, hear a loud "thump" and everything goes gray.

      I "wake up" and pop out of the snow. I am still at the bottom of the hole, and there is now a man there with me.
      This man apparently was supposed to be N, and in the dream it changed so we had been working together forever and the army sent us. Even so, the mission to find the apes was the same, and consisted of the same reasoning. The man informs me that we were preserved in the cold snow, because it froze us. He also tells me that we have been unconscious for close to 8,000 years. I am extremely startled at this news, and he also showed me this alarm clock-like device that went off, waking him up by mistake. Lucky break. I ask about the apes, and he explains that they populated so much, and refused to expand from the tree, so the tree eventually broke and tipped over killing every single one of them. As a result, apes didn't exist on the planet at all anymore.

      At some point, I actually enter the cave, which turns out to be full of death traps and mechanical devices that try to prohibit progress.
      I don't remember much of this, so I will stop there.
    2. Dream Guide! Mind Control, Planetary Exploration!

      by , 04-19-2011 at 01:35 AM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      Well this was a productive morning. Sadly my dream recall was poor and I could literally feel my dream recall disapear upon waking up. This is the end part of the dream, but in whole was still only roughly 1/3 of the entire dream.

      NOTE: I don't make these dreams "forum friendly," meaning I might reference things or people that you guys don't know, but I do. I write these in a way to spark memories for me when I re-read through them a year or so from now.

      I know why more people are coming here.  The end is near. :)-whiteladybluespider.jpg

      So I am currently on this mission that I fail to recall the purpose of. This mission required me to travel to various planets around the universe to perform some task. I currently am stopped on a foreign planet and am having a discussion with this man about borrowing his warship. He is nowhere close to being willing to provide it, so I end up using blackmail based on my mission status and a report sent about him which makes him change his mind.

      He agrees to give me the ship for 1 to a max of 2 weeks. I pressure that I must have it for at least a month which he eventually reluctantly agrees to.

      Next I am in the warship and have my team (of 4 or so) with me. The ship is longer than it is wide, not reflective at all (sorta greasy looking) and has a 'cluttered' look to it's hull. It also has long metalic legs that stick out the bottom for landing. It includes 'automatic' defenses that will target any enemy and avoid team mates, however at least one person is required inside the hull for it to be activated.

      As we are hovering over the planet, I recall that there is something hostile on the planet. As we come in for a landing I look at the surroundings. It is somewhat dark, but I notice that the entire surface of the planet consists of cliffs, mountains, and steep ridges covered in huge pine trees and grass. I actually locate a ridge and pathway from a different dream, though I didn't realise it at the time. There are no flatspots in sight so we cruise until we find the only spot avaliable.

      We land on an oval-shaped dirt patch in front of what appears to be my real house, but without the garage. We step outside and are instantly greeted by these tall women, more on the muscular side, and able to tear anyone limb from limb.
      Think of the people from the comic GG with the whiter hair that betrayed the main character (check attachment). Like them both in appearance and personality, only they later ride horses rather than giant spiders. They all looked similar, and yet I knew they were hostile. However before we could do anything they surround us and "befriend" us to take us into their base (that is my house). I know that they are planing gelactic conquest and have a means of mind control. Again, think of GG and the slayer wasps, only their method of gaining control was different.

      They lead us into the house which opens into a small steel room with a staircase that goes downwards. This staircase leads into an identical replica of our basement and they lead us right where their leader is. We are supposedly supposed to have a "discussion," but I know that they will be using this special purple knife to cut us which gives them complete control over us. The control was where they could control your actions simply by mental thought, but your consciousness would be sitting in the background helpless.

      I have an advantage of knowing their plan, but my team mates look oblivious. I casually start walking to the rear as they give me somewhat odd looks, then I dart up the stairs and outside again, somehow resulting with me stealing their knife.
      You know those nightmares where you are scared to look back because you know *something* is right behind you and about to grab you? This was just like that. I am trying to run, but merely holding the knife is influencing my body. It is close to impossible to focus and even move my feet. I am stumbling and my legs feel like lead and the world starts getting a little dizzy. I start feeling panicked as I hear them running up the stairs and think "Left, right, left, right" to get my legs in sync with my mind. I still struggle, but manage a half-run half-jog movement towards the ship. I know that if they catch me, I will instantly be turned into an unwilling slave and it makes me put all my effort into getting into the ship (who's defenses should turn on).

      I can sense them right behind me about to grab me, I jump into the ship (which turns into the cab of my truck) and slam the door locking it with the knife on the seat, no longer affecting me. Right at that moment they attack the door, but the defenses turn on and I feel safe. Suddenly I realise they somehow disabled the defenses as they start slowing to a stop, so I hit the gas.

      The ship is now my truck with a camper on the back. I start driving down what is now my driveway, and I turn left at the end then turn left again onto the main road. I look back and see two of them persuing on horses (much faster than should be possible). At this point I also notice a wild horse going the same direction but in the other lane. I see a police car coming at me on my lane just as I curve down and start going up a hill. I panick, thinking of the impending collision. However, as the police comes over the hill he is in the other lane and drives right through the horse as if it was a ghost. I think for a minute, "Well that is odd. My eyes must be playing tricks on me." Though as I look back the horse is still there trotting happily. I take the time to do a reality check and plug my nose. By now the scenery has changed away from my home and I am on a long stretch of road as the sun is coming up, with fields lying in both directions. The check works, but I do it a few times to make sure that I am not just holding my nose wrong. However, it confirms well and I think,
      "Ah, so I am still dreaming." I am surprisingly calm, with full realisation of the dream and logical thinking processes. The dream is decently vivid, close to real life (also in that you don't notice all senses at the time, like in real life) and I pull off at a gas-station store. I am still plagued with the "must get away!" urge, so I run inside. At this point I only remember pieces of the lucid dream, so I will combine them into one long explanation as if it was consistant. However much more happened, though not really important to the "plot."

      I want to make doubly sure that I am dreaming, so I decide to do a quick check by trying to fly. I have always been able to have some measure of success with flying if I jumped up and tried flapping my arms down real hard to rocket me upward (which usually then results in effortless mosing about in the air). I do so, and sort of hover in the store a bit, not that effective, but enough to prove I am dreaming. I start yelling for my "dream guide," which I basically tie into the same as a physical appearence of my subconscious, and hear someone shout back, "In a bit! I'm busy!"
      I know quite well that my subconscious wants to avoid me in dreams, as I can directly effect it's "free will" by direct commands. At this point, the enemy bursts through the door and I run around to a different isle consisting of an employee in a black suit and tie stocking shelves. I am suddenly holding a bag of groceries, also consisting of the "knife" which has now turned into a shampoo bottle. I drop it off in front of an isle and run back a bit to try and get rid of the enemy. Think of a rectangular extension to the store with a wall 1/2 up to the tall cieling down the center, an isle on each side. The bag is now sitting in front of that wall. I think, "Well, I can try killing these guys to make them leave me alone" because I somehow knew that if they got ahold of me, they would take away my control of the dream. I know I don't have the dream control to beat them physically, so I think perhapse telekenisis will work. I try a tabble, then a chair, then a plate, with no luck whatsoever. Frustrated, I think of just willing them to explode or disapear. Again no dice. Frustrated, and with them mere feet from me, I jump up towards the cieling. The cieling was like a triangle shape with bars going across the base, so I grab a bar. I use my flying to keep me aloft as I use the bars to thrust myself towards the 1/2 wall isle and stand on top. They gasp in suprise, as I was struggling to even WALK a few minutes ago. I think, "Well screw this, I will just make a portal to Sceptre and see if I can find Lasé". I hover over to a high part of the wall, but struggle in finding a piece of wall big enough to draw a body-size portal (as there were shelves everywhere). I then think, "No wait, I need to talk to my dream guide so I can alter my lucidity rate, otherwise this will just be a rare lucid" With frustration I float back towards the corner a bit, thinking of how to get rid of the darn enemy.

      They are standing right by the "knife", oblivious of it's existance, looking at me obviously thinking the same thing. I continue to think, "Well I can just give them the knife and betray my friends."
      I know they aren't real at this point, but I still feel bad nonetheless, and continue to struggle with the idea that it just isn't something I should do. Sorta like killing off a story character. However in the end I give them away. I sigh, and shout back at them, "Just take the friggin' knife! it is by your feet in that bag!" They look down with an "Oh! Really?" expression and shuffle through the bag, suddenly becoming my friends. I land on the floor and they are gone from my dream. I consciously think of how this lucid dream is lasting really long, and being stable the whole time. I again shout out, "Hey dream guide! Where are you?" I hear the same voice shout back again something like, "I'm still busy! Give me a minute!" I start following the voice and respond, "No, get over here!" and again hear "Busy! Busy!" I arrive at the voice which belongs to an older man in his late 60's, early 70's manning the cash register and a computer. I lean on the table and say, "No, we talk." He gives a reluctant sign and an "Ok, fine." expression. Before starting into the conversation, out of curiosity I first ask, "So, when is my next lucid scheduled?" He pulls up a list on his computer and searches for the current date. While he is doing this I notice some USB's on the wall and think, "Those would be useful in some way" in regards to my subconscious, but didn't think anything more of it until after I woke up. He speaks up, " Hm.... it looks like next saturday." Right when he finishes I wake up completely without warning. I try to chain, but it is too late in the morning (6:30am) and I am now lying wide awake.

      I was sorta bummed I didn't really get to talk about the things that I wanted too, but if the guy really was my subconscious, and he was telling the truth, I should be able to finish it up on saturday. I am interested in seeing if I really will have one then.

      EDIT: Well, Saturday came and went with no luck. BOOOOO! Oh well, I will just have to have a 'friendly' little chat with my subconscious next time around.

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      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    3. Cockroach, sis, and a tree

      by , 04-15-2011 at 06:30 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      So, this dream was quite vivid, and though none to exciting it was still enjoyable and actually quite relaxing. I woke up right after the dream, 3am, thinking "Well, that was a pleasant dream."

      So, the dream starts out located in a larger town. I am outside walking down the sidewalk with the road to my left, grass to my right with houses lined about 20 meters over and occasional planted aspens every couple meters.
      I was walking and came across my mum who was telling some childhood story about crushing a cockroach. I was just thinking, "but it is impossible to kill cockroaches!" When this good 4-5 inch long cockroach comes crawling across the pathway, apparently wanting revenge for being stepped on by my mum. My mum continues to step on the cockroach as I watch, and she ends up with a good jump crushing its head (somehow). It sits for a second, un-flattens then crawls into the grass and I state, "See? Impossible to kill cockroaches!"

      At this point my mom disappears and the sun barely starts setting. I see someone's driveway and walk up it for some reason, noticing this HUGE tree that looks very climbable (The kind of tree where there are branches 1-3 feet in diameter). I think I will grab my little sis so we can "explore" the tree and have a little fun. I run back across the various lawns of houses, coming up to "our house" (which is nothing like our house) where I see my little sis. We also have a big tree so I decide to try climbing it a bit while telling her about the large tree I found. She asks about how big the branches are and I put my arm in a circle (touching my hip) to show her how big, while hanging from our tree by my other hand. She complains it is too small and dangerous to climb, but in the end I convince her to join me.

      I random race starts between us towards the tree. At this point the scenery changes and it is in the middle of the day and very vivid. I find as I race my little sis that while running I can simple take REALLY long strides as I sort of hover over the ground as long as my legs are in the "running" position. I am booking at what feels like a good 30-40 miles an hour with my sis keeping up easy. The scenery is lush green grass everywhere, no longer in a town. There are scattered trees on both sides, but mostly it is fields. In front of me quite a few meters ahead the ground drops down in a steep (probably 45 degree) hill. As we approach this steep hill, which goes down a good mile (if not longer) I notice were are barely above and looking down upon many huge mountain ranges below with a blue misty color over them and a bright blue sky with the sun clearly visible. We start racing down the hill at top speed where the dream starts to fade and I wake up.

      Not the most exciting dream, but that last part especially was a very nice experience.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Quick dream to nowhere

      by , 04-10-2011 at 05:20 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      And this greatly shows me why I need to be a bit more dedicated to keeping a dream journal.

      Had a lucid last night, technically breaking my dry spell which has lasted over half a year. However, I remember so little of it it just is depressing, but here goes:

      In the middle of the dream, I don't recall why, but I realize that I am dreaming and become lucid. Instantly I think of drawing a portal, as I have an entire world designed I have been meaning to try and visit. My location is in some building (in the rest of the dream it was more like a death trap) where I am currently standing in a short downwards-sloping hallway. Large wall to my left with a wooden rail, and sholder-height wall to my right that increases as you go down. Huge glass roof arcing over the building and the exit of the hallway behind me opens up to the rest of the building, while the bottom goes into a tunnel like area and turns right.

      I place my finger under the rail and on the wall (it was rather high, probably around the height of my chest) and try burning an arc in an upside-down "U" shape. (This was my pre-dream planned method of creating a portal. To burn the entry and let the portal form) It took a few traces as the burn marks were sorta light, but I managed to finish and the portal automatically opened into clear blue. (Which didn't much resemble where I was attempting to go.) While I was doing this, it constantly felt like I was almost waking up, because the sunlight was hitting me in the eyes in my dream (which probably wasn't far off, as I woke up BEFORE this dream and it was already 5am. Likely it really was the sun). I ran my hand along the rail and *oddly* tried to see if it had a scent. It did, and smelled strongly of tree sap. This helped stabilize as I was drawing the portal.

      However, as it turns out I do have a false awakening and lose lucidity. Oddly enough, the false awakening takes place in the same odd building, however the previous dream story continues. This makes it feel like the story before hand was real life, so I completely lost lucidity.

      The dream itself was rather blurry. Not visually or in any of the senses, actually, that was rather clear. It was like a mental blur where I couldn't focus, and things just felt... unstable.

      Meh, disappointing dream, but at least I broke my dry spell. So yay for that!
    5. Airplanes and Explosions

      by , 04-05-2011 at 06:06 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      Well, this dream was quite... random, and I haven't the slightest clue what spurred it on. I remember the main pieces, but not quite how they connect.

      Also, there are a few names in the dream I prefer not to mention, so it might appear a bit vague.

      It starts out with me, this man I know well, and a few other workers in some foreign location. It reminds me of the moon but with big hills, though it is apparently on earth. The sky is black and we had flown there (can't remember if it was a copter or a plane, but it was military-like I recall) not long earlier. We were doing research and stumbled across this huge berried artifact, which we started to uncover. For some reason, the guy I was with explained how it proved evolution is accurate (which was odd, as he is strongly against it as well as myself). We continue digging and I notice glass emerging, until finally I realize it was a downed jet. For some reason this proved without a doubt that evolution was false, and so this guy started to try and kill us to hide the evidence. I don't remember much about this part, but then it skipped ahead to a strange base that was mostly concrete in all direction with tall concrete walls around the borders.

      For some reason, my sister needed to go back to college for something. She said she would have to go in the morning when my dad gets back so he can fly her over there in our plane and drop her off. I offer to fly her instead, since apparently I knew how (which I absolutely cannot in real life). We hop in the plane and my mother and little sister hop in saying they want to come with. I know it is a good 3 or so hour flight and that we will be going high, then they mention something about the heating not working and the need for blankets. We attempt to take off anyway, and I have the hardest time getting the plane to move how I want. (Think of driving a plane around a city in GTA:SA, that is what it was like. Friggin hard) Somehow I end up on a freeway that is trapped between to hills going down steep. There is an exit that goes of to the right side of the hills and cuts right around the corner. I am trying to steer the stupid plane down the exit and discover that the exit turns into a dock over the sea that is something like a few thousand feet in the air.

      We end up driving the thing off the edge and diving downwards which gives me more control so I pull up just above the water. At this point it turns into a "video game" like feel and I start paying attention to the great detail of the water which has a odd glossy but very detailed reflection on it. We pull up and are apparently in the middle of a dog fight. (The plane changed from a prop to a jet with missiles at some point) There is blue in all directions, with white clouds above. The dream gets very detailed and vivid about now (probably because I was paying great attention to the detail, like I usually do with video games) and I am flying around enemies as my "team mates" are shooting missiles at the enemy. A missile shoots a few yards in front of me and crosses to the right. I can see a trail of smoke and follow the missile until it hits the enemy with a huge overdone explosion that shoots pieces of the plane all over the place.

      The dream continues (though I don't really remember) which involves a few more downs, some from me, some from others, and I end up waking up.

      Not very exciting (though the last bit was fun to experience), but heck I remembered large chunks which is good.
    6. Something about magic and slavery?

      by , 02-03-2011 at 07:09 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      Small piece came back to me. I recall the dream being really long and this was near the end, but I can't really recall the rest of the dream. All I recall is that it was me with some friend (not a real-life friend) who both had been enslaved by this evil guy. We were in a large, sort of room, it was shaped like a lima bean with walls a good 20 feet high, however no ceiling. It was nighttime and you could see the stars through the roof. We weren't the only slaves there, the room was packed with other people enslaved. In these dream the world supposedly had magic that was quite common for people to use, but we were enslaved because the guy found some way to remove our magical abilities. Anyway, don't remember exactly what happened, but some elite force of mages (don't remember what the group was called, but there was 7 or so people in the group) showed up and managed to free us.

      It is quite foggy, don't remember it real well, and as said this was near the end.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. The destruction of the earth

      by , 01-31-2011 at 10:30 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)

      Well this dream followed another dream that I recall being quite epic, but I can’t recall what it was. The transition between these two dreams involved my little sister. I apparently “woke up” from this epic dream and wanted to tell her about it. However, it appears that she kept wanting to talk about the color black. She was trying to explain how there was a difference between “black” and “velvety black” and I was all, “The hell? My dream had black in it, let me tell you!” (good thing she didn’t let me). She went on to explain that you could tell the difference on how a velvety black was “deeper” if you crossed your eyes while looking at it. I went along and crossed my eyes which transitioned me into a purely black scene.

      This black scene slowly started throwing stars out everywhere and finally a large sun. I was out in space, in a space ship and I could feel the gentle heat on my chest from the sun. Down below was the earth. I was rotating the ship around amazed by how the space was infinitely black in all directions. (At this point my sister sort of was “narrating”) However, as I turned completely around, I noticed that the entire outer space was white like a blinding light in that direction (The transition ended at this point, so my little sister disappeared from the rest of this dream). I thought, “That is odd, almost as if there was a large explosion!” which right then my view changed to view three huge planets soaring through outer space, propelled by the explosion of one of the largest suns. I thought, “wait, those are coming at us, they will hit earth!” I turned my ship around (I had been sort of coasting in the direction of the explosion) and pushed “full throttle” as I zoomed back to earth. I suppose I “told” the people there what happened (though I never saw this part, it was like me just being there let them know).
      So apparently at the time, space was highly explore able, lots of people (myself as well, obviously) owned personal space ships. Going from *livable* planet to livable planet was as easy as walking down the road, however FINDING a planet (other than the already charted ones) that was livable was a different matter entirely. So, at this point I suppose earth was being governed by 4 leaders and was split into 4 countries. There was the one that governed the area I was from, and he was good and quite “wize.” Then there was one from a rival country who was ridiculously war-prone, and then the two others didn’t really occur all that much in the dream. Anyway, these large evacuation ships took off from the earth containing all who lived on it, flown by their leaders. The war-prone idiot took a lot of convincing to finally leave and was constantly threatening to attack if we tried anything.
      So we were on our way, I was still in my ship, and as I saw the planets coming, I noticed they were going to hit the SUN rather than the earth. This led me to believe that they would cause the sun to explode, so the other four ships and myself did sort of a “hyper jump” (almost like an instant teleportation, but not quite) to a particularly familiar part of the galaxy right as the planets hit the sun. I was suddenly in front of another sun thinking something about how our sun was only a small sun, so the chance of a larger sun was probable (This sorta happened as we were “jumping”). As I finished this thought this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) star was in front of me. The thing was just massive. I could feel the heat baking down on me through the cockpit, and I started sweating a little. Now, unlike in real life, I could easily look at the suns. They were basically large yellow balls covered in fire (Like the pictures you see on the internet, rather than so bright you can’t see them).

      About now, something happened to the passenger ships where they couldn’t move (and I was suddenly on the one my governor was flying). I think it was because of the war guy. He was on about how they were low on food and was demanding us to give him some. Our guy was trying to explain that we just barely had enough for ourselves to last the whole year (apparently as long as it was going to take to find a livable planet). He went on to mentioning something about guys that didn’t go into “cold sleep” (I assume everyone from earth was stuck asleep at the moment) by tricking the system into letting them stay up or something like that. Then went on about capturing rats (where I questioned where the heck rats would come from on a space ship) for food. Well eventually the war guy got pissed off and left leaving us stranded (He took the other 3 governors with him). So really it was just me in the governor in this ship. By the time I ‘arrived’ in the room where the governor was at, his life was in danger. It was a circular room with a large hole in the middle. The hole was bordered by about 2-3 feet of walkway then a wall. From the inside edge of the hole down about 2 body lengths was a steep grade (probably a good 85 percent grade or so, almost straight down) . Inside the hole was vivid green light and some metallic structure which I assumed to be part of the engine. The governor had been trying to fix the engine but slid down the grade and was hanging from a ½ inch ledge at the bottom of the grade. If he fell, the heat from the engine would consume him instantly.

      I suddenly was carrying a bag of golf clubs, which ended up being quite lengthy ski-poles when I pulled them out. I reached down and was telling the governor to hang on, and he was having a very difficult time trying to grab the thing. He finally grabbed it, but jerked to suddenly. I was screaming something about not pulling on it, I would pull him up, but it was too late and I tumbled over the edge. Right then I noticed Velcro loops that were attached to the rim of the hole at the top every 4 or so feet. I quickly grabbed one which stopped me, but partially ripped out. The governor had somehow gotten up to standing on the small ½ inch ledge, but was quite prone to falling off with the slightest movement. I still had the pole in my hand so I lowered it so he could grab it and climb up (his head was still a good foot or so below my feet). He started up, and I saw the Velcro ripping more about to come undone. I started shouting at him to stop and specifically thought, “He better not act like one of those idiots in the movies that doesn’t listen and causes us both to plummet to our deaths.” However, he indeed did stop and I told him we had to get to the other Velcro strap. I sort of swung gently and awkwardly as he slowly sidestepped to the left pulling me over where I then tried to throw myself to the next strap. With a sigh of relieve I grabbed it and he started his way up where I then woke up.

      First dream in a long time where I remembered every detail. (With the exception of the rat part which is just barely fuzzy. Though that involved an explanation for something else as well I prefer not to mention)
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Small Chunk

      by , 01-20-2011 at 01:27 AM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      Just recently recalled a very small chunk of a dream I had. For some reason I was "watching a movie" about this really annoying kid that raised a worm that grew into a huge pet about 10 or so feet tall, and over 100 feet long. Something about him riding the worm, then getting smacked by a tree and falling off as the worm escaped or something. Very vague, just came back to me late in the day.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Extremely long full-night adventure

      by , 01-15-2011 at 07:53 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      I had a very long dream last night that lasted the whole night (sprawled over multiple dreams). Sadly I only remember chunks (thankfully large ones) so here goes:

      It all starts off with our family heading off to a friend’s house. The family we are visiting doesn’t exist in real life, and I am not sure if I actually knew them in the dream either. Anyway, we are at their house, it is daytime, their house is long and rectangular, and it is plopped in the middle of a field. Tthere are no roads and the grass is rough and short in all directions as far as the eye can see with no trees. We are eating and fellowshipping and “getting to know eachother” I suppose. I don’t quite remember the transition, but I somehow end up shrunk and inside the body of the father with some mission do destroy revolting red blood cells or something.
      I don’t really remember most of this section, however there is a part when I am trying to destroy some evil red blood cells (they are about as big as 3 or 4 life rafts and as tall as my chest. Everywhere is red, I don’t recall if I had a breathing device or not. But there are strands, and tissues, etc. I meet this man in there (which later in the dream my memory changes to me having met a girl which I later actually fall in love with in the dream) and he sort of follows me around and helps me out. He warns me of the white blood cells, where if they see us they will attack and dissolve us in an instant. Why of course right then and there approaches a white blood cell and I start scrambling around trying to escape.(Basically they are like white versions of the red blood cell with a little more goo). Inside the body was basically like a giant cave that twisted in all directions with strands of red flesh (sorta like pillars) everywhere. However as we were in fluid, you could sort of run/swim/float around. I have a hard time trying to escape the white blood cell as I find it difficult to move. I am again transferred to my next part of the dream.

      This part of the dream happened, then was constantly referred to throughout the rest of the dream so I am not sure EXACTLY when it actually happened. I am just placing it here. In the dream we are in a building ready for a wedding. Supposedly me, this girl (we will just call her Suzy, because she looked similar to a character I know called Suzy. She was also the daughter of our friends father in the previous section), and this “friend” of mine (Though Suzy was supposedly the one that helped me out in the body episode, it could be also that this “friend” was the one as well. So though it was one person, it resulted in two dream characters) are all getting married. As odd as it is, it is supposedly me and this guy both marrying Suzy. We supposedly had this great adventure and became extremely strong friends (and I fell in love with Suzy, and though it was in the dream, it felt like real love, not just simulated). This adventure I don’t remember (though I did get brief flashes of the adventure (false memories that I can’t recall), OR it could be the last part I recall of the dream, which I think it could have been in part (though Suzy didn’t actually appear that much in it, and the “flashes” show a lot more team involvement), which I will get to in a bit. As for the building, it had a back room where we were walking out of, connected to a really looong room (same dimensions from front to back, but very long from left to right) with seats then a concave area where there was a small stage where we walked to and stood. The ceremony started, and I couldn’t help but notice that my family was just barely visible around the corner to the right. Constant thoughts of regret, nervousness, and worries kept creeping into my head. Not only was one that I had confirmed never to get married (a reality in real life), but there was something I knew about this guy that scared me with the idea of him marrying Suzy. Also, I most certainly didn’t want to have this guy marry Suzy alongside me. So when it came to my turn on the vows, I sort of stood there silenced and worried. At this point I noticed a tear going down Suzy’s face, which almost hurt to watch. However, I translated it as a, “Why are you doing this? Don’t do it, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for me!”. I stopped, told everyone I had to wait a moment, then ran down the left of the room (far off) to think. I think it was my dad (maybe mum) that came up and asked what was happening. I explained that I really didn’t want to have a double marriage like this, and the reason I was doing it was because the guy I knew could get really violent, and once the passion or infatuation wore down with him, it wouldn’t be long until he became one of those husbands that abused his wife. So for this I wanted to be able to keep an eye on him. I don’t remember quite the conversation that happened, but I was then convinced for me to jump out of the marriage. So, I walked back up onto stage and pronounce something along these lines (on the spot, all while thinking furiously of what to say. Also, I was unable (and still am) to recall Suzy’s and the guy’s actual names) “I have decided it is best for me to cancel my part in this marriage, so that… the marriage… will rather be between … (trying to remember their names) just two friends… (some other blubber that completely embarrasses me, that I don’t recall. It was a made up reason for why I was doing it, because I couldn't just pronounce that the guy would beat his wife). I then walk into the back room sad, tearing (teering? … that is to say watery eyes) a little. I pull out a picture of Suzy and start looking at it, though for some reason her head is wrong and I try to think of ways to fix that.

      This next section is spread throughout the dream, but I will just place it here (it was also quite short). I don’t remember most of it, but it took place at my grandmothers old house. She was (and is) dead at the time, and I somehow inherited the house. It involved my dad sending me out to have a new key made for the lock (so that the lock would be different and the workers couldn’t get in to steal things). No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the info of where the key mold, nor the locksmith were and dad would get increasingly angry whenever I asked (which is a ton more frightening in dreams than in real life). I had to take the car (which was my grandmothers old car I guess) and try to find it. I never made it out of the driveway before this section ended. (this is the one out of place part of the dream)

      This last section greatly resembles parts from the series “Keys to the Kingdom” written by Garth Nix (Heh, you can tell what I have been reading recently -.-" ). I don’t exactly remember where it starts, but there is a section where Suzy and I are on this giant creature (Intelligent, could talk, and it flew. Perhaps giant bird? Though I recall the flesh had no feathers and was leathery-like, though not a dragon). The creature was evil, and was taking us to the edge of the world I suppose. We could somewhat steer it, but with difficulty. There were lush green islands in the sea, and the sea was a rich blue as we passed over it at fast speeds. I could see large waves rolling by, until I noticed the “edge” of the sea. It was like a constant crashing wave (very tall) made out of cloud, or mist. I don’t remember my thinking, but for some reason I thought it was good and we steer the creature t’words it a little. As we just barely pass through things become black’ish and sort of flash a blue tinted world as the creature laughs manically. I then hear a friend (a large sailor guy) in my ear (though somehow he is back at wherever we came from) shouting “What are you doing? Come back, that world is dangerous and just being there will kill you!” (It was more of a different dimension than a different world) I struggle with the creature trying to get it to go back. With great effort the creature (which has now turned into a thin-paper like creature) turns around and we fly back out. Some part of the dream I don’t remember happens, that is really important. One small section of it that I DO remember is I am on an island where I meet up with “The Will” in its fish form (so the third part I suppose, though it’s personality was different, though just as stupid and frustrating). The next section I remember is I am on a different Island. It is dark around (perhaps I am inside? It isn’t actually dark “outside”) viewing this evil lady in a room who supposedly stole power from me. She knows I am there and there is some conversation between us, something happens to her, I don’t remember, but it all results in me being captured with the intent of me being killed. The people on the Island all support her, so there is a large crowd near the edge of the water where Suzy and I are led. (Really “Suzy” doesn’t appear much in this section, but she is always sort of “there”) We are to be thrown over the edge to this shark. At this point the dream switches to 3rd person, where the rest of it had been 1st person. I am looking down as these huge jaws come out of the water and I am thrown into them. The jaws close, and I can feel it swallow (though I am watching this happen to me from far away). It goes under where it reveals that large sailor guy, my “friend”, and the fish (the will, which supposedly informed them of where I was) below the water next to the beast (which is supposedly friendly, and not a shark at all. Chosen to fool the evil lady because of its large jaws) . They struggle a little to get the thing to spit me out, which it then does with a shark-like equivalent of a last-effort puppy face and I am given oxygen from a large scuba-tank like device. Next comes Suzy, same story as me, just repeated. Something else happens in the dream I don’t remember then I gradually wake myself up.

      So yeah... very long story that spanned over multiple dreams. I don't usually share these dreams that have personal parts to them (such as the marriage), but for whatever reason I decided to share this one. The dream itself felt like it lasted for 3-4 hours. Whether this is accurate or not, I don't know.

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    10. Chased

      by , 12-02-2010 at 05:15 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      Nothing to epic, but first complete dream I remember in a while.

      The dream starts with me and my parents (rest of my family is non-existent for some reason) at "our house." The house is completely different from our real house, and it is located in the city, where in real life I live in the country. The house is really small with a door that leads directly to a staircase, which makes a u-turn into a single bedroom, where my parents are currently located. Anyway, I hear a knock at the front door and I jog down the stairs and open it. It is a tall man with slightly-longer-than sholder-length grey hair. He looks old (as if from stress not age) and he has a longer face and eyes. He is expressionless as I notice he is holding a knife and starts walking towards me. I stupidly sprint back up stairs with him following, where he then sees my parents. I am not exactly sure what happens here as it all happens real quick, but he goes after my parents, I somehow manage to hop over him and get him to chase me back out of the house.

      I have a strong "adrenaline rush" feeling (if that is even possible in a dream) as I am sprinting down the road with this mad-man running after me. It is night-time and my cries for help seem to go un-noticed. I keep racing down the road between houses as he is getting closer, where I then dart into someones driveway. (Which is more like a small 10-car parking lot between houses) There is a car and random rubble around, which I attempt to use to my advantage. He lunges at me and I dodge where he gets impaled on something. (I don't remember if it was the rubble, or the car in the parking lot, I am guessing the rubble) I have an odd feeling that he is about to lunge at me again, which he does, and I dodge again, where he gets impaled yet again and finally dies. I walk back home to check on my parents where it then switches to another dream, something about flying out the window into space, which I don't remember what happens their either, but I remember part of the space dream.

      All I recall of the space dream is that a friend and I are on an enemy space-craft on a stealth mission, and I am trying to rescue some team-mate from an on-board cell. I don't recall what really happens, but I do remember one part where I am at the base of the ship, where there is a "back door" that opens into space. I could look out, and it was very colorful. There was a large orange-ish planet with lots of stars around that gave a odd mix of blue, yet with a warm feeling. (I don't remember the colors exactly, but it was quite beautiful)

      Another piece of a dream, which I think came before the chase dream was something to do with my (now dead) grandmothers house. She had a pool, and I think the family was trying to figure out how to transfer it to another location since the house was being sold. Somehow it ended up with me and two of my siblings swimming in the pool. For joy.
    11. Pages to Dimensions

      by , 09-19-2010 at 05:08 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      Well don't remember much at all, here goes. All I remember is that it was myself and some friends, we were hiding from some enemy that was trying to kill us that I don't really remember. (Nor do I remember why) My friends weren't people I know in real life, but they were good friends in the dream.

      Each of us had a piece of paper half full with text. I don't know what any of it said, but apparently it was a page written of someones tragedy and was full of emotion. (Apparently it had to have someone feeling strong emotions at the time to write it for it to work?) We could put them on the ground and jump into them which would bring us to some hideout in another dimension, where we could escape from the guys after us.

      I don't remember what goes on, but the dream morphs into the police chasing us, I am at my home and it is now winter (Still all of us trying to escape) and now we would have to place the pages on the ice of our pond where it would bring us underneath where we wouldn't feel cold and wouldn't need oxygen.

      We get a new member to the group, bigger guy with shoulder-length brown hair, he seems nice enough, but ends up selling us out to the police and destroying my page after he has received one. After this the police arrive and I wake up.

      Wow, cheesiest dream once I read it. Meh who cares, I just hope this starts boosting my recall a little more.
      non-lucid , dream fragment